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Grow - openSUSE 12.3 wallpaper

I was asked by Marcus and Richard of openSUSE to create another wallpaper. This one to be the default for the 12.3 release (after the stripes were used a couple releases ago).

They had the idea of the openSUSE gecko standing on a plant - see [link] which I reworked to create this. The release (the release is in less than a month) will contain various resolutions that Richard has rendered, I'm posting just the original here.

I don't really think it comes even close to stripes, but nothing does :) But, it *is* very pleasant to have on your desktop, and quite calming.

As usual, the image is done in Inkscape. Without any post-processing.
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I installed 13.2 and there's a boring wallpaper. But once I saw someone with this wall and I thought that it was killer.

And after a quick search I ended up here. Thank you for this wall. :)
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You're welcome. :)

This one was the default in a few (I think) past versions. They needed a change. :)
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It even made it into 13.1.
A bit too minimalist for my tastes but it is unique.
ivan-cukic's avatar
It kinda surprised me as well. Seems people like it :)
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sometimes simple is better than too complicated

it's looks really good :)
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It has been a nice suprise after upgrading to 12.3. Well done.
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Naturally. If you need different resolutions though, you'll need to grab it from opensuse repositories (or wherever they keep the wallpapers).
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thanks :) this resolution will do. It's brilliant anyways.
I dont use opensuse, I'm a ubuntu user. still Like it.
ivan-cukic's avatar
np. I don't use it either, just making wallpapers for them from time to time :)
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Cute little fellow.
Adis-CZ's avatar
Spiro swirls? I like it.
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Damn, now when I know what a spiro curve in inkscape is, I'm slightly annoyed that I do these things manually :)
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