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This guy is based after an original character from BYDURAK - a series of stories I created as a kid. His current version is a major antagonist from my story - the IN LAK'ECH Mythos.

is an artificial intelligence, and despite biomechanical, he's still completely artifical. He wasn't even created in this dimension, but another dimension that his designer, the ancient "Spectro the Elder" found by travelling through Black Holes, possibly while looking for Tupaq - the first dragon and elemental god of darkness, lost for 3000 years in the dimension of Absolute Darkness since the end of the 1200 years intergalactical conflict known as the Topakhon Wars. While Spectro's kind, the Yakuruna, believed to follow polytechnicalism and in a certain way technological development, they were actually aligned to Spectro's self-interest on mass population control, and not only a superficial one, or even deeply material he intended to control all by instant thoughts, like an omniscient being, or a singularity. This didn't deviate too much from Tupaq's own goal - why does the elemental god of darkness destroy other solar systems? Certainly not just for fun, political schemes or to instigate fear and violence. He does that because his mission is to accelerate the expansion of the universe until it reaches the Big Rip, and the dark energy is the only thing that remains. This way, he, whose inner organism is the Absolute Darkness (what means the only way to defeat him, as his brothers -the other elemental gods- realized, was forcing him to "swallow himself", or getting lost inside the Absolute Darkness, where despite omniscient, he wasn't omnipotent, and where his material form became useless, and his consciousness, trapped). In the end, a perfected, naturalized and instant control over genes could manipulate entire ecossystems, giving birth to new supposedly predetermined artificial intelligences/individuals deemed as "genetically and technically satisfactory" and either sterilizing or killing many more individuals out of their control in the process, the Yakuruna became the right hand of Ors Ohorela (the government of Topakhon, ruled by Tupaq during the Topakhon Wars) while it existed, and in the centuries following, a part of its society planned its return.

    Tupaq did return after 3000 years, and his plans haven't radically shifted. This time, though, he was bent on revenge, and the elimination of the Cuetzpalin (a race of humanoid reptiles from Aztlán, one among several opponents of the Ors Ohorela, they are credited with its destruction) from earth was a major goal, as it was to convert earth in the next Topakhon Mobile (most of the riches that the Saqraruna and the Tahuantinsuyuan government gathered from its post-revolution working class, during the so-called "transition period" between 1970 and 2000, were employed in this project). Tupaq still needed Spectro's knowledge and technology, yet he wasn't aware that Onyx (an ancient Yakuruna, the first biomechanical, and the first to install biomech prosthetics on the others, also a dictator of an intergalactic empire) still lived. Preserved in an inter-dimensional alley overlooking an isolated Black Hole, Onyx, Spectro the Elder's original body (his preserved brain) and another brain (also known as the Yakuruna queen, an ancient being even older than Onyx) acted as the three super-computers of the current Yakuruna, while SPECTRO the younger, directly reporting to his creator, became the head of the Saqraruna organization and the one to carry out not only the Yakuruna evolution, but the conversion od distinct groups of hominids into a single human identity, and this single human identity into a species-determined single government, lifestyle, culture, civilization, ultimately taking hold of the Human Automation Process, pretty much converting humans into "Yakuruna" (arguably, after millennia of genetic manipulation, the Yakuruna barely are a species, and are more like artificial intelligences on biomechanical bodies. They don't reproduce, instead they design their next generations according to their own needs, while they also "improve their physical vessels" on the meantime. To grant some kind of social order, they aren't self-sufficient, so they need to recharge on genetic substances which move their trade. Currently, of all the Yakuruna enterprises, two super-groups are leading the others, and Saqraruna is one of them. The other is a pro-Republic group that adopted the previously forbidden usage of Darr, and also operates in earth, albeit a place still unknown even to Spectro). Some may call that as "post-humans", but that doesn't make a difference, does it?

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