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Fem - Kasdinin

By iumazark
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Hi there everybody!

what's up?

yea, more one year comming and more news comming from everywhere, I'm really excited about 2012 among friends, work and myself

I wish also to thank more about every care which I've relate here about my artwork and myself. I've doin awesome friends here and there and taht does not have price.

I wish all of good at this year !!

lot of luck , because the remainder we can run to get

**a new year a new work , I did just now my apocalyptic theme with Fem.

I'd love see this in colors , so I won't paint it so soon so, if you wanna paint it , let me know to i release the large scale : )
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Love the style. Excellent!
I-am-His-artist's avatar
The detail is amazing!
schillernatalia's avatar
Oooooh woow! *_____________* I wanna paint it, i wanna paint it please! >////////////< :heart:
It´s so awesome! *Q*
iumazark's avatar
haha, just click on the download button and then go ahead! <3
I very appreciate see it when it's done.
schillernatalia's avatar
Thank you very much. :D
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Colored it~ I hope you like it, just a little bit~
NYAN-puu's avatar
I might be coloring thissss~ Umm just wanted to let you knowwww~
iumazark's avatar
I would love IT!
NYAN-puu's avatar
I shall try to do it justice~ :meow:
ItsK's avatar
holy crap, this looks like lots of hurting fingers.
clementine95170's avatar
wow! nice! how can you make so much details?

(sorry for my bad english, i'm frennnch x) )
iumazark's avatar
ahn, just try out the whole piece once, make everything faster you can but not forget to draw the details as better you can either. afterward you just polish it to get a better final visual. the most important tip is make it fast. :)
clementine95170's avatar
(oh my god, thank you google traduction!)

ooooow! ok, i think i'll try =D
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i promise that i'm not just fave and running because i think it's fun. dA has decided that i'm spamming (i might be a little, but not in a jerk kind of way, in a i-was-gone-forever-and-i-was-trying-not-to-fave-and-run kind of way...) anyhow, i like your work (that's why i watch you) and i've just come back after a long time neglecting this account. i hope you understand, and i hope to be back around to leave real comments on your work :)
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what did you draw this in? :o
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Blows my miiiind
reichang's avatar
I really love this!!!
KoreanVWood's avatar
Whoa, [link] did a pretty good job with your lineart lol.

Both of you guys are awesome!
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