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Xolotl Covenant

Concept of an original character I've been working some time ago.

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This character is William Mattoni, the protagonist of my current original story project - the IN LAK'ECH Mythos.
But he only becomes able to create this kind of armor and use the powers that comes with it (generate explosions, earthquakes, some enhanced strength and senses, besides generating this kind of armor and an array of weapons, and being able to summon a dog-like entity made out of stone that help him) since a specific story arc. The main story begins around August 2008, when he's a 14 years old boy who becomes able to transform himself into a super-fast lizardman, and this is him since February 2012, when he's a 17 years old guy about to start college, and looking for an alternative to his power because he found out keeping using it would prevent him from returning to his original form. It seemed to turn out alright, besides, he can only call upon this armor and weapons with his own mind, which means he could keep his "human life" and have another life of struggle and adventure like this. Right?

He would eventually find that the dog-like entity he's able to summon since he initially got introduced to this power's source - a stone called the nemontemi stone, after the "hollow days" of the Aztec Calendar, a time of five days at the end of the year people were concerned with a possible catastrophe, a massive earthquake, said to come by the change of the Solar Era - is actually Xolotl, a dog-like Teotl (nahuatl for god or deity) related to the underworld, and also regarded as the lord of the Evening Star, a brother to Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Serpent) who alongside him restored the ancestors of the humans of this solar era, the Nahui Ollin (Movement of the Sun) a.k.a the Fifth Sun Era. And this Xolotl claims William just did a blood pact with him, something which William doesn't remember, but Xolotl claims to be the only way he could achieve some power. Xolotl didn't even need to tell exactly what all that meant and its consequences, William remembers someone who had faced similar conditions under another entity, and whose life turned into a living hell because of that. William knows, too, that Xolotl is the Nemontemi Stone, when it's in a dormant state, and he can only wake when it's in severe heat. If and when that happens, all those that have a blood pact with Xolotl enter in a state of slumber until Xolotl is frozen and reduced back to the Nemontemi Stone. This points similarities between Xolotl and the other entity, the Baphomet, who may share a common origin. This would set the path for William to understand more about the element Xolotl, the Nemontemi Stone and his armor are made of, and its properties, as well its relations to other hidden elements, some of which he has already met in his life, but have lacked major explanations.

Besides that, he also wonders why his friend and latest mentor, Hunahpu (who he has just recently met, but who's brother of an old mentor and friend of his, Xbalanque, who had the stone in his possession years before), would introduce him to that power, not talking about its consequences? The truth, Xolotl knows, is that in the proccess by which Hunahpu forged William's pact with Xolotl, the god should be awaken, and Hunahpu sought to wake him so he could ask him where his brother, Xbalanque, was. Besides, many centuries ago Xbalanque has made the pact, for the matter of his own survival, when he stole the Nemontemi Stone from its previous owner, the bloodthirsty god of war Huitzilopochtli. And now, Hunahpu trusts William must hold the stone in his possession, never faltering to lose it to someone else. William also knows by his own experience that the Gods of the Aztec Confederation were searching for it, and would likely come after him. It seems that the international police, the national military and the Shadow Demons weren't enough to persecute him, now there's some gods.

Anyway, Xolotl's revelation came months after William had used the stone's power to unknowingly forge more pacts with people he met and in a short time trusted enough to make it happen, thus creating a team of "earthquake causing terrorists". He only trusted in them enough because they shared some of his views as vegan anarchists, and, having a hard time facing the fact that several of Paynal's allies from the time they fought against authorities between 2010 and 2011 never trusted him, and felt like they were dragged into some crazed lizard-man's delusions, and only remained with him out of fear, not commitment, not to mention they talked gibberish about him from behind and never met or cared about William in person - yet, he was always there, among the organized resistance, when he could, but all looked at him as a kid or a teenager not responsible enough, while at the same time they seemed to idolize Paynal as a revolutionary (Paynal is William's secret identity as a Cuetzpalin, or lizard-man). After some time standing and watching the rupture of all the organized resistance Paynal tried to build across different spots of the world (across metropolitan and indigenous communities in Brazil, Mexico, Tahuantinsuyu, US, Canada, Spain, the Basque country, France, Germany, Greece, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Australia), he couldn't take it anymore when public protests against a wide array of things - from increasing public taxes to narrow-minded preference of one group of corrupt over another in the executive power; from "left" to "right" wing agendas - sprouted once again, attracting thousands of people in the Brazilian streets. As white supremacists, liberals, conservatives, marched alongside antifascists, communists and anarchists, as people who merely wanted to appear in some news shared the same space as those that knew who actually rule the country and its exploiting taxes - the bourgeois, the heads of the banks, the runners of the global economy, the corporations  - the righteous direct action against establishments of the global economy such as banks began to be vexed by left and right wing supporters alike who cared more for the public image of a city than the conditions of the poor or of the heavily objectified sentient animals. Conflict rose again, and deciding not to be powerless again, William felt like he needed a new affinity group so he could share this power with equally responsible and active people, who people who aren't afraid to break the law whenever needed, and who wouldn't sell their efforts to any opportunist. Or that, or the protests would resume as a peaceful march celebrating, if nothing, some blatantly hypocritical nationalist values. Brazil's pretty much held as a colony and a hostage to the global economy as most countries. The nationalist ideology only serves to keep people in line, confined in some imaginary border and also material ones, while the military and police are there just to make sure they accept the things their rulers decide without their consent or participation, just because someone voted for them, and they'll be there ruling for someone else - namely those who paid their election campaigns. But still, it would be hard for William to tell these people he just merged their consciousness with that of a dog god, who was bound to a stone he and only he should responsibly carry.

Things didn't turn out as planned, though, and for some time he was captured by the military, being forced to give the stone beforehand to a friend. Even at the face of death, though, he wouldn't cower, he just need a strategy to break free and take as many as he could with him. Xolotl would accompany William for most of his life in it's next chapters, harboring a dilemma: Xolotl, to be awaken full-time, and not just when summoned, should have those who made a covenant with him put into a dormant state. William's life was at stake, yet how could he take the welfare of that immortal being into consideration? Xolotl's apparent main objective was to "feed" - each time William killed some military men, Xolotl claimed to be fed. Is this what those entities want? Is this what they're for? Is sacrifice, in the end, a necessity?

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