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Icon for my Lancelot project for KDE4

Made using Inkscape (vector graphics, SVG format)
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© 2007 - 2021 ivan-cukic
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this Icon is awesome!!!
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Hello! I really like this icon, I think it's a masterpiece.

I've started a NPO a while ago, Freezing Moon ( and along with a few buddies, we're developing free open source cross platform game projects. This is my take on improving linux for the desktop.
I'm going to finish college soon and I'll be working full time on the projects/foundation. We could use someone like you in the team, or at least to contribute icons from time to time. Your work will be credited and you'll even have to chance to earn some pocket money soon. Let me know if you're interested at all...

Best regards,
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Long time no see :) (I remember you from my blog and KDE forums because of the avatar you use)

As you know I'm more of a developer than an artist/icon maker. Unlike Nuno, I don't get inspiration that often. :) (especially when icons are concerned)

With that said, I'd be glad to help if I'm able to (if I succeed in finding the inspiration and the time when needed).

Ivan C.
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Oh, don't worry about it then mate.
You're already doing plenty of stuff to improve KDE and Linux itself for the desktop.

That Gnome doesn't wishes to die so easily it seems... it keeps getting more and more neat menus, bah..

We could use some help spreading the word out about the foundation and it's projects if you feel like blogging :)
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Ok, when you think you need publicity, write something, and I'll link to it from wherever I can (blog,, local communities...).

Don't try to get publicity before you really have something to do with it (that is - no point in popularization of something if the visitors see 'under construction' sign :) ).

New projects receive publicity, old ones rarely do. For example, Lancelot these days doesn't receive much attention while it was extra-hyped before (even before anyone knew what exactly it was :) ).

On the other hand, the Chrome-like proof of concept browser I made (although it was much easier to do than most things in L) ended up in a couple of radio podcasts, Ars, blogs, ...
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Thanks, very wise advice, I couldn't expect any less. I'm actually aware of that stuff.
I'm able to pull some plugs on very popular related websites, but I kept delaying that. But on the other hand, once we got linked in another plug about Yo Frankie on first page of [link], which is one of the most popular websites/communities on the web.. and we had a lot of people rushing in, we had 100 people in no time on the forums and some even offered their help. Some are even in the team now, contributing once in a while. At that time we where lacking a lot of stuff, even a nice looking website or proper design documentation and was getting bothered time after time with basic questions about the project(s), but that helped me out in some ways as well.

So the idea is to spread the word on a small corner of the web once in a while, constantly looking for fresh blood pouring in as we speed development and shape up more, while avoiding major surges of people rushing in at once. I need to remove that 'under construction' stuff right away and make something custom and more interesting hehe :)

The thing is that the projects are colossal amount of work and I'll be working a long time on them and I really need more skilled mates around as well as (financial) support, even if prematurely scaring off some of the people. I think it's very important to have something new (progress/eyecandy) to show off on constant basis to those interested, so that they know we're alive and doing well.
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Ah, I just realized you're Ivan Cukic :)... "Mr. Lancelot" hehe
wow! love the richness of colour (esp reds) and subtle shading/hi lighting. nice work!
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Thanks for the kind words and +fav :)
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