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UAMN-05 Olobit

This is the third Mech from a series of four which I designed recently. It has some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos, originally planned to be released as a graphic novel or comic book, but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery, and see the full, detailed project presentation at Behance

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Some background story and details concerning its role: The UAMN-08 (unidade de ataque massivo Necoc Yaotl) Olobit has been created from spare and customized parts of other mechs from a range of different developers (such as ABEL, UlhadenSPECTRO), originally seized by efforts of armed paramilitary inhumans (namely, the Cuetzpalin Paynal, Omepaynal, Cuauhtemoc and Montezuma) around 2010, from different assaults and battles - indeed, most of its parts were collected on devastated battlefields. The studies which made possible the construction of Olobit were led by a group of engineers from the Anahuac Autonomous Area (an unrecognized region in Sonora inhabited by indigenous communities from both Mexico & US that rebelled in 1998 and took control over some local prefectures, splitting from Mexican State's mafia-infested management) and outsider enthusiasts & supporters of the Anahuac cause. The leading scientist of the project was bioengineer Jacob Mills, a former member of the Autonomous University of Mexico and previously expelled from the University of California in 2000, after being persecuted for allegedly leaking classified info concerning private military campaigns known as Operation Red Island (which resulted in the disappearance of both Tupaq Amaru III and the island of Bermeja itself). While in Mexico, Jacob has been accused of standing against government-led neoliberal agenda and supporting terror caused by the Anahuac rebels, however it didn't damage his career or research, which was sponsored by a private initiative of Brimghtonian engineer Howard Fang (at the time, an AXIS employee, regarded as controversial to ABEL Inc's CEO Joseph Bridges). Jacob's research brought him once again close to Zealandian scientist Morgan Schneider, as they researched similar fields on biochemistry & bioengineering, however Jacob's researc has been halt as soon as Fang has been expelled from AXIS in 2006, and since then he fled away from spotlight. Jacob was actually finding his home at Chiapas, southern Mexico, where he sought to integrate local rebels with the paramilitary Anahuac of Northern Mexico, when in February 2009 they were approached by inhuman independent activist/terrorist/murderer/liberator Cuetzpalin Paynal, who offered and instigated to create a paramilitary integration between the rebels of Chiapas & Sonora and raid a base of ABEL Inc at the Quadruple Frontier (Mexico, US, Hanan Ch'in & Anahuac), which they did, despite the casualties, and in doing so retrieved Omega & Gamma armors - the later became a major subject of study by Jacob, who's become its official user. From that raid onwards, Jacob would research the stolen armors and come to the conclusion that AXIS (a private, internationally acting military academy publicly sponsored by enterprises such as ABEL & Ulhaden, and that currently owns most of the Alpha-Omega armors) isn't merely sponsored by ABEL & Ulhaden, but actually was created by an agreement by both and UN's INTERPOL, which gave authorization for the usage of the formerly private Alpha-Omega armors. There was still the possibility, however, that neither ABEL or Ulhaden, despite the evidences, were the producers of such armors, as in the occasion which Gamma & Omega were acquired, Jacob noted they were being researched, not produced (and despite Omega was a recent model, created in 2008, Gamma was from 1977), not to mention another armor, Iota, was found out by Paynal to have been owned since 2002 by a Yakuza criminal based in Yamato, originally seemingly unrelated to AXIS or its "sponsors", but later revealed to be an agreement between AXIS' professor Yao Wu and Yakuza's Yamabishi family, affiliated with the corrupt military of Yamato. Through his research and usage of the Gamma armor, Jacob has unfolded secrets which even AXIS employees, students and agents were unfamiliar with, and combined with the knowledge of Iñaki (Cuauhtemoc's human identity since 1983, a former military of Spain, Aragon and later an AXIS staff member & finally a member of the INTERPOL guard, while secretly a supporter of the BA a Banterran separatist paramilitary organization based in the territory between Aragon & Gallia), has exposed that whether or not ABEL & Ulhaden are its developers or merely customizers, the role of the Alpha-Omega armors seems to be part of a much bigger project of UN, as it prepares its users for the transformative abilities which will drive human physics to its next step. Jacob has also unfolded the truth that previous users of several armors have died of side effects from the armors' extensive usage, an information kept hidden from even most of AXIS' members, and which leads to the conclusion that all the armors without exception are still being tested, by the young agents currently working for AXIS, who unkowingly believe it to be merely a high standard military college. Jacob, however, hasn't stepped aside from using the Gamma armor, one of the series' most powerful, and with that has helped to expand the actions, influence and victories of the Anahuac Rebellion alongside Paynal, integrating a network of rebel indigenous movements across the American continent and later expanding it even further through allies such as Cuauhtemoc. Details of Jacob's research which were sponsored by Fang during his work for AXIS, however, weren't properly revealed to Paynal for a while, as hasn't been the identity of his mentor.

