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Green dawn v2

Its just fixed version of my old "Green dawn" :

Old var was some errors, and before make brand new work with ladybug i complate previous.

1280x1024 resolution: [link]

p.s. hmmm very interesting file size :)
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finally. found. it. ♥
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I love this picture but are you the one that created it? I know in your other picture (Green Dawn), you describe how you corrected it and made some adjustments but did you actually create this peice because i've seen this photo plenty of times by other people and i am having a hard time understanding who made this photo and i am guessing you didn't.
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its my work. it not photo, its 3d max.
First version - green day, have some popularity, stoled several times.
I win one judge process about commersial uses for that first version.
And have plane make next series with that ladybug.
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The bug is very nice ^_^
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I've had it as a desktop background for weeks now. Beats me why I added it to my favourites only now.
It is beautiful :)
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And this ISN'T a DD becaaaause....? :? Can someone enlighten me?

All in all, I can't find words to describe this. It's incredible! AND my favorite color. :XD: Kudos to you for this excellent piece. =D
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Thanks :)
DD have first series of this work - "Green Day" )
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i like shiny pictures :)
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Cool Two of my fav topics when it comes to macro photo: Bugs and water splashes. Funny seeing it in CGI.

Max? LW? Maya?
The lack of ripples, waves and surface tension around leaves sticking out and sitting on the surface is a little weird, but this is a lovely pic nevertheless.

Good work :)
(came across it by accident :D)
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Thanks :)
3d max 9
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Wow! It's AMAZING!
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Класс! Такой насыщенный зелёный!
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помню давно было дело ))) на рендере
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ай-яй-яй. вот это работа. как приятно, что земляк, да еще по городу такие успехи творит Х)))
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??, ??? ????? ;)
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mir tesen, govoru :)
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^^ откуда будешь ( р-н ) ?
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Оо да ну на... еще скажи, что напротив ТЭЦ
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