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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to pass and say THANK YOU for all the best wishes you guys sent me.
It's so good to read! Even though I 'm kind of not active here, ( I'm working on super cool things! just wait!)
because we probably have never talked before, or know each others visage.
 and this blindfolded state is SO interesting! 
Just Letting you guys know y'all live in my heart!
 A GREAT 2017 for all!
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Hello boys and girls, just writing up this super RARE jornal to update you guys my activities and stuff.

I know it's been awhile since my last update or deviation,...I've been working on a huge variety of stuffs, also tried to keep off the moar I can , just working on indispensable situations.
It's about to maybe increase my mental health like, "do the necessary", Not being so catcher or fill up my whole month or months or even year!  Well, I've been thinking on these situations much more wiselly latelly it's been cool.

But nothing is just my monk-ish lifestyle , I've done some works that I was really proud of , maybe 7 pieces or more, I will share them in the right time. So a little bit more of patience. Lol

Also my personal comic is getting shape  and asap I will share it here too, maybe some sneak peaks :) 

Well, that's it, how have you guys been doing?

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Hi everybody ,my lovers

Leave a friendly comment to the above person with affection , like :

" Hi nickname ! nice to meet you and have an amazing day! + funny face" : D : J x >

*_____________________________* hi ,you , nice to meet and have a GREAT DAY ! :heart:*___*:heart:

*Update i love the feeling effect of this jornal :)
hi everybody!

yeee 1 minute after  i got mine!!!! wow , it's more than fast!

** StyxTwig  has attached first!

** thank you all !!!!! and I'm sorry to not able more , later I will !! <3
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I'm these days noncommonly wishing to travel for JAPAN!

I'm always disinterested about to get out of my country, but japannnnnnn lookkks so freak!! ( in the good way)

one/someday : )maybe , until there...

...japan japan japan,pretty island, doesn't dip down! :)
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OK ? ok!ok,ok!

tenha mais uma vez um incrivel mes /semana/dia !



Ok ? ok!,ok,ok!

have more onetime , an amazing month/week/day !

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english (suicide english)

hi folks!

I did more one DA year , more one year with a lot friends and inspirations ( I think the most awesome place to get it cause of massive submissions and quantity of artists)

I'm again in shock! of all gifts and those " llamas" I'm getting as care and salute ! I love all kind manifestation of care over me , you need surely know that , you made my day

to be notifying also my last submissions , all of them were done at class or some little moments , not so focused ( but I love them the same of course )

everytime I'm getting time for myself, I'm giving for these pieces of Angel's Knight

I will certainly put color as well

(I can't wait for  *___* )

sooo.  THANK YOU ALL !!!

ps: I will ask up with the " bosses " over a possibility to submit some piece here  

,I had started to make the third edition , but it's more than possible the release in oneshot


portugues: ( meio suicida também )

fala pessoal !!

fiz mais um ano no DA , com muitos amigos e inspitação ! ( eu acho um dos melhores sites para essa finalidade, pela quantidade enorme de postagens de desenhos e artistas )

e denovo , estou chocado! por todos os presentes e essas lhamas doidas , que eu estou tendo  ( ue nem sei pra que serve isso pra mas acho um gesto muito bonito de amizade e carinho)

eu amo cada tipo de manifestaçao de cuidado sobre mim , vc precisa certamente saber disso , vcs fazem meu dia com isso !!!

estou notificando também , que as ultimas postagens minhas a maioria esmagadora foi feita em classe , ou em momentos nao muito focados , mas logicamente , AMO elas

todo tempo que acho pra mim , eu estou fazendo esses  cavaleiros anjos

que eu irei certamente por cores depois ( mal posso esperar *____________* )

valeuuu a todo mundo !!!

ps : eu vou perguntar pros chefes sobre a possibilidade de por alguma pagina aqui ,
e recentemente dei inicio a terceira edição da GN , mas é mais possivel que saia em uma ediçao tudo junto
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Hi there one'n one

all ok?

I'm just to wish you marvelous days at this week and next ones..!!!!
full of energy good news and power to support hard moments finely !!!!



Fla ai um á um

tudo ok ?

Só para desejar-te maravilhosos dias nesta semana e nas seguintes!!!
cheio de energia , boas novas e força pra aguentar os momentos difíceis bem !!!!

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hi peoples that always make me happy!

all ok ?

once more to be gratefull  to get another DD , I was travelling and I saw only I back

thankkk youuuu devianters and workers at !

I'm really happy !!!! * fall back on the floor*

this travel gave me good news a lots!!!

one of theirs was the first print (only in ink) of my graphic novel "THE LAST BROADCAST"

written by :André Sirangelo

and art: me

stayed so prettyyyy same has been unfinished yet , but.... it really has shocked me beyond my expectative !

