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Nico Robin and Koala

Since Koala reappeared at Dressrosa I wanted to make an illustration of her, but I was waiting
until her official colors to be realeased, finally I could make it.

And after we see she is close to Robin, I started thinking about she learning how to read the poneglyphs on the two years of timeskip.

Robin clothes I created

Hope you like it =)
Nico Robin and Koala © Eiichiro Oda

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© 2014 - 2021 iurypadilha
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Koala loves Robin boobs.
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Just... how low does that dress go? Because I can see the side of her leg... and I can see near the top of her vagina, so she has to be wearing a bikini or underwear at least... or I might be sensing some Yuriliciousness here by chance? Either way, I like it. 
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it's not a dress, it's a skirt just like the one she uses after the time skip
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I have not seen after the time skip yet. Maybe I should watch the Subs instead, and thanks for telling me it's a skirt, that actually clears up a lot. 
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In your own mind, where would Robin have gotten those clothes? 
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From a wardrobe? Since she had no other clothes after fighting Kuma in Shabondy.
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Epic piece of art! And those stretch boots on Koala... My. God.
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Thank you very much! =D
they share a similar relationship like that of nami and vivi.
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I really like it, good imagination and art plus the boob pillow is great
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Thank you very much! =D
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nice les(girls friendshipLove 
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Oh the cute's over 9000!!
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great job brother:D (Big Grin) 
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