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The Triton

THE TRITON (from the hellenic/greek Τρίτων) is an original character by fellow deviant :icontyphonian-apkallu:, and is the protagonist of his original story project, the APKALLU Mythos (named after the seven sages, or seven ferrymen of Eridu, in ancient Sumer, who also acted as counselors to Enki, god of waters and knowledge who resided in the E-Absu temple), set in the same universe and continuity as that of the IN LAK'ECH Mythos (my original story), albeit protagonized by a different character, in a different setting and thus exposing a different world view.

The Tritons are a race of amphibian (in the sense they can live both in and out the water) creatures native to the realm of Helladeas, who have in some historical moments co-existed with the humans of Tredius (an Earth-like setting where both APKALLU & IN LAK'ECH takes place). Some Tritons have even more power than that of crossing the seas with high speed, because they possess an orichalcum conch (like this one) and an orichalcum staff imbued with a kratozoa ("force animal", a Triton who has reached an elder state of living and has become a snake-like creature that can live symbiotically with another triton or vertebrate, granting them a conch or the ability to become a Triton in first place). But just like the Cuetzpalin reptiles, the Minotaurs, the Jötunn, Akhs and so on, the Tritons have been disappearing from Tredius, and many years past the heroic age, many Tritons who were regarded as heroes by the humans would be replaced by human versions in such tales.

In this context, on November 16th 2008, a young Minoican (named after the Minoans from pre-classic Crete, in this series name to a fictional country inspired on Greece) by the name of Gustavos Mauros, who was living as an exchange student in Zealandia/Aotearoa for some time, has found a kratozoa (while escaping certain death at a protest against local industrial projects) who could telepathically communicate with him and revealed to be no other than the one known by history as Odysseus (or Ulysses), who has been trapped in such a form for centuries, by someone really powerful who Gustavos would meet only times later. More than those revelations, Odysseus' power granted Gustavos the ability for his own to become a Triton, and in the same cave he transformed he found what used to be Odysseus' weapon - the amazing Scissor Staff, composed of the hidden element Orichalcum, able to shift the weather, its humidity, make rain, storm, control winds and lightning. Some would even say the Triton can walk over the water (like in this picture). Such a power in the hands of this 14 years old boy also meant responsibility - that of destroying what's destroying the planet and the animals that inhabit it, in other words, destroying the fishing industry, the mining industry, the meat & dairy industry, the logging industry, pretty much many sorts of industries. And how exactly? Causing irreversible damage to their business, even if he has to take the lives of countless workers. Because, if those workers are able to take the life of a fish by something as trivial as how it tastes, they are better off dead.

Eventually, while the other half of the world was facing the increase of "violent actions" carried out by the Cuetzpalin Paynal, against figures of the animal exploitation industry (and pretty much whoever he found worthy to kill, of course in the pretext of preventing the deaths of more animals), the seas' tides have changed with the coming of the Triton, who deliberately began to kill fishermen and send his bloody message to the world - leave the sealife alone, or face the consequences. With increasing power, the creature known as The Triton (who the world didn't notice to be the same as a 14 years old student) has made ships fly through the sky, has brought entire docks and warehouses to the ground, and caused many deaths to prevent many more, that were happening at a fast pace not only because of the increasing demand for fish, but also because of its consequences to many animals that were caught by such a demand, and the influence of fishing in governmental affairs (needless to say, Gustavos/the Triton is vegan for ethical and consequentially political & even environmental reasons). In no time, the Triton, who worked to save the animals, nature and environment (that certainly doesn't make him a hero, but more like a vigilante or an anti-hero), has become a public enemy and made powerful enemies varying from bounty hunters to international military police, which means the united nations, the government, great corporations and so on. Among the few ones he could rely as allies, there's a minotaur gangster.

In March 2009, the lizard speedster has come to Minoican lands after INTERPOL agents, and has met the one called the Triton. Despite some could say their objectives meet in some aspects (the destruction of mass society, industry and global economy), what can be said on the points they don't, like what will be of the world? The tides are turning, a storm is approaching.

This is part of a bigger illustration I'm working on, and that should be done soon
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I found the design really cool!
The pose and the coloring effect is nice too, especially on its skin.
I like the information, maybe I shoul check the other account to know more about this.