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The colored version of Omepaynal, an important character from my comic book series, Cuetzpalin, still under work:
Check the original drawing and the character's story (also drawn/written by me) here:

Omepaynal has been for several years an ally of another Cuetzpalin, the one who would later call himself Quetzalcoatl, but after his return, witnessing the downfall of the civilization in the planet of Tredius and one of those responsible for its outcome, he became a rival of the Feathered Serpent. Both call themselves anarchists, one began his struggles for Animal Liberation, and the other for democracy. They were likely allies, but Quetzalcoatl has showed some disrespect for Omepaynal's beliefs in human rights, and from small differences, Omepaynal has gathered several commoners to rise in arms against the 'tyrannical' Feathered Serpent.

Check Quetzalcoatl here:
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