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This is YMIR - The Primordial Frost Giant on Ancient Norse Religion; Elemental God of Cold, Frost & Ice and one of the main antagonists from the CUETZPALIN Mythos. The creator of the Jötunn (on the CUETZPALIN Mythos, they're huge, humanoid saurian beings with some mammalian characteristics), he carries the Mjölnir & Ukonvasara hammers he stole from Baal during the Topakhon Wars. Always cold, Ymir has always given little matter about individual life, and is hell bent on the development of his "Great Experiment" - the ultimate exaltation of murder and predatorial behaving on each lifeform, until he creates the "perfect kind of predator", a goal most of his fellow elemental gods have declined with time, after wasting lives of mortals for a million of years. This ruthless scientist also guards many secrets from his fellows, secrets like how much he knows about their long-time rivals, the Mandragorans (and that he's practically one of them, too - this being the reason he "keeps up with such an old Jötunn body").

One of my latest digital paintings, over this drawing from my sketchbook. Hope you like it, constructive feedback is always welcome!
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Very cool work!