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Bring Us Together

Music is a language that everyone can speak.

my second entry for this contest, and here's my first: entry 1
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Hi, can i use this drawing to make a tee shirt ?

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Oh my gosh. I love this so much.
I definitely like the red colored background for the t-shirt better than the gray.
Yes! I concur;-) but prefer to Feel it as well as Speak it. love this, especially as it espouses Unity
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This is so beautiful and touching!
I truly hope you win!!
Good Luck!
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nice i love it. hope u win :) good luck
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Really good design! Vote for you

If you want you can take a look at mine:
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I just got back from the World Choir Games, so I just experienced this firsthand. Singing with those thousands of people from everywhere lifted me up.
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really nice....check out mine and vote if you like it
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Its cool! I've voted for them,
Here you can see my pourpose:

if you like it vote them please.

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wow i love and hate this

love: it is beautiful and true
hate: because i might not win now lol

voted. goodluck :D
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such a nice idea. voted.

please check out my design, the massage is similar [link]
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Nice idea :-) Simple and effective. I voted :-)

Check out mine:


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it's wonderful D: i have no chance
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Really nice, love the idea!

Here's my design:
[link] Vote if you like it, thanks! :)
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Wow, that's really cool! Great work!
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Soooo nice! Featured! [link]
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Hello, itzkarlos!

You have my support and I voted.

I believe in your idea because the message is so universal and lovely!


PS: I wish you good luck in the tournament! :shamrock:


Please, take a look/vote for my desings:


With joyful thanks! :airborne:
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Mind if I tell people to vote for this design? Cuz I just love it! It's very creastive and artisitic. Imaginative. Lovely!
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This is lovely <3 Please vote for mine too :D Or just have a look and drop me a comment :P
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this is deep man :'3!
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Nice Shirt! :D I just voted you! :3
Will you please vote mine?
Here is the [link]
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