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This is my latest digital painting (can't say how much of it is finished), as well as a possible interpretation of Itzpapalotl, a deity from the Ancient Mexica Cosmology (where she is one of the Tzitzimime, the powerful and dangerous star daemons, and also rules over Tamoanchan [paradise of misty clouds], said to be where the gods created the human race). 

Although it share some characteristics, it's not a faithful depiction of the deity. That said, this painting more likely depicts the homonym character in the CUETZPALIN Mythos - where she is a goddess from altepetl Tamoanchan, in Aztlán, and who, supporting Coyolxauhqui in the rebellions against Huitzopoca, the head of altepetl Yaoyotepetl, and the one behind most of the Aztec Confederation's decisions, has met a fate just not worse than her fellow goddess, as she was exiled into the wastelands of Tredius after the sinking of the Nahui-Atl ("Water Sun", an Aztec colony in Tredius which sank around the 19th Century b.I, rhoughly a hundred years before Itzpapalotl and her kind, the Cihuateteoh, have been exiled). From that point onward, this immortal being has sought ways to reunite the scattered cihuateteoh clans from Tredius and lead them back to Aztlán, this time to conquer the Aztec Confederation and subjugate the other gods.
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Me gustó. Para ser adaptación tiene mucho de la esencia de los códices y un buen coloreado.