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Tupac Chasqui

Tupac Chasqui is the mesenger of the Inca Emperor, Sapa Inca Tupac Yupanqui (who reigned from 1472 to his death in 1493) in the background story/universe of my fictional, fantasy oriented and precolumbian-inspired project, known either as CUETZPALIN (from the nahuatl "lizard", a major and reccuring concept throughout the series) and IN LAK'ECH (from the post colonial Mayan concept "I'm another you").

On this mythos, the Tahuantinsuyu (a.k.a Inca Empire) has greatly extended its reach during Tupaq's rule, with the employment of a council of magicians, the yacarcae, of the Yana Phuyu shadow demons (a.k.a Centzonmimixcoa), of the Amaru Dragons and the dragon riders led by the official messenger of the emperor, Tupac Chasqui. This sophisticated civilization based in Cusco has extended as far as past the Mapuche territory to the south (nowadays Chile) and Taino territory to the north (Panama), facing and subjugating a major diversity of groups following the conquest of Chan Chan, capital of the rival Chimú Kingdom, from where Tupac has employed skilled magicians, inheritors of an occult art of telekinesis, manipulating the shadows, casting illusions and travelling across space that came from their ancestors, the Moche, and from even older beings. The Guaranis, once defended by giants called by the Inca as Huaca (a larger category of entities and beings), have lost their defenders even before Tupac rose to power, while his father Pachacuti (earth-shaker) ruled, and when Tupaq suceeded his brother Amaru Yupanqui as the head of the Inca army on the campaigns against the Guarani & their defenders. Tupaq grew hungry for power, and that would have the Incas crossing through nowadays Ecuador and pass over it, would come to hear about empires in the north, as they reached, with their dragons, the treacherous jungles of nowadays Costa Rica by 1480. The jungle's exotic fauna & flora weren't the only surprise, as the Inca army and special forces, led by Tupaq himself (who's both a skilled and ambitious military and political leader) grew used to the Amazon Rainforest in the North, but the existence of other civilized inhuman species - the cihuateteoh (that despite looking like human women, have bat or butterfly wings and jaguar claws & fangs), the cihuacoatl (half-women, half-snakes), centzontotochtin (humanoid rabbits) & cuetzpalin (humanoid reptiles). The cuetzpalin were part of a militarized arm of the Mexica Excan Tlahtoloyan, the Mexica Triple Alliance (headed by the altepetl or city-states of Tenochtitlán, Texcoco & Tlacopan, it's widely known today as the "Aztec Civilization"). By the time the conflicts began, the Mexica were led by Tlatoani Itzcoatl and his second in command, the warrior priest cihuacoatl Tlacaelel.

In the conflicts which lasted from 1481 to 1493, in a war involving inhuman, supernatural and magic forces, now forgotten by most people after a proccess of brainwashing repression, censorship and coertion that began with the spanish colonization, Mexica & Inca alike have made use of alliances between each others' territory to weaken their resolve, and while Tupaq has remained as the Inca ruler until his death, in this period at least three Tlatoani of the Mexica have died in combat, making it harder to keep in feet against such a powerful enemy. The conflict with the Mayas in the East also troubled possible victories, but warriors like the young Moctezuma (who was 15 when the war began) have made a difference which increased the Mexica morale even after the war was over. The other side also had powerful warriors such as Tupac Chasqui the leader of the dragon riders whose identity has been kept hidden. Tupaq Chasqui still lives to this day as a mysterious traveller of darkness, who helps the current incarnation of Tahuantinsuyu (a self-proclaimed "indigenous republic" that has extended, besides Peru, into the territories of Chile, Argentina, Boliva & Ecuador since the Revolution of 1969, through armed conflicts). The Tupac Chasqui, besides an immortal dragon rider and traveller of darkness, is also a powerful necromancer (Saqraruna). Some believe his sources of power are his starfish-shaped wand and the conch he uses for delivering messages. He was a direct rival to the Mexican messengers, the Paynal (meaning "runner", the same name employed later, in 2008, by a young human boy who's become able to transform into a Cuetzpalin and used these powers to act as a vigilante. It's most likely he'll get in the way of the legendary Tupaq Chasqui because of his actions)

Inspired on historical andean quechua & aymara concepts and fantasy-themed fiction. Hope you like it

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