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This graphic details a political institution/concept which has a major importance within the CUETZPALIN Mythos (a vast story/universe I'm creating):

The planet of Topakhon, in the far away K Pacha System, had Inti as its sun (as called by the inhabitants of the planet's southwestern coast) and was neighbor to the planet of Spektruz, birthplace of the Hawlien kind. Like several planets, from many aeons ago, it's wildlife has been overseen by one or more individuals from a group of nine immortal elemental deities - the Macabraics, ones who came into being- and in its case, it's been specially overseen, for many centuries, by the Macabraic of Darkness, Tupaq, the Primordial Vovin, some say it was because it was barely illuminated, or because its distance in relation to other solar systems, overseen by more of his brothers, had been found as a better option by him. Independently of its reasons, Tupaq's observation of the planet's wildlife, and eventually, cultures and civilizations wasn't just an observation -like any other Macabraic, it's not a matter of choice that Tupaq's powers would somehow change the entire bioshpere of that planet, even in a slow rate, or gradually. By the 17th Century b.X (46th Century before Iesu), when the first cultures of arthropods and humans developed in the marshes of Titicala, Topakhon's only ocean, located on its central-western region, Tupaq already intervened, by revealing them, indirectly, of the properties of hidden elements -five elements which none of the Macabraics has direct control of, and which are originated from a piece of an ancient being, Apep. Tupaq in special believes that he possess a powerful pineal gland of Ater Adamantis just as this Apep had, not only because he extracted the Ater Adamantis of Cipactli, 443 Ma ago, to use it as his staff's crystal, but because since his earliest forms he has a third black eye, and with that he sees through everything, even through darkness. The first revealed piece of a hidden element in such planet, and the first to be used, was the Lanzon, placed by the Chavin people (one of Titicala's tribes) in their homeland. But Tupaq hasn't shown just the Chavin, nor just the peoples of Titicala the reveal and use of hidden elements (in this case, the Darr element). For centuries to come, the usage of such elements would prove to be no longer a privilege between warring tribes throughout the four corners of Topakhon, even more when other civilizations, from other plans and planets, like the Hawlien Republic of Spektruz, the Medean Kingdom, the Anunnaki Association of Nibiru and the Chronpuchian Empire started a wave of galactic trade and colonialism, around the 8th Century b.X (37th Century b.I), accelerated by the advent of the use of another hidden element, that of Serapel.

In the Northeastern regions of Topakhon, the peoples of Xibahpukon found themselves into a situation of forced work to Hawlien of Spektruz. Goods were extracted by their own hands, in their own planet, to be refined by the Hawlien of Spektruz and resold to them. Peoples from the Kingdom of Akamanah and Palarokhiel, in the Southeast, were hunted down and captured as slaves by foreigners. The warring tribes of Titicala were losing territory to mining corporations from other planets, and the peoples of Apuqohcan, the desertified northwest, were witnessing lack of resources. What the many peoples of Topakhon have fought against each other in the past centuries they were now fighting against a more powerful, foreigner evil, and not even their culture, skills and magic could overcome such a situation of dependence. That worried Tupaq, not because he felt (or should have felt) as responsible for the development of the autonomy of such peoples, which was far from achieved, but because his brothers were moving their fingers from behind several of the imperialist civilizations that were leading Topakhon dry, and that obscure land, which despite its far away location, was a major source of Darr, and somewhat important for Tupaq. But Tupaq's resolves on crafting an unified "Topakar Empire" had been planted even before the galactic colonization, as a measure of making his supervision more agile, through representatives/apprentices of his placed in specific spots of the planet. These apprentices had been given immortality and have been trained, each one in a specific characteristic of "Topakar Magic", with the goal of sharing it with their respective "tribe" (more like a cultural identity) for this tribe to use it, and aid other tribes in the production and sustenance of the four as a whole. For centuries, these apprentices would gather secretly and exchange information of their tribes, in order to gather the four into four cultural identities of a single Nation-State -that of Topakhon-, and although their positions were secret at first, each one eventually began to rose in society as venerated representatives of the "Topakar People". They were known as the TA'TAL, and by the time of the Centzonmimixcoa (which founded the Ors Ohorela) that would mean "The People's Generals".

