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Diving a little deeper towards the story of the Tepanecs in the CUETZPALIN Mythos, here's another sketch from a major figure, Tezozomoc, the ruler of altepetl Azcapotzalco, father to many children (including Maxtla & Tayatzin), being carried by his loyal subjects.

He's been the most powerful Cuetzpalin of the realm at his age, attaining loyalty from the Mexica themselves, who, under Huitzilihuitl, paid tributes to Azcapotzalco and even then have refused to leave such condition when invited by Ixtlilxochitl, "Chichimeca Tecuhtli" (ruler of the Chichimecs) to fight back. Because of Ixtlilxochitl's defiance, Tezozomoc, even old at age, has been responsible for punishing him, leaving his orphan, Nezahualcoyotl, into hiding for years (before he returned, this time alongside the Mexica, to defeat Maxtla). Nezahualcoyotl's later descendants would define Tezozomoc as one of the cruelest men of all history.

While I opted to design Tayatzin's Cuetzpalin form over a Hadrosaurus, I thought it would be fitting if Tezozomoc's form was based off a Gila Monster

This is a piece of my sketchbook related to the CUETZPALIN Mythos
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