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Every single wave, that crashes on the beach, creates unique patterns which never before occurred in precisely the same way anywhere in the entire universe. If that ain't cool I don't know what is :) The coming of a new day brings expectations of good things to come. Sister shot of

One of my favorite vacation spots - Huatulco, Mexico! This is Tangolunda Bay, where I stayed.

Taken with Nikon D90 + Tokina 11-16mm at around 6:40 am at sunrise. The sunstar effect is due to f/11, which was used instead of my usual f/8.

Download includes up to 2560x1600, 2560x1440, and 1600x1200.

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This one is gorgeous. <3 Oops...Just went through a big favoriting spree on your photos. ._____.
You are great with a camera, and you get a hold of beautiful areas.
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Im using this as my fb cover with credit of course ;) Thanx
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Nice effect with the sun! Great pic!
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Nicely done! Great black and white treatment of a great photo.
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You should make this one into a print,it's beautiful.
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Not a problem if someone requests it
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I hope if they do I'll have the money to buy it. Which reminds me of something I need to do.
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Well you can request it yourself when you have $. It's on top right ;)
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I noticed that after I posted the comment,but I was in class and lunch was over so I had to go back to work.
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In only seeing four of your pictures, I love your work. I'm not sure if it's raw luck in getting these images, pure genius in using locations as you do, a masterful touch of emotion, or some sick and unnatural black magic use of it all. So I give now, in the true style of myself, my hopefully soon-to-be-famous "Poor Man's Critique". Why? Because I'm a cheap bastard who doesn't want to go premium to give an ACTUAL critique. Let me, as usual, address the fact that I am an authority on photography, like black is an authority on white...which is not at all.

Vision: Wow. I really love a good black and white photo when it's done correctly. And I feel it is here. I've seen the color image to this, and it's why I was so drawn to the colorless one. With color, this photo was a beautiful piece to behold, and captured a great environment's spirit. This piece right here? It's the essence to it. The sea is almost metallic in it's grey/black embrace. The foam itself is an AMAZING contrast to the silver elixir it comes from. It almost feels as if there is fluidity, and yet it stands as still as stone. The clouds really add to it As they groom the land and break way over the ocean. Lovely. You call this photo "Expectations", and describe the hopefulness that comes with a new day. This is on the spot, as even without color, this piece details what must surely be called stark hope. 5/5

Originality: I've seen a lot of ocean shots. I live next to one. While I can't say it's an original idea, I can claim that it does the ocean shot proud. 3/5

Technique: I'm not sure what I should be focusing on. When I first glance at it, it's the sun. I readily take in it's rays as it illuminates the rest of the shot. That being said, I then wander off and explore the rest. It's not bad, as I'm pretty sure the sun is the focus anyway. I forgot what exactly it's called when placing the focus in one of the four/three corners of an image, but I'm sure you know it, and I say you've obeyed it. This picture doesn't lead off with the eyes; it leads off with the mind. It occurs to me that the foam might be the focus. Well, it's usually what I notice second, and it's its the focus, I might be saddened by the sun's forceful takeover. 4/5

Imagination: Let's not be coy; this is imagination at it's best. Black and white requires it. Despite -my- inability to decide what's the pictures lead is, I know I enjoy both the sun and the foam of the ocean. You're right; it's a design that only happens for a mere fleeting moment in all of existence, and that thought speaks VOLUMES about what moment this is. It could have been a stormy day, or a clear day. Either way, the sun decided to cast an optimistic future to this piece. 5/5

I'd give this piece, as a whole, 4/5. It's not perfect, but nothing truly ever is. Instead, you've taken what was a wonderful color photo, and brought out the black and white flavoring I love so much in good ones like this. The sand has amazing deatil, that agrees with the foam. The foam is the gentle barrier between the soft sand, and the fabulous water. It's as if I'm seeing a mirror that shows ideas, and not what stands before it.

((Well, I hope I've given you something useful from this. Much of what I write might be considered off beat, and missing the point. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. If you read even a second of it, and found it to be useful, then I have done a service that I aimed to do. If you found it long, complicated, or merely without information....I don't know, I didn't plan on that situation. =P. While I have given this the critique of a poor man who is lazy and doesn't know what the f-ck he is talking about, it was done with the thought that perhaps someone who is a fan of the arts might better help those who deliver the arts to him. Also, yes, my comments are unnecessarily long. I could have stuck with. "DUDE I R LOVE DIS".))
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I like the shadow of the waters edge on the sand.
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Great work I am want to add all of them to my fave
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This looks amazing!
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Beautiful photograph!! :)
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I'm speechless!
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amazing - can I share on my blog if I post a link?
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This is absolutely stunning!
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