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Noting that's good lasts forever, so check this out
This is the 14th and last armor from a series that I've designed: the "Alpha-Omega", that have some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery, and see the full, detailed project presentation at Behance

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Guess where the remaining letters of Greek alphabet are? Check this project by fellow deviant :icontyphonian-apkallu:

Some background story (in case you're interested in what's behind this armor [SPOILERS]):

Created by AXIS Military Academy in 2007
Power: Magnetism
Current user: Ephraim Frére (FRA)

Currently owned by the private institution known as AXIS Military Academy, which mission is protect the planet of Tredius from demon-related threats (actually, an initiative by Ulhaden Corp & ABEL Inc, two major weapon industries that have created most of the Alpha-Omega series armors, between 1971 and 2000, the year AXIS was founded. Other armors have been created after the AXIS and put into its program, and new armors still are being created. The AXIS is more likely an academy for young bounty hunters who're unknowingly testing an inhuman technology, and doing the dirty job for the UN to "cleanse" everything dangerous that escapes its hidden slave pits).

Ephraim Frére was born in 1951 as Sebastian Bartosz in Surav, Polabia (nowadays part of Palarokhiel), where from an early age he's joined an old abbey, to become a Catholic priest. He never knew his mother, who's reportedly died after giving him birth, and he barely remember his father, who's left him in the abbey. After World War II, in the years following the defeat of the National Socialist Teutonic Regime, the population of Polabia was restoring itself from the Teutonic occupation, when the Socialist State of Palarokhiel (that as a member of the alliance has fought against Teutonia during the war) has extended over Polabia's Northeastern territory, coopting local resources and counting with support from some sectors of post-war eastern Polabian society, even though a considerable majority vowed to Polabian autonomy. Bartosz' community has been forcibly taken by the Palarokhian militia, in a massacre which the UN and the UTSST (United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius, an association of Socialist States which Palarokhiel would make part of, alongside Tahauntinsuyu's four regions, since the 80s, when the Chichihuacuauhco War happened in South America) has ignored. In 1968, Sebastian witnessed the taking of Surav, as well as the raids of several towns nearby, and escaped alongside a fellow priest from his abbey, Venceslav, who had both of his eyes taken from his face by the Palarokhian militias. Venceslav and Bartosz faced poverty and marginalization before regaining contact with the Catholic Church, the remnants of the Western Roman Empire, and once reaching a Western Polabian abbey they sought "to expose the massacre suffered by the Northeastern Polabian villages to the world". The church's agenda included subverting the growing workers' movement by preventing radical achievements of the people through its acceptance of christian dogma masked as "liberation theology", and also to ensure Polabian nationalism and national sovereignty would be confused with embracing christendom through the empployment of influent puppets as the next Pope, John Paul, the first not to be from Lacian nationality. These political moves, however, had little to nothing to do with helping repair Bartosz and Venceslav's losses, even though Venceslav would pursue the career of a Bishop, having gathered allies throughout Genebra, Lacia, Aragon, Porto, Gallia and Western Teutonia. Bartosz, however, wouldn't follow Venceslav, instead remaining most of his life at an abbey in southern Gallia, adopting the name of Ephraim Frére. Eventually looking for his father, whom "Frére" found to be missing (and likely, deceased), but also to have been a wealthy landlord who owned lands in Northeastern Polabia, he'd set a motion to inherit his father's fortune, which he used to buy a gothic medieval fortress in Avignon, besides acres of land around it. That decision would be initially criticized by Venceslav, who would rather use it to sponsor separatist militias against Palarokhiel, but "Frére" was less worried about politics or even the fate of Polabia, he only wanted to live in exhuberant palaces and enjoy a wealthy, comfortable life, a characteristic which Venceslav also criticized.

