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Triton vs Paynal

An illustration featuring THE TRITON, an original character by :icontyphonian-apkallu: (protagonist of his story APKALLU) and the CUETZPALIN PAYNAL (from the nahuatl "lizard" and "fast", named after a Mexica/Aztec deity regarded as the messenger of Huitzilopochtli, God of War and Patron of Mexico), an original character who is the protagonist of my personal comic book story project, the IN LAK'ECH Mythos.

These different stories, featuring different points of view, take place in the same universe, and initially in the same planet (despite very different areas and settings for each - The Triton begins his adventures in November 16th 2008, on the continental island of Aotearoa, sometimes called Zealandia, while the Cuetzpalin Paynal debuts in August 8th 2008 on the northern states of San Brandon, a.k.a Brazil, in an area near the Amazonian Jungle). Both of them have been known by people as mysterious, super powerful and violent inhuman vigilantes, as their actions of sabotage, assassinations and property destruction have increased, setting free animals previously fated to live a life of misery serving the industry, and also cutting short the lives of those who work in these areas (fishing, animal farming, etcetera). From behind, they are 14 years old students - the Triton is a Minoican (Greek) young called Gustavos Mauros, and the Cuetzpalin Paynal is a San Brandonian (Brazilian) named William Mattoni. The first controls the weather, can create rainstorms and lightning, and the second is faster than a bullet. The first has an orichalcum conch & staff, and has gained his greatest power - that of transforming into a Triton - thanks to his finding and eventual symbiosis with the kratozoa of an elder Triton, whose deeds the people would know as those of Odysseus (a.k.a Ulysses); the second carries stolen guns, ammo and an ancient battle spear (a stylized macuahuitl) once used by the ancient Cuetzpalin who now inhabits his own body as a symbiotic tonalcoatl, one the world has known as the late Mexican ruler Moctezuma Xocoyotzin.

If you want to know more, check these galleries:
Gustavos Mauros / THE TRITON | William Mattoni / CUETZPALIN PAYNAL

The present meets the past. Inhuman inhabitants of the planet resurface, and willingly or not, their actions echo towards the collapse of a global eugenic attempt of establishing a single human civilization (if you've read this as the United Nations you got it right). These fearless young men have had very different lives (Gustavos was an overseas exchange student the time he got the powers of the Triton, while William never left the territory of San Brandon before), yet both have separately come to important conclusions concerning animal rights, environment, politics, civilization that have based their positions in life around the anti-capitalist, de-industrialization, nomadic vegan anarchism. But what they'll do with those perceptions, their goals, can't be common - as different individuals, their objectives will never completely meet.

During Paynal's fateful travel to Minoica, in March 2009 (while following the Saqraruna, a black ops group of military agents from Tahuantinsuyu's military and White Russia's KGB, who were in turn following traces of their missing ally, a military commander and political ruler named Tupaq Amaru III), he finally would meet the one called as Triton, who challenged him in "his territory", near the Acropolis. This battle between the new heirs of ancient inhuman races hasn't happened in this world for centuries, but whoever wins this fight leaves a clear message - these races, their values, their civilization and their wilderness, too, are here to stay. ONLY HUMANITY WILL FALL!

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