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Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is harsh, unforgiving, and beautiful.

2 x 16 to 10 up to 5120x1600
2 x 16 to 9 up to 5120x1440
2 x 4 to 3 up to 3840x1440

Downloading this high res goodness only takes 30 MB :)
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I made a wallpaper out of it in Wallpaper Engine.

I gave your name and a link to this page in the description.

Free wallpaper.

If you do not agree, write to me - I will delete it.

Was this in Joshua Tree park?
Do you mind if i used it here? Thanks in advance!
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Not commercial work? Sure I don't mind.
No and none of that sort..
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Wow this is beautiful, I love the high contrast throughout this whole shot and the angle you took this from.
If I wanted to use this picture as my ebook cover, what would I do?
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Buy it as stock inexpensively. Send me a private message ;)
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Looks like Joshua Tree National Monument. I lived out in that part of the US for several years. Great composition. I like how the angle of the rocks on the right (with the lines) draws the viewers' eye to the sun.
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it may be hard to believe but I really used to live out there in the Mojave Desert, in Joshua Tree =) I really miss it, now I'm currently living in Missouri.
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I'd love to live there for a few weeks, and trek across that whole wilderness.
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its fun, I used to go rock climbing and rode horses. if you ever get the chance, take it, you won't regret it!
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I used your piece for my preview on a Fallout New Vegas Fan fiction. [link]
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IvanAndreevich's avatar
Ha, that's true. Driving through I5 in California you pass all the geographical places after which they named them in Fallout, too :)
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I wish I could see so much of the world like you... Unfortunately I'm stuck in some dry-dead land in the army >_>" yuck...
IvanAndreevich's avatar
Ah, are you conscripted for a year?
Darkdeliverians's avatar
I have 1 year and 10 months of service so far. I'm finishing my service in January 24'th 2013. Till then, I'll always feel bad about myself :( (for not seeing the world more...)
IvanAndreevich's avatar
Conscription is a terrible thing, but having such a small country, as you do, surrounded by all that kind love in the region, it might be a necessary evil. Either way, I hope you get out of the army soon and regain your freedom.

Look on the bright side - perhaps being there provides some unique photographic opportunities?
Darkdeliverians's avatar
Hehe :) NAH. Lots of people like to think it's beautiful here, but honestly? I kinda think this place is dry and monotonous. Plus, I'm more of a winter guy, I like cold environments and rain, which is something rare around here.

I guess the bright side is that it really teaches you a lot about life. I've really grown up during my service, I guess I owe it to the army.

Back on topic, you're an amazing photographer XD
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Wow, wonderful. :)
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wow awesome shot
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