Years later, when most of western Polabia stood against Palarokhiel, the Soviet repulics have divided (giving way to Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Kosovia, Yugoslavia, Dacia and Dalmacia), but Northwestern Polabia, Eastern Teutonia and other nations that have been taken by Palarokhiel before the second world war (like the Dutch Republic and southern Lithuanian towns) still weren't repaired or indemnified, for Palarokhiel has still kept its territory intact. Venceslav became an influent figure and supporter of Pope John Paul, whose influence was paramount to the disintegration of the USSR, while Frére grew frustrated of his position as a priest. Around the late eighties and early nineties, he was involved in sacrilegious romance with a nun from his abbey, and afraid of having it exposed, he's left not only his abbey at Avignon, Gallia, but also his priestly duties, his oathes to the Roman Church and the territory of Western Europe, finding exile among a poor community of vampires at Czechoslovakia. Frére's involvement with the nun at Avignon would give birth to two children in 1991, whose childhood he'd never witness. Meanwhile, as Venceslav's influence and support has increased, he was still worried about Frére's disappearance, and for years, Frére's property has been left abandoned, despite both private landlords and the Gallian government had interest in buying the historical site, despite for the negotiations to be done Frére should be located - what has led to a public persecution of Frére. In 1996, Venceslav would be called to a council which gathered several influent figures across Europe and America, discussing the formation of the European Union as a measure to boycott Palarokhiel's participation of UTSST, pressuring it to concede its territories back to EU and this way collaborating with the ongoing US-sponsored Condor Operation, which employed death squads formed by remnants from the recently disabled US-sponsored Latin American military juntas (San Brandon, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay), sought to destabilize the popular government of Tahuantinsuyu and its initiatives throughout South America. The failure of Condor Operation, however,  would lead to the dissipation of the diplomatic relations which Tahuantinsuyu and US were trying to work since 1990, and escalated into the armed conflicts at Bermeja and Sonora (Mexico), and Arizona (US) that have begun in 1997 and lasted until 2000. The reunion has gathered figures such as San Brandonian General Wagner K, Pope John Paul, ABEL Inc. CEO Joseph Bridges, American General Nathan Ashcroft, Ulhaden CEO Jorgen Zimmermman (credited as a hero in Kosovia), Gallian King Adrien I and Brimghtonian researcher Howard Fang, and in 2000 would not only install the EU but also the private AXIS Military Academy, covered up by resources from both Ulhaden and ABEL (despite these enterprises are publicly claimed as mere sponsors). For that project to be completed, however, they would need a vast territory and have a series of characteristics which Frére's previous lands matched, according to Venceslav. The plan was that the Gallian Parliament granted flexibility to hurry the proccess needed to obtain Frére's property, however Venceslav has pressured the Church to prevent this decision and rather aprehend Frére, negotiating and consulting him over the fate of the land (in a way forcing him to work for them). This project was of great interest to the Church because it would establish privileges over its relation with the slave factories of Jahanamm, as the AXIS grounds would require, to train its soldiers, enhaced production and trade of demon slaves. Venceslav has been given the limit of six months to locate Frére, and during this time Tahantinsuyu's chief of State Sapa Inca Tupaq Amaru III has been reportedly killed, while elections have been reestablished, and the public support of social-democratic PSP (Partido Socialista Pachamama) candidate Urco Huanca has risen over previously ruling Tahuantinsuyu Kumumista Hatun P'unchaw (Communist Party of Tahuantinsuyu) and its candidate Umaq Granado. The situation seemed favorable for US' plans, despite it was unable to regain the territory of the Death Valley Desert, crossing municipalities from Arizona, Nevada and California, leaving the Tripla Frontera (Sonora [MEX], Arizona [US] and Hanan Ch'in [Tahuantinsuyu]. Eventually, the partially succesful rebellions of a joint of local Hopi, Tohono O'odham and Pima indigenous communities, supported by southern Mexican rebels, would install the autonomous area of Anahuac, bordering towns of San Luís de Rio Colorado & Montezuma, Sonora. Despite unrecognized by either UN or UTSST, it's regarded by some as Quadrupla Frontera) into a war-like tension. As for Venceslav, he's sought support from bounty hunters which the Church had contact with to locate and capture Frére, and has called aid from Lucien Roux (a researcher supposedly involved with drug trafficking who has just left his position at an international pharmaceutics laboratory - an aboveground division of Jötunn Scientific Organization) to capture him. Lucien has employed his network of informants, counting with the help of Palarokhian Agents and his own secret resources (Lucien is actually the human identity/hunahu ixiptla used by Axayacatl, a Cuetzpalin from Tollan who's ventured into Europe and after betraying Alfheimr's Byduraks [the northern ancestors of the Navarrese Banterans] has extensively worked as a bounty hunter throughout Europe, being involved in several works for clients ranging from the Palarokhian to the Jötunn, from Soviets to the Catholic Church. In his century-lasting life has produced several different identities of bounty hunters to use, and he managed to gather a fortune from these jobs. Some clients know he's not human, however Venceslav didn't suspect, at first, that he was a demon).

