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This is the colored version of a recent drawing of Guate, a character loosely inspired on the Cuauhtli warriors (hence his name, which is a variant of Cuauhtli) from some comic book stories I used to draw during childhood, about ten years ago. That laser-like spear he carries is generated by the power of the idol (which I used to call "Guatebo") he has in hands. He was a shaman and archaeologist, and is a descendant from the "cebolitic people" (inspired by the Mexica/Astec), who still practiced their ancient religion and preserved their traditions fiercely. Overshadowed on the background there's his house, deep in the jungle, with a statue right over it.

Unlike my most recent digital paintings, I preferred to keep the lineart/strokes untouched on this one, so they're very thick and 'bounding'. Still, I liked the result, it keeps a 'cartoony' language. 
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