** second issue in lines is done : )
now is the indian ink time ! wish me luck and strong hands for that !

when I've more official informations I 'll relate here!

thank youu!!!!!
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Hi lookers , mademoiselles and little/young/old / boys

I was procrastinating this Jornal at so long time , I'm getting today for that

cause to thankfull for every comment , critique ,relate , fave , gift , good news , and otters to me ,

I'm really happy and often shocked all care,love and attention of my pieces and me

cause I'll make a new piece inspired about our relationship , and share it FREE as Download/Print in large scale

I'm sorry for some " rewatch deserved " that I forgot , comment and resupports
I really can't care one and one unhappily, so I'm writing this Jornal ,as collective retribution ,


" the life is needing more dignity than smiling faces "


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yes a sinner.... I'm one of few peoples that hate football because the fanatics celebrations..., ,...
oo god....thanks by your sons screaming " YEEEEE´´EEEE AEEEEEEEEEE OUUIIIEEEE" in my head every Goal gave ,

I love you " fanatic screamer"....thanks to like so excessively football , to celebrate for something .. or people that you probably never will meet or know your existence....

I like skate... and the same way I do not scream:

" yeeaahhhh master flippp aleiupe over back super crazyyyy"  also ,throwing fireworks superbombs in the sky..
making the biggest sound of "love" ( of course , a sound of hell ok ?!) perishing my each launch .*pray to stop

thanks god....

keeping sicker , hear it become really much more terrorist

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I'm excited....I wanted  some cake to eat right now, to my "exciteness" become an orgasm....( gonna sleep iuma x>x)....

talking serious.... the Graphic Novel that I'm doin is staying sooo cool !... I hope you all like at the same way...

are you excited?......

*back to cave....
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I'm a vegetarian , or better... almost.. ( i've not problem with some partys , events...or rare situations , to eat fish )rarely...

well it's not important , I'm here to congrats more one time a restaurant closer of my home ,
there is a vegetarian restaurant selfservice of an oriental family

there happens an incredible simple and envolved atmosphere , with an awesome and different culinary , always a new food for us... ( I goin there since 10 months ago and always get something new to eat)
getting in a little volume also a pretty oriental music , cause it really help us to eat slowly... is like a therapy,

and a clean place

nobody right there (almost) knows as speak portuguese ( hahaha do you believe that??)

and the same way ur comerce dont cease to grow and get more regular eaters

everything becoming almost an orgasm .

here gets increadible restaurants structures , dinners , fastfoods...and others,, someone to richs , others popular and for me nobody shows me so respect of ur clients.... I hate receptionist... , none gets respect ,only telling ur money ,ur payment ,  is rare  to see somebody  serving with respect... I was one attendent ...I helped my father in a commerce ...and I LOVED to serve one and one ,(yes I had FUCK clients... but)
I remember that...I had prove for a good service done as art  mean so much for me .... make the things better...with respect....

only to congrat of amazing service and became nothing a resturant,but  more one piece of art of life....until now . lol

restaurant : LOTUS , locate : (phone later)
           city: Sao Jose dos Campos ,
           state :SP
           country : Brasil

that's all

strange but cool post :o
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man , it's a crime with Bigger art piece !!!! AUHUAUHAUHUHUH I lOVE  it.... AUAUUAUHAUHAUHAu,

**for dude maker. " you should make one  exhibition  named "software step by step matrix fan"
later probably throw in a jail....but... as artist you touched everyone right here  

jacob :heart: - who's jacob .......

I want lady GAGA
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hi everybody ,

I'm here , 4:27 AM
I saw at last ( but still cool)the Fresh Prince , after watch (badly) some SIMPSONS episode

my coffee is over , I ate some hardcore nutri bread with butter...
I'm hearing  humm..... let me see  , " misery signals - one dayI'll stay home"
so fuckin awesome band....

after too clear my junkie room....
I worked like my nose until now..... (totally procrastinator)
I'm with dizziness it's only shows how much poor my vitality is ...
I'm sweating like a pig
my hair are a mix of blackpower ,sonic , edward crosshands and pop junkie star

,those trying be dirty leaving your nails such , living with drunk friends, smoking alots... but later showing taking photos to some gossip  E program after have more one million in ur account bank
the folks love it , seems normal people , but they are not me auhauhuhaua ( i'm trying be clear and they are trying be junkie I dont understand  it hahahah

forward my drawtable have a billion eletric cables ( I really hate CABLES!!!!the same form behind the furnitures and others)everything get be wireless
I dont know ,how transportting electricity without cable... (hey genius , please ,create it for me please . will make my eternal happiness .
* iuma making the TV  , recharge battery ,lamps ,scans , net ,working with nuclear energy or voodoo *

well ,just watching my wall ( my best friend) while time pass....

that's all...

one more time I'll work until morning.....and will not sleep....

let's go....

iumiszark -x
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  • Eating: vegetables and tablegeves
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Leave your random comment ,

As you want   !_________________!

Make art!entertainment!
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Hey everybody

I'm so sorry for the massive old submissions ,
(one time I had that to show ye)
exists various piles of new works or not ,
only to show somethings that means to me , (same being old)
that's really funny as we going to evolution so fastly
I'm so thankfull for your support .

I'm sorry too for comments that I dont anwered , but almost all , I read
with all attention and affection  
thanks again

briefly nwe things

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: x
new blog :
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