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The Primordial Vovin

Tupaq ("noble" in quechua), or Erebos ("Darkness" in latinized greek) is the spirit of darkness, the absence of photonic energy and the phantom dark energy, the expansive force of the universe, regarded as one of the nine who came into being, but despised by one of his brothers, Ohrmuz, who defy him as "Gannag Menog". Tupaq's origin is unknown, and his position as one of the nine brothers is questionable by his nature, often thought of as related to a primordial inter-dimensional creature, Chaos.

Tupaq has as his inner organism the Anaghra Lemah, or endless darkness, where no light can ever shine, and it expands at the same rate as does the universe through the dark phantom energy, which he has full view of. Like his antagonist principle, he is omniscient and omnipresent wherever there is darkness, but in no way omnipotent.

In collaboration with other brothers, such as Hydros, Erebos has developed one of the most powerful species ever witnessed by the universe: the Vovin ("Dragon" in Enochian, sometimes equaled to "far seeing"), being himself owner of a body which is the first of them. His third eye is the Ater Adamantis which spawned from his knowledge on the last Qliphah, Thaumiel, and grants him the godly position of understanding the unconscious of his mind and that of the others. He sees where others doesn't, and because of this has become a lethal enemy for the spirit of light.

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Wow, looks great. creepy and impressive. 
Thank you for the watch!