When Lucien identified Frére among a community of vampires in Czechoslovakia, he's hunt him down and has fought him in his Cuetzpalin form, after identifying Frére's original vampire form. Amazed by Lucien's original draconian form (how Frére described a Cuetzpalin) only not more amused than Lucien's ability to instantly regenerate his tissues from practically any damage (something Frére regarded as "miraculous", coming up with his own illusory tales like "it could be related to Iesu's blood lineage"), Frére has been defeated and captured by Lucien, then brought before Venceslav. Lucien returned with his rewards, while Frére, cursing Venceslav for dragging him back to duties, imagined that was due to him finding of his sacrilegous relations with a sister in the Avignon abbey - while that wasn't the reason, Venceslav was surprised by Frére's sins, and now was even more willing to punish him, however he also felt like he should look after or at least send someone else to look after Frére's children. One of them has been identified and was adopted by Joseph Bridges. The other has been lost for years, but in 2006 would be brought from the Teutonian streets into AXIS. Venceslav, who became aware of Frére's conditions as a vampire (Bartosz's father was a vampire, afterall), has stated that unlike most vampires, that under Catholic prescriptions should either be sent to a hellish pit or slain, Frére had a chance of redemption, which was serving for this purpose of lending his property to the council which would later create AXIS. Frére has had no military experience on the past, but would be put as a puppet director in charge of the private AXIS military academy, with support from AXIS' own set of allegories and folk stories about "knights who fought demons and defended mankind since distant times living up to its current incarnation of defenders - the AXIS". Frére's uneasy position with the church would also mask the church's involvement in directly dealing with slavery, and help to deviate denounces against the church's involvement by rather charging a figure such as Frére. For the next years, Frére would become AXIS' director, known by his severe and hypocritical methods towards AXIS' alumni, as well by his ultra conservative rants and biased "principles", besides other callings for decency (as if he has any). The next years, he also sought to find Lucien again, however he's been missing since 2002. Venceslav wasn't aware that Lucien is actually another demon, a Cuetzpalin, but has been told as so by Frére, and then put on the catalog of known demons by the church.

Frére is hated by most of AXIS students, but also respected as an authority. He's known Jack Black (who's restored from his dying original form and becomes a student who gets the right to use the Chi Armor) from earlier times, possibly during his escape from Palarokhiel, or even from Czechoslovakia. Of all the students, Jack is the one who has less respect for him.