The Ta'tal, however, were just a part of the plan. One century before the Centzonmimixcoa Revolution, Tupaq travelled to the distant plan of Helladeas, constantly watched by his brother Hydros, the "Macabraic of Water". By that time, through Tempo, the "Macabraic of Vacuum/Space", Hydros was aware that Tupaq's very existence threatened the universe somehow because he was an agent of the universal expansion through his element -that isn't just darkness as the lack of visible light, but also as the dark phantom energy, that by the time occuppied most space of the universe (even though with nothingness) and was increasing. Tempo foresaw that Tupaq's existence would lead all into a Big Rip. To prevent that, Hydros has created an illusion out of his powers, that of Nyx (night), which attracted Tupaq, in his original Vovin form, into the Maw of Chaos, and that had Tupaq entering and being trapped in the dimension of Chaos, a disturbing, unreal dimension which is able to break anyone's individuality and senses of alterity, and is guarded by Hydros as the Trident Holder (being Trident the symbol of the unconscious) in Helladeas since primordial times. During that time, Huitzopoca (there called Aether), the Macabraic of Wind (Ehecatl, or as he tells, Ihyíotl [vital energy] + Ollin [movement]) was also present in Helladeas, and both would investigate upon the aprehended Vovin, taking some of his specs to develop a new kind of Vovin decades later. In the same time, the interaction of Tupaq and Nyx (the illusion created by Hydros) has developed Kharon, the abyssal waters' Vovin, a beast of vile evil and darkness that took the form of a ghostly dragon. But what would be decisive for Tupaq would be his resistance to Chaos' destructive, nihilistic environment: Instead of making his individuality and body fade into nothingness, Tupaq managed to create four hundred creatures of pure darkness, alike him, out of his own, and through that, escape Chaos. Thus were born the feared Centzonmimixcoa: Beings of pure darkness that feed on the light , and that can take any shape. They are individuals, but their first responsibilities are with the will of Tupaq. Tupaq would by no mean remain in Helladeas since such a discovery, but before he could return to Topakhon, he'd trade with Hadad (a remote controlled body of Ohrmuz, the Macabraic Spirit of Light) pieces of condensed light to feed the Centzonmimixcoa before they could act - and to have contributed with their coming into the world, to feel a bit responsible for this, would drive Ohrmuz to go hard-working in the eventual "Topakhon Wars" against Tupaq.

In Topakhon, the Centzonmimixcoa would defeat, expulse, jail, kill and expropriate the traders, burgeois, metropolitans, foreigner bureaucrats, owners of the means of production from other galactic civilizations in the territory of Topakhon, and place local authorities in the command of such means, instead. But several peoples like the Akamenes from the Southeastern Regions, and other semi-nomads from Titicala, would have no representation among the "Topakar People", that would be oversaw by a political corpus known as ORS OHORELA (Order of Darkness, in Enochian - the "language of Adam and the angels" revealed to John Dee, that much before Adam or angels, was spoken by the Centzonmimixcoa), a fourfould Socialist Magocratic Imperial Nation-State of the Topakar People and Topakhon. This fourfold division has been planned by Tupaq way too earlier, not only because of the Ta'tal or the magical aspects they've been trained in and represent, but also because with the Centzonmimixcoa (four hundred, what would mean a hundred would act in each division) created, the Four Godly Birds (Tecumbalam, Cotzbalam, Xecotovach and Camulatz), elder entities created by Tempo to aid the Macabraics in pursuing, subjugating and destroying their first enemies - the self-sustainable huge creatures known as Huehueyolcatl, who, like Apep are supposedly born from Chaos- have sided with the Ors Ohorela, each one as a representative of its respective tribe. But the succesful carnage brought forth by the Centzonmimixcoa, that would begin the proccess of autonomy for the "Topakar People" would be just the beginning: Imperial as it is, the Ors Ohorela would conquer the Republic of Spektruz, that ruled over almost the entire planet, and subjugate the local bourgeois, installing a socialist dictatorship on its own accord, with the intention of supporting economically and technologically the States of Topakhon -what it did, in a matter of a century, by converting the entire planet into a self-sufficient mobile Black Hole. The entire layers of soil and atmosphere from Topakhon had been transferred into covering a Black Hole, that properly isolated through hidden element powered technology, would be the main, if not only source of energy for the people of Topakhon, and that would be all they'd need, as far as Tupaq would be there to rule them (what he of course did). It surely wouldn't be over there, as Topakhon Mobile would rampage and destroy several solar systems, for Tupaq's actual goal (and that the Topakar people didn't know - the propaganda was about "claiming autonomy for their nation") was accelerating the proccess of expansion of the universe through the destruction of every matter and energy extant, that would be made possible through Topakhon Mobile.

