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This is the eleventh armor from a series of 14 armors that I've designed: the "Alpha-Omega series", that have some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery, the full project description at Behance and also follow my other works through Behance | tumblr | instagram | facebook
Guess where the remaining letters of Greek alphabet are? Check this project by fellow deviant :icontyphonian-apkallu:

Background Story:

UPSILON (or Ypsilon)
Created by Ulhaden Corp in 2002
Power: Regenerate damage from it's own tissue and also from the user's tissue
Current user: Nina Roux (FRA)

Currently owned by the private institution known as AXIS Military Academy, which mission is protect Tredius from demon-related threats (actually, an initiative by Ulhaden Corp & ABEL Inc, two major weapon industries that have created the Alpha-Omega series armors. The AXIS is more likely an academy for young bounty hunters who're unknowingly testing a likely inhuman technology, and doing the firty job for the UN to "cleanse" everything dangerous that escapes its hidden slave pits).

Nina Roux was born in 6th September 1991, on Strasbourg, Eastern France, the daughter of Lucien & Élise Roux. Since she was nine years old, her father has left his previous job as a doctor of a pharmaceutics corporation, and has been involved with "some criminal network", which her mother believed to be related to international drug dealing (because she's found some military equipment and weapons among his stuff), what has led to several fights and tension among the family until 2002, when Lucien got away with no further explanation, simply leaving both behind. About two years later, Nina's mother was killed, leaving her in depression and a deep angst, as she has moved to live with her closest relatives, her aunt and uncle from her mother's part of the family, that didn't treat her very well anyway, exposing the prejudice and jealousy they harbored for her parents, and besides fighting, sometimes threatening to leave her in an orphanage - even though she was already 13 years old, and she'd look forward to live independently from them since then. In December 2008, after she just completed high school and was at the time working in part-time jobs, she has been given the opportunity to join the AXIS Military Academy without paying any taxes, something which surprised her, and she was actually a little suspicious it was "some kind of play". Either way, she applied to it and begun studying or working on AXIS since January 2009. In the matter of a month, she's been able to defeat other students in several tests that ranged from physical to knowledge exams, earning the rights to use the Upsilon armor from the Alpha-Omega series on special missions. By the time, she was regarded as a prodigious student among her class because of her results and because she's not been given previous military education, unlike most of the othe AXIS students - her class, for example, was mostly composed of people who've been studying in AXIS since at least three years before, what means when she was at some "normal" high school they were studying under an international military multidisciplinar academy. In no time, she's earned a close friendship to Anna G.W, the user of the Lambda armor, as well respect from Lana Bridges, the user of the Ni armor and one of the Magisters (the highest title an AXIS student can have, which makes it a leader on Alpha-Omega related operations). She's also drawn some rivalry with Dalal Saab, the user of Tau, and Drake Sonck, the user of Epsilon, through she saw as if the later was more likely jealous of her results.