Eventually, in October 2008, Frére's investigations have finally found Lucien, and he dispatched a secret mission headed by agents Chi (Jack Black), Upsilon (Mariah Roberts) and Alpha (Marvin Chad) to capture him. They failed, as Lucien/Axayacatl/"Iguantus" has decapitated Mariah and threatened both Jack and Marvin. At the time, he was working for the State of Palarokhiel, that sought to investigate the Cuetzpalin sightings in Southeastern San Brandon and if he found a Cuetzpalin, he should kill it. His role, however, would be much more complex and crucial to the interests of the Palarokhian State, as he has taken as ixiptla Ian, an important academical figure involved in a cell within the Landless Workers' Movement that opposed the government, as well as the movement's increasing coopting by the ruling Workers' Party, that sought to force the landless workers in collaboration with its own puppet leaders, who were also landlords themselves. Ian was also an associate of a small and recent libertarian socialist party, and if Iguantus could make use of it, he should destabilize the disputed northern regions of San Bradon (where the jungle of Anchicocha is found, and where several self-nomadic indigenous communities dwell. It's also home to mining companies, slavers, small wood-cutting, monoculture and livestock-breeding businesses related to a network of bigger businesses of the same sectors on central, eastern and southern San Brandon. Because of its borders with Antisuyu, it's been besieged by US military personnel for a long time, too) that could fall to the hands of Antisuyu without much difficulty. More than that, Iguantus (how Axayacatl came to be know by the Palarokhians) was also working for the UTSST's Black Ops that has been searching for Tupaq Amaru III's location since 2006, and counted with a worldwide network of intel, having led operations of kidnapping, money extortion, threats and assassinations of INTERPOL and other figures related to "Operation: Red Island", coming closer to know of Tupaq's location as well as those involved in his disappearance. This time, Iguantus was also set to approach French/Canadian landlord and Palarokhian enthusiast Jacques Fernier in his pursuit for leaking Jötunn Scientific Organization classified info, something that could be achieved by bribing Morax, a minotaur slaver based in Quebec that has been an ally of the Jötunn for years. As you see, Axayacatl's schedule was full so he had no time for the assassination attempts from young people like AXIS, but he had his own agenda - since the 19th Century, while infiltrating the Jötunn Scientific Organization taking the Jötunn Vitharr as his ixiptla and preventing a slave rebellion caused by Bragi (actually, Bragi is the ixiptla of Tonalcoatl Cuetzpalin Cuauhtemoc), both him and his host have been granted samples of isolated Teyoliatl which Ymer, the JSO's Director, has taken from Quinametzin Audumla, resulting in DNA alterations which gave him the ability to regenerate most tissues from virtually any damage - an ability most Cuetzpalin have naturally, however not as fast as his. Axayacatl only realized the difference after getting his next ixiptla, a descendant of Nerakk & Sunna (a couple of first generation Schwarze Ritter known to Cuauhtemoc), who managed to keep this ability even while on human form. For his surprise, his offspring also possessed such ability and in an enhaced level. Eventually, this led to later generations of the Roux family, and as Lucien he's joined a branch of the JSO to continue his research on the matter, while he also came to hunt down evidence of other super-powered Tlatoani Tonalcoatl (specially designed, artificial Cuetzpalin like Papantzin & Moctezuma, Ehecatl, Popocatepetl and Ahuitzotl, that have in their DNAs isolated Teyoliatl from Quinametzin origin. Tonatiuh is also regarded by some as part of this group however his origins are more ancient), seeking to gather all Cuetzpalin powers into him - his goal was becoming the perfect Cuetzpalin so he could regain his previous prestige which he has as the Tlacochcalcatl of Tollan, or even more, he could become a Sun God. Because most of them were in Aztlán, and the only two who weren't, Papantzin & Moctezuma, were missing or possibly dead, he's given up for a short time. But either way, he kept looking for the Roux family and taking care of itsdescendants, who would be his next ixiptla (hosts). So he's charger Jack and Marvin to look after his daughter, Nina, and make sure she'd be safe. He left his daughter to focus on his life as a bounty hunter since 2002, however he has a network of intel and has employed stalkers to assure she's safe. Eventually, Marvin reports Frére of the mission results (except the part which he and Jack have accepted Iguantus' contract to gain a part of his fortune if they kept Nina safe for the next years), and while he's pissed off with the failure, he's amazed by knowing that he has a daughter (who may have the same blood and ability of regeneration), so he sends AXIS after her and offers her a full-time, fully-paid admission into the Academy. Because Nina is eventualy admitted the Upsilon armor, which power is regeneration, her powers are hid from most people, however she knows her properties since she was a small child, but she still finds something is changing about her - the armor is symbiotic and its use is addictive. It is also enhacing her senses, while borrowing some of her DNA characteristics and preserving it on the armor itself - turning its sting blades, for example, as Teyoliatl-isolated as her blood, something that proves to be very useful in fighting the Centzonmimixcoa. This leads Nina to question, later, is all armors store and assimilate DNA data from its users, and if the past users' data could interfere on the new ones. But as the information about past users is kept confidential by AXIS, her answers are left unanswered for a long time.

Hope you like it, constructive feedback is always welcome
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