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coffee stains brushes

Use them any way you like, please credit me so others can find them and it is NOT necessary to let me know if you use them.

More brushes:…
© 2008 - 2021 ivadesign
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thanks from 2021

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Very nice! Will let you know if I use these for anything I post :3
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Grabbing these for a "creative resume" tee hee. Thanks!
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these stains are perfect. thanks a lot!
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if I may did you make those strait up or make coffee stains on paper and worked the scan in photoshop?
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Yes I made the stains on paper and scanned them.
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trying that myself

just cant get it to work
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I've used your stock here [link]

Hope you like it. Thanks. :D
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Hi! I've used your brushes for my website. You can find the credits here, thank you so much! I love these, they're very nice quality and have many great variations. :)
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Hi! I've used your lovely resource in my deviation r e n e w .

You are credited in the description.

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I think you will find this tutorial helpful [link]
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Hi! I used your awesome brush here: [link] thanks!
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These brushes are lovely! I tried rendering my own coffee ring, and can really appreciate how much better these look than what I was attempting XP

I used them here [link] I hope I did a bit of justice ^^;
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thank you :) you did a nice job, love the stamp :D
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thanks for the link
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Thank you very much, this was very helpful! :aww:
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