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Before I tell you anything about the 3 month subscription I'd like to inform you that tomorrow there will be up to 40% off on calendars, so if anyone's interested check out my calendar ;) And thanks to all the people who bought one (or two!) over the past month, I honestly didn't think it would sell so well. :heart:

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Now.. Since it's Christmas time and I feel like giving you guys something ;) I decided to give a random deviant a three month subscription. I decided to do that that even before dA came up with this Give one, get one free deal, so now if I give someone a subscription I'll get one free, which is cool in a way but since I'm already subscribed it kind of sucks because I'd rather give that one to someone else too.. But anyways...

To be able to receive this gift you mustn't already be subscribed and all you have to do is to leave a comment on this journal. It can be anything you like :D I will chose the one I like the most and award it with a 3 month subscription :dance: Oh and of course excessive use of compliments, praise, or the like will not give you higher chances of getting this gift. Be original, make me laugh, make me cry, etc.

Feel free to spread the word about this giveaway by putting a link to my journal in your journal so that more deviants get a chance to become a subscriber. You have until December 25, 12 pm CET (check what time that is where you live) to comment, after that I will choose one deviant who will receive a three month subscription.

:santa: Happy Holidays! :rudolph:


These lovely photos are waiting for your comments and favs :love:

CLOSE TO THE HEAVEN by ArwenArts Frozen Drop by diggedy a091641 by tigerelune 19. by Bulinko :thumb187799023: Monday by Sayo-Of-The-Sand Lovely... by renaboo sweet love by kyokosphotos hello winter by violetkitty92 AutumnCat by thrumyeye Ki by WildRainOfIceAndFire Benji by jenniferstuber l90l by BY-SERG :thumb43509724: Crater Lake, Winter by MarcAdamus burning Snow by one-shot-below Winter by MikkoLagerstedt silence. by AndrisBarbans


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