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Iunya's Feature Journals Log 2018

Fri Aug 17, 2018, 11:10 PM
Feature Journals 2018

May 2018
Voldemort Fanart

June 2018
Jurassic June Feature

July 2018
Voldemort Fanart Feature

August 2018
Voldemort Fanart Feature
Werewolf Wednesday

September 2018

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Sirius killed James and Lily Potter

Fri Aug 17, 2018, 8:06 AM
I was looking for some information about Azkaban and what did I found... 
A book report in English by a Dutch girl.

Here is a piece from the report:
The main character of this book is Harry Potter. His parents were killed by Sirius Black when he was just a little boy. Sirius Black was arrested for this crime and he was sent to jail. This was the prison Azkaban, the best guarded and secured prison of the whole world. But then the day arrived Sirius Black escapes from Askaban. And what everybody expected happens: he starts chasing Harry. 

She did not understand the whole story at all.
In group 7 the children are around 11 years old, and then reading a Harry Potter book in the original language is probably too much. Even I had some troubles with the self-invented words from J.K. Rowling. I guess when I had the write a book report about the Hound of the Baskervilles (I had to read that book at her age), the report would not any better... Sweating a little...  
The girl wrote it in 2001, so I guess that she is very ashamed by now...

Did you have to read difficult books in other languages at school, in the past?
Or are you at school right now and are you reading books that you actually find too difficult?

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Hello there :wave:

I want to try something new, and here it is:

The Beast of Helmark by GammaWhispThe beast of Helmark_second edition by GammaWhisp both by :icongammawhisp:

Eddie Monroe Grimm. by DianaOoops by :icondianaooops:
Dnd Character - Genasi by gfrizzle by :icongfrizzle:
Wolven by Axakallis by :iconaxakallis:
Werewolf Sketch by CoatiTail by :iconcoatitail:
Zikeny werewolf - BW by FuriarossaAndMimma by :iconfuriarossaandmimma:

Have a great Wednesday and stay safe!

Iunya run run wolf  
The botanical garden and the small stable is situated on the Isle of Somerled.
The Isle is a fictional island nearby the isle of Arran, an existing island in Scotland.
Harry Potter-themed and family friendly Horse Art RPG.

(Map is under construction)

Emerald Garden Stables is the hobby of June Travers after the mass escape from Wizardingprison Azkaban. She and her father Alan Travers came back to the Isle of Somerled to build up their home and garden again.
Iunya bought a pony from a local horse-market and that was the beginning of Emerald Garden.

Emerald Peanut Fjord x Shetland pony gelding

Owner: Alan Travers
Groom and rider: June Travers
Help with the botanical garden: Antonin Dolohov

Voldemort Fanart Feature

Fri Aug 10, 2018, 6:21 AM
Hi :wave:
It's time for a new Friday Voldemort Fanart Feature!

Voldemort by podszerstek by podszerstek

[HP] Tom's precious treasures by YukiRichan by YukiRichan

[Pusheen] Lord Pushdemort by YukiRichan by YukiRichan

Voldemort vs. Harry Potter by Fosilly by Fosilly

Harry Potter Villains Cards by Aysel-iReth by Aysel-iReth

Harry Potter and Voldemort by Rickoland by Rickoland

Harry Potter vs Voldemort  by Jad691 by Jad691

Voldemort who? by not-your-artist by not-your-artist

Harry Potter by AchalDraws by AchalDraws

This was it for today. I hope you like the art. :)
Enjoy your weekend! 

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Voldemort Fanart Feature

Fri Jul 6, 2018, 6:46 AM
Hi :wave:

It's time for another Voldemort Fanart Feature!
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Boss lv. by Daymonica by Daymonica
How May I Help You? by ZENChikuwa by ZENChikuwa
Lord Voldemort fan art by mjunio20 by mjunio20

Tom Riddle by chacuri by chacuri

Tom Riddle - Fanart by Finsterglut by Finsterglut
COMMISSION #6 - TOM RIDDLE - HARRY PORTER by LancelotKingsleigh by LancelotKingsleigh
and the last one:
The Fate Changed (Book Cover) (for Tatgoat) by Ananya-Talvi by Ananya-Talvi

Enjoy your weekend!! 
best wishes,

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Jurassic June Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2018, 2:45 AM

Links ||
Instagram |

Stamps ||
Gender is Unimportant by Nyaasu Wacom User :stamp: by Amblygon
Jurassic Park Stamp by ZZsStamps Jurassic World Stamp by Captain-AlbertWesker

Credits ||

Layout & graphics

25 millions years ago :XD:

25 years ago I saw the scarest movie of my life, I was 12 years old and a dinosaurfan since I was six. Jurassic Park became the most important movie in my life.
Jurassic June is great and it's sad that I haven't time to draw a dinosaur myself. I hope I can make some time today. :)

To celebrate Jurassic June I have made a Jurassic June Feature and I hope you like the art I've found :)
I have left out the spoilers of the newest movie for those who haven't watch the movie yet.

Jurassic June Day 6: Sinoceratops by TheRavensBastard39
Sinoceratops by TheRavensBastard39

Jurassic Park- Triceratops by AnimatedAtheist009
Triceratops by AnimatedAtheist009

Jurassic June by MaryJane66613
Jurassic June by MaryJane66613

Last One Standing by Branka-Johnlockian
Last One Standing by Branka-Johnlockian

Dino trouble by StaciaHebert
Dino trouble by StaciaHebert

Chris Pratt (Jurassic World) 12 June 2018 by JeremyLimJaeYui
Chris Pratt (Jurassic World) by JeremyLimJaeYui

Jurassic June #11: Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary by OthersideRaptor102
Jurassic June#11 by OthersideRaptor102

Must go faster. by DubyaScott
Must go faster by DubyaScott

Just around the riverbend.... by Corellian-Outrider
Just around the riverbend by Corellian-Outrider

Elaphrosaurus by TheTooner47
Elaphrosaurus by TheTooner47

C. sastrei by H00TIUS
C. sastrei by H00TIUS

microraptor by scarz0
Microraptor by scarz0

30 Days of Dinosaurs: Compsognathus by brandonthegarcia
Compsognathus by brandonthegarcia

Rexy vs. Simba by KaoriSkywalker
Rexy vs. Simba by KaoriSkywalker

T.Rex vs Triceratops (JW: Evolution) by WillDynamo55
T.Rex vs Triceratops (JW: Evolution) by WillDynamo55

Happy Jurassic June :wave:

Voldemort Fanart

Thu May 31, 2018, 8:28 AM
Hi guys :wave:

You have no idea what I've found today.. This is one of the most beautiful paintings of Lord Voldemort and Nagini ever made!!!
The details are so gorgeous.. so perfect.. Glorilian did a great job!
Please take a closer look: 

On his dark throne with Nagini by Glorilian
best wishes,

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