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League of Legends Tribute 2014: SOLDIER Riven

Hello everyone for more than two month a group of more than 120 artists worked to make a great collab of League of Legends, me included.

I was resposible to make an art of Riven, and here she is.

Here is the link for the tribute page with all static arts

Share it with your friends even if you don't like League of Legends, you must know someone who does and the artists deserve the attention

And here is a link to a video showing all arts together.…

I really hope you like it =)
Riven and All League of Legends © Riot

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Facebook page:…
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© 2014 - 2021 iurypadilha
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I play this champion a lot. I find her really easy to use and her attacks are awesome. This is a really good drawing of her.

Yukihira-Soma's avatar
Penta kill in coming
ShadowDragon22's avatar
So epic! Love the perspective and shading~
iurypadilha's avatar
Thank you very much :)
Antsstyle's avatar
Absolutely love the details in this piece, stunning work! :D
ZeroTheBloodedge's avatar
SOLDIER Riven Skin.
Now we need a One Winged Yasuo to complete it.
Kazemiki's avatar
Awesome!!!! XD
GhostShell5's avatar
Nice tribute to both games. Great Job.
iurypadilha's avatar
Thank you very much!
MeahowCosplay's avatar
Love the concept, lol. The outfit looks almost exactly like my female Cloud cosplay XD
iurypadilha's avatar
You can try to adapt it to make this version of Riven I did =D
MeahowCosplay's avatar
Oooh, I just might, sounds fun~
wssth0306's avatar
Cloud with boob why not ?
Zenilla94's avatar
Love it <3 final fantasy + League , works in this one :) 
BrunoLande's avatar
MicrochipSlayer's avatar
dude, this is amazing!! its my wallpaper for sure, riven is my favorite champ XD keep it up!!!!
SketchTheYordle's avatar
that looks awesome!
You should make a Halloween Miss Fortune, pretty please
iurypadilha's avatar
I think I saw a Haloween Miss Fortune in a group lately
But I still want to make an illustration of her.
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