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UATN-02 Boitata

This is the first Mech from a series of four which I designed recently. It has some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos, originally planned to be released as a graphic novel or comic book, but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery, and see the full, detailed project presentation at Behance

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Some background story and details concerning its role: The UATN-02 (unidade de ataque terrestre Necoc Yaotl) Boitatá has been seized by efforts of armed paramilitary inhumans (namely, the Cuetzpalin Paynal, Omepaynal, Cuauhtemoc and Montezuma) around 2010, from an assault at a branch of the ABEL, a military corporation of international activity, and Boitatá's original producer. That wasn't the first base of ABEL raided by Paynal, on an occasion, earlier in February 2009, alongside a group of Chiapas' rebels and "Anahuac" rebels from Sonora, he's raided a base at the Quadruple Frontier (between the unrecognized independent Anahuac territory; a State of UTSST, Hanan Ch'in; Mexico and US) which earned some of his allies the powerful Gamma and Omega armors. Boitatá was originally stored at a provisory base in the region of San Brandon's portion of the Amazon Forest, besieged by INTERPOL and CIA agents, and from its heist, Omepaynal has taken control of this powerful hardsuit. Originally planning to make the usage of such technology in a collective and horizontal way among the select members of the independent autochthonous indigenous and landless workers of Northern San Brandon area, it ended up pretty much like a property of Omepaynal (whose human identity, secretly is San Brandonian journalist Ian Ribeiro). As the cooperation of the Cuetzpalin have succesfully deteriorated State institution across San Brandon and other spots of America through the use of paramilitary equipment, personnel & strategy, besides occupations, riots and assaults of State-held management establishments, some of them came to be popularly related as if they were a single group of international paramilitary agents inciting conflict within UN, identified by a name which Paynal described himself - NECOC YAOTL (meaning "enemy of both sides" in nahuatl, an epithet of Mexica/Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca).
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Nice design and details