Now, into reading this graphic:

Southwest: The Empire of Wary Kayan (originally formed in the 11th Century b.X/40th Century b.I, in the form of the Virú Empire, by Ai Apaec)
Ta'tal: Ai Apaec
Topakar Magic Aspect: Telekinesis
Associated Godly Bird: Camulatz (also known as Siris in other territories, it's form is that of a dark parrot)

The Empire of War Kayan has been formed by the alliance of the Virú Empire and the Caral Federation, and their eventual conquest of territories formerly managed by rival tribes and civilizations, such as the Chavin. Ai Apaec has been the emperor of the Virú and continued his charge over Wary Kayan, encompassing most of Topakhon's Southwestern territory, and from that he's divided it into four ethnical provinces for proper management: Virú, Caral, Paracas and Chavin. That fourfold division would later inspired the macro-form of the Ors Ohorela after the Centzonmimixcoa Revolution, in which the fourfold Empire of Wary Kayan itself is a part of the fourfold Ors Ohorela.

Northwest: The Magocratic Kingdom of Apuqohcan (originally formed in the 10th Centuryb.X/39th Century b.I)
Ta'tal: Enigma
Topakar Magic Aspect: Illusion (control over light & shadow)
Associated Godly Bird: Xecotovach (also known as Xcoacuauhtli in other territories, it's form is that of a dark eagle)

Apuqohcan had been founded long ago by packs of exiled Chronpuchians. Several of them would regain contact with the Chronpuchian Empire in the colonial centuries, and some would escape during the Revolution.

Northeast: The Socialist Republic of Xibahpukon (originally formed as a colony of another planet, Spektruz, Xibahpukon's witnessed its independence after its own Socialist Revolution in the 5th Century b.X/34th Century b.I, organized by rebel Hawlien allied to mercenaries from Xibahpukon and other peoples across Topakhon)
Ta'tal: Kometa
Topakar Magic Aspect: Teleportation
Associated Godly Bird: Cotzbalam (also known in other territories as Imgudud, it's form is that of a dark manticore)

The Socialist Republic of Xibahpukon claimed its independence from Spektruz, and automatically, claimed itself as a Socialist Republic, being the oldest record of a popular revolution taking place towards Socialism in the known history of the cosmos. This would be a testament for the general organization of the Ors Ohorela after the Centzonmimixcoa Revolution.

Southeast: The Kingdom of Palarokhiel (formed in the 8th Century b.X/37th Century b.I)
Ta'tal: Belobog
Topakar Magic Aspect: Gravitational control/Repulsion/Isolation
Associated Godly Bird: Tecumbalam (also known in other territories as Anzu, it's form is that of a dark griffin)

The Kingdom of Palarokhiel has been founded by organized mercenaries within the territory of another kingdom, of Akamanah, which wasn't contemplated by the Ors Ohorela, and actually had its authorities prosecuted, labeled as "pro-bourgeois".

The Centzonmimixcoa Revolution and its ultimate product, the Ors Ohorela, Topakhon Mobile and the "Topakhon Wars" would last for about twelve centuries (29th to 17th Centuries b.I), in a span which would shake the very foundations of the galaxy, and though vilified by the Frashokeretian Alliance, they would be created by the expression of revolt of the Topakar peoples concerning their own exploration, which was silenced by the ideologically hegemon idea of 'peace', of a political participation based in 'discourse' and 'rationality'. Of course, the outcome of the Ors Ohorela would pretty much reproduce the same reason-based excuses for their subjugation of other peoples, even in moments very soon to the Revolution, but the first reason behind that, the unification of such peoples into a single identity, characterized by its differentiation from the colonial attempts of foreign kingdoms, would be the boredom of a god about a scenario he knew from millennia ago, and his thirst for something new: the destruction of all matter and energy. The dark parody of the order, which succeeds a Revolution and establishes a new Order (still an order, nevertheless) has just been the mean by which such god found to move masses towards his goals, because, as long as there's order, there's just very few individuals - the gods, but never just one - and lots of minions reproducing their wills, no matter they pretend each have their own, for words are meaningless, as long as they keep reproducing, rather than attempting autonomy or creativity.
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