Her first mission for the AXIS on school grounds was helping her fellows in fighting "demons". As the AXIS claims, there are "demons of an outlandish origin who often threat humankind, and it has been the duty of a special militias to save humankind from them for generations". AXIS also claims to be "the responsible for developing these special demon-hunting militias through human's finest education methods since 2000", and besides calling itself an international multidisciplinary academy for youngs, is also recognized as a specialized private security enterprise, often lending some of its officers to UN's armed forces, the INTERPOL, on humane and peace-keeping missions worldwide. There's also some dispute between AXIS and INTERPOL agents, as the first often deals with threats that most of the later wouldn't dream of, despite they're overall younger and because of this are also often discredited by the later as "less experienced". More than once, previous instructors or teachers from AXIS have been working as INTERPOL agents after serving for some years, despite the Alpha-Omega armors are owned by AXIS. The true developer of such top-notch, yet mysterious technology, however, is unknown. Concerning the origin of the Alpha-Omega armors, the Academy claims "[the final product] comes from research, materials, engineering and production realized by several worldwide military-related corporations, including, but not limited to some of our sponsors, ABEL Inc. & Ulhaden Corp". Previously, the US-based ABEL Inc (Ashcroft & Bridges Engineering Limited Incorporated) & the Teutonia-based Ulhaden Corp were the owners of some armors from the series, but those have become AXIS' since 2000, so AXIS is credited with the creation of the armors after 2000 (beginning with Sigma), even though Ulhaden & ABEL have some employees and researchers working for both. In the years before AXIS, these armors have been used in several occasions that implied some extra-official aid for ongoing UN peace-keeping intervention on certain conflicts, and ABEL has also been a major supporter of the US Military during the US-UTSST (United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius) conflicts, between the eighties and nineties. For the demons, despite their true nature being kept hidden by the academy from its students and the students following strict others to keep most of their classes as well as missions as classified info, the truth is that they are actually inhuman species kept in line and on underground realms managed by other inhumans whose power is older than most of the UN itself, and keeps varied clients such as the Jötunn Scientific Organization, the Catholic Church and other underground or aboveground, legitimate or clandestine, lawful or outlaw powers. This mystery and censorship, however, is unable to step over Nina's curiosity, as she decides to investigate, learning that Lana Bridges is the adoptive daughter of ABEL's CEO, Joseph Bridges, who was an important figure in the 70's-80's military conflicts of the US against Tahuantinsuyu, while she lacks to find major relevant information about the Academy's director, Ephraim Frére, whose past shows him he's some kind of a vicar, but without major degrees or even military, engineering or management skills which could make of him a fit director. Despite that, Frére keeps a watchful eye over her and publicly regards her as AXIS' best student, something even she disagrees.

Her first mission off-school is anemergency mission which she participated alongside Ann G.W and Gilles Psycke, the professor who uses the Xi armor. The mission consisted in releasing Marvin Chad, the user of Apha, who's been kept captive by an armed terrorist group based in Chiapas, Mexico, that possibly had links to rebels from Sonora who had stolen the Gamma and Omega armors from a desert base of ABEL (something that shows them ABEL still have some ownership over certain armors, and that these certain armors, for some reason, weren't being used, and were likely in test fase. Omega, which development began by Ulhaden in 2008, was still fine to be under test at the time, in 2009, however Gamma is from 1977, and it has made Nina question what happened for it to not be put into the AXIS program). After rescuing Marvin and his armor, the Alpha, despite being unable to bring back the Omega - even though being able of finding out it's been used by one of the ELM paramilitary guerrilla soldiers from Chiapas, what means Gamma may be in Sonora -, Nina has been made a magister herself, putting her in the same position as Lana Bridges and Benjamin Phillips (the user of Zeta). Alongside Phillips and the Professor Marco Friedrich (the user of Pi), Nina is part of AXIS' special aerial squad. Marco is her supervisor, and is often hard to deal, because of his severe, sometimes hypocritical commitment to discipline. After her naming as a magister, what has left her surprised, but also questioning - her friend Ann has been as good as her in the mission, and still integrates the AXIS and owns a special Alpha-Omega armor before she does. What is it that made her, not Ann, a magister? For Ann, however, that's fine and Nina deserved it - Marvin Chad, besides thankful, has become more closer to her, something which motivated his "rival", Klaus Neumann (the user of Delta), to become closer to her as well. Eventually, Nina also becomes good friends with Melissa Walker and is regarded well by Kai Taylor.

Her close friendship with Ann, however, leaves her more needing of her friend as time passes, and she develops another sort of feelings for her, feelings which she don't know how or don't want to expose, because of her uncertainties, her fear of failing, but that just aggravates as time goes on. She's a cool, kind, understating and smart person who tries to be happy, however she's sometimes shy and gets embarassed easily, what ends up frustrating her sometimes.

The character Nina and the design of the Upsilon armor are inspired on the WASP, a character I created during my childhood, when I was about 10 years, what means 12 years from now. The WASP was a super heroine from a series of stories I created between 2002-2007, called BYDURAK.

Hope you like it, constructive feedback is always welcome

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