After being expelled from his role in California, US, Jacob has also become a rival of genetic scientist Eric Hobson, from Norrland, who's been employed by an aboveground of the secret Jötunn Scientific Organization, and who was a vocal negationist of the existence of the island of Bermeja. Hobson has also been present in Mexico, where he's been promoted to manage a water reservoir and plant (secretly, the place where Tupaq Amaru III was jailed, a place called "el Caracol" - the snail). Alongside his fellow Einherjer (Jötunn able to shapeshift into humans and who possess special abilities), he's been crucial to reveal info which would ultimately lead to the liberation of Tupaq, by a network of bribing between slave traders and customers, involving a minotaur named Morax, a Gallian-Canadian landlord, Jacques Fernier, who's acted as an informant to the Palarokhian KGB and other figures from UTSST.

Between 2009 and 2010, Jacob has worked alongside Paynal on the development of an international network of anarchist, indigenous, autonomous armed resistance which managed to destablize the authorities of several UN States (later resulting in the return of fascist and authoritarian powers outside UN, such as the Catholic Church-backed Holy Inquisition Offices, in 2011, after the current Pope Venceslav rose to power, following the assassination of Benedict by Paynal and that of the Aragonese King Enrique by Iñaki). This network, however, wasn't organized vertically and each of its "cells" acted locally - it was more a network of controlled trade and information rather than a private organization, despite some members such as the Cuetzpalin themselves knew other strategic paramilitary leaderships from autochthonous movements, like the Triton (originally based in Minoica, who's instigated the direct action of anarchist groups through its territory), Dazbog (influent among the anti-christian autonomous pan-Slavic revival scene) and Akamai (leader of the Kahuka tribe, an aboriginal group that promotes armed resistance and separatism from Zealandia, what they see as a remaining colonial management, hostage to foreigner bourgeois interests). Jacob has used parts from battle mechs of different origins to create Olobit, and that was only possible with supporters, old and new, including technology from Fang (at the time, a member of the not so secret technological development council of Tahuantinsuyu) who at the time was a declared enemy of the terrorist and anarchist riots spreading through the continent. Jacob's identity however wasn't immediately found.

Originally planning to make the usage of such technology in a collective and horizontal way among the select members of the separatist militia of Banterras (located between Aragonese and Gallian territories), it ended up pretty much like a property of Cuauhtemoc (whose human identity, Iñaki, has been a member of INTERPOL and AXIS, having leaked major classified military info to the rebels throughout his work). As the cooperation of the Cuetzpalin have succesfully deteriorated State institution across the world through the use of paramilitary equipment, personnel & strategy, besides occupations, riots and assaults of State-held management establishments, some of them came to be popularly related as if they were a single group of international paramilitary agents inciting conflict within UN, identified by a name which Paynal described himself - NECOC YAOTL (meaning "enemy of both sides" in nahuatl, an epithet of Mexica/Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca).
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