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UASN-08 Sugaar

This is the second Mech from a series of four which I designed recently. It has some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos, originally planned to be released as a graphic novel or comic book, but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery, and see the full, detailed project presentation at Behance

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Some background story and details concerning its role: The UASN-08 (unidade de ataque subterrâneo Necoc Yaotl) Sugaar has been seized by efforts of armed paramilitary inhumans (namely, the Cuetzpalin Paynal, Omepaynal, Cuauhtemoc and Montezuma) around 2010, from an assault at a branch of the SPECTRO Org, a military corporation of international activity, and Sugaar's original producer. The SPECTRO is a secret organization which masks itself through different branches acting throughout diverse industrial sectors, and that historically sponsor the technological development council of the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu, a founder of the UTSST (United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius) economical block after the Revolution of 1969 which put Tupaq Amaru III in power. Despite originally engaging in armed conflict against US' satellite states of Latin America (military dictatorships backed up by the CIA on San Brandon, Argentina and Chile), the UTSST has made treatises of peace and resigned from conflict in the nineties, despite retaking them after an attempt at Tupaq's life in 1997, by a death squad identified as a group of mercenaries hired by US forces. This led to the occupation of an area in the Hopi-Zuni reserve, from the Death Valley to the West into New Mexico to the east, in a place acknowledged by the UTSST as Hanan Ch'in, an extractive colony of Tahuantinsuyu largely explored by the aboveground branches of SPECTRO.
    Another State which found large support from SPECTRO was the Socialist Republic of Palarokhiel, since 1991 officially only Republic of Palarokhiel, despite since 1994 it has met only one party in power. Palarokhiel's armed forces - the KGB, retaining its position even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union - have also been supported by SPECTRO, indeed, Sugaar was originally created in Palarokhian grounds. On the occasion of the raid of SPECTRO's branch, Cuauhtemoc has seized control over this battle machine. Originally planning to make the usage of such technology in a collective and horizontal way among the select members of the separatist militia of Banterras (located between Aragonese and Gallian territories), it ended up pretty much like a property of Cuauhtemoc (whose human identity, Iñaki, has been a member of INTERPOL and AXIS, having leaked major classified military info to the rebels throughout his work). As the cooperation of the Cuetzpalin have succesfully deteriorated State institution across the world through the use of paramilitary equipment, personnel & strategy, besides occupations, riots and assaults of State-held management establishments, some of them came to be popularly related as if they were a single group of international paramilitary agents inciting conflict within UN, identified by a name which Paynal described himself - NECOC YAOTL (meaning "enemy of both sides" in nahuatl, an epithet of Mexica/Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca).
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