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Pacasna Android OC in action

This is a digital painting practice/colored version of a sketch featuring my OC currently named Pacasna, nicknamed Pax.
She's an android with an artificial intelligence designed for infiltration, combat and research, who works for the intergalactic Saqraruna Organization.
In my current story project/mythopoeia, the universe of the IN LAK'ECH Mythos, the Saqraruna has been around on Earth for some centuries, as a secret organization, hid beneath distinct human organizations, enterprises and institutions, especially around the Republic of Tahuantinsuyu (which comprehends the contemporary regions of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, southern Colombia and northern Chile & Argentina). The Saqraruna leader, SPECTRO, is Pacasna's designer.

PACASNA comes from the name of an angel in the Enochian hierarchy which means "She who is unchanged by time". In the IN LAK'ECH Mythos, one of her assignments given by her designer is to retrieve the Spear of Time, owned by the reptile Cuetzpalin known as Montezuma since it has been passed to him by some leaders of an indigenous Zuni community from Arizona, in 2009. The Spear of Time is a powerful artifact that has been crucial to destabilize an artificial mass destruction satellite thousands of years ago, during an intergalactic conflict known as the Topakhn Wars, that lasted for rhoughly 1200 years, and had as beligerents forces from the ORS OHORELA (from the enochian "Legislation of Darkness") and the many powers of the Frashokeretian Alliance (from the Persian Frashokereti, which means "Make Excellent"). The Saqraruna Organization, native to the K Pacha solar system, is a "spiritual sucessor" of the Ors Ohorela, as Spectro is himself a direct descendant of "SPECTRO the Elder", a lead scientist and later agent from the Ors Ohorela who worked directly for its supreme leader, Tupaq the Primordial Dragon and Elemental God of Darkness (also known for a variety of names in other languages, such as Angra Mainyu - "Destructive Mind" in Avestan or Mixcoatl - "Cloud Serpent" in Nahuatl).

Eventually, in late 2010, Pacasna steals the Spear of Time from Montezuma, and by securing it she also becomes instrumental in the late stages of development of "Topakhon Mobile II", a controlled Black Hole meant to be used by Tupaq as his latest weapon, from where he plans to destroy all solar systems and rid the universe of matter, establishing a perfect universe filled only with dark energy, the force he's originally composed of, and according to him, is the divisive, expanding force that allowed the unverse's creation and expansion, and that shall ultimately, naturally lead it to its end and a new beginning (one which he claims will turn him into an omniscient and omnipotent entity. He's already omniscient in the parallel dimension of Absolute Darkness, where he's been trapped fr 3000 years following the destruction of the original "Topakhon Mobile" at the end of the war).
    Pacasna, however, isn't concerned or fully aware of either Tupaq's or even her creator's plans, she only accomplishes missions and results. That, however, may change after some fateful mission, and with such a weapon in hands this obedient ally can become one of SPECTRO's major enemies. That is, if her interests aren't remotely common. Sometimes, people easily underestimate an Artificial Intelligence's ability to reason for its own, forgetting that most people in fact aren't genetically or materially able to achieve an individual consciousness by their own - their needs often limits and dictates their actions towards hierarchies and collectives of people.

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Amazing. Do you do requests?