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The FIREFLY is an original character who plays a role in my original story, the IN LAK'ECH Mythos. Details (and SPOILERS) of the story follow:
Firefly is a member of the Insect Syndicate, a semi-official military group funded by the secret Saqraruna Organization with international actions but based in Chinchaysuyu (equivalent to the Northern Peruvian Coast), part of the State of Tahuantinsuyu (named after the Inca Empire) that wear customized versions from some of the super-powered symbiotic ALPHA-OMEGA armors salvaged by them from its original owner, the AXIS Institute, and its eventual new owners, throughout the story's progress.
The Insect Syndicate's customized design over pre-existent Alpha-Omega series armors can be noted for its biomimesis and inspiration from insects, arachnids and other arthropods (despite the name, Insect Syndicate, not all of its members are named after insects, though the majority is).

The Firefly uses a customized OMICRON armor with the power of teleportation (also able to fly), and his secret identity is Douglas Ryder, he's the second member to join.

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        The first member of the Insect Syndicate is Ichneumon, the official Mallki Cyborg general of the Chinchaysuyu Province since the early eighties. His actual identity is unknown to public and is still debated, however it's likely he's Kenshiro Shimada, a popular japanese thief and con-artist who exposed the corruption and involvement of the government, the national military and the police with some Yakuza gangs (even though Kenshiro himself was involved with the Yakuza, he was a rival to the leaders of the mafia). In 1974, Kenshiro had broke into an ABEL Inc. facility in Okinawa, Japan, and stole the Beta armor (ABEL Inc. is one of the three manufacturers of the Alpha Omega armors and one of the two major sponsors of the 21st Century AXIS Institute. The Beta armor is the second in the series, and was bought from its developer, ABEL, by the japanese government). With the armor in his hands, Kenshiro started a career as a secret vigilante, "Bumblebee", targeting members of the mafia and the military. To some, he was regarded as a super hero, but the government wanted him dead. In 1981, his capture and execution were announced, however it's unknown if it ever happened, and the japanese military, who were supposed to legally own the Beta armor, never got it back. Months later, "Ichneumon" has risen as the ruthless general of Chinchaysuyu, province where Moche, the capital of Tahuantinsuyu following the Revolution of 1969 (which deposed the Peruvian Emperor Urcon Verbo and his parliament, based in Cuzco, the "Imperial City", and put the Tahuantinsuyuan Communist Party, led by revolutionary Tupaq Amaru III, in charge, moving the capital to the coastal city of Moche) is located.
        The revolution in Peru has inspired some of its neighbors, who during most of the 20th Century lived in satellite states or dictatorships funded by the CIA and other groups related to the US government. Eventually, a series of armed conflicts but also popular protests has not only established new "socialist" governments in neighbor states, such as Ecuador, some states in southern Colombia and Northern Bolivia. Tupaq Amaru III's employment of pre-hispanic nostalgia, allied to a personal adaptation of a military socialist state, some say inspired by previous Cuban and Russian revolutions, has reshaped the entire state of Peru, evaluating the quechua and aymara languages over spanish and as well other pre-hispanic languages, and adopting icons, names and symbolism from the Inca era. The province of Chinchaysuyu, where the capital is located, however, was undoubtedly reshaped after an amalgam of futuristic, modern architecture and Chimu, if not Moche (a pre-Inca culture, likely ancestors to the Chimú, who were conquered by the Inca leader Topa Inca Yupanqui in 1470) motifs.
        The State of Tahuantinsuyu has destroyed opposition (some of them even claiming to be insependent socialist and indigenous movements contrary to the current government) both phisically and morally, and managed to prevent assassination attempts of key figures such as Tupaq and some of his allies, carried out by bounty hunters paid by foreign corporations and governments, including assassins from the military dictatorship of Brazil, neighbor to Tahuantinsuyu. Before the revolution started, following conflicts which escalated in the late sixties, Tupaq was forming a paramilitary guerrilla army and earned huge support, such as equipments and military training for peasants, from distinct private sectors to take down Verbo. One of his supporters is the secret Saqraruna Organization, an intergalactic enterprise that has been acting on Tredius (Earth) centuries back, and is headed by some aliens known as Yakuruna. It has a secret base named New Xibalba in a series of underground caves on the coast of Yucatán, Mexico; during the revolution, they launched operations in the Nazca base, using old structures beneath the Nazca lines, now part of the Quntisuyu Province. In 1974, a time when Tupaq has travelled to North America, and the government of Tahuantinsuyu was led by some of his allies like Umaq Granado, the Saqraruna has just launched operations in the Hanan Ch'in base, located in American territory, beneath the Death Valley in Arizona. The exchange of favors between Tupaq and this secret organization makes it difficult to tell who's working for who. Throughout the Revolution, the head of the Saqraruna organization, a Yakuruna alien named SPECTRO, has developed futuristic, hi-tech equipment, weapons, mechs and cyborgs, including those who would become the Four Mallki Cyborg Generals, the highest military titles of Tahuantinsuyu, each assigned to a "Suyu" (Province). It took more time, however, for the development of Chinchaysuyu's general, who has only showed up in the eighties.

    The Mallki generals are:
  • PACHAKUTI (named after the 15th Century Inca ruler) of ANTISUYU, a region that comprehends southeastern Colombia,  eastern Ecuador and northeastern Peru, bordering northwestern Brazil. Crucial to the annexation of Ecuador and southern Colombia, Pachakuti is one of the most popular Mallki generals among the people of Tahuantinsuyu, and is often referred to as Inca Cyborg. Pachakuti defends some sort of superiority of the Inca nobility, and believes the nobles have a different origin from peasants, as in the Inca myth.
  • NAYMLAP (named after the mythical culture founder figure referred in Moche, Sicán/Lambayeque and Chimú cultures) of QUNTISUYU, a region that comprehends central and southern Peru. Naymlap was originally assigned to Chinchaysuyu, before Ichneumon was employed, while Quntisuyu didn't have a general. Naymlap is quite mysterious, and his armor is impenetrable.
  • MALLKU (named after the Aymara leader title and the name for the Condor bird) of COLLASUYU, that comprehends southern Peru, bordering Titicaca, the northern half of Bolivia, northern Chile and Argentina. Collasuyu attains more autonomy in relation to the other suyus, as it has a so-called ayllu-based government system, rather than a post-colonial representative democracy, what grants it some limited independence from Moche's decisions. One of the most popular Mallki Cyborg generals, the Mallku was a sub-commander of Tupaq's guerrilla during the revolution. Unlike the others, his human identity is known, as is his role in annexing the northern half of Bolivia into Tahuantinsuyu, naming it the Collasuyu. According to him, Tahuantinsuyu should expand even far south, over what remains of Bolivia, but the government's parliament in Moche has issued a pact of non-aggression as Bolivia adopted through elections its own "socialist indigenous government". Mallki, however, criticizes what he sees as another foreigner puppet and constantly vouches for the return of expansionist military campaigns. He's also associated by many people with the law, and often publicly executes "criminals" without previous judgment, just to make examples. This undoubtly stains Tahuantinsuyu's image to international community when it comes to human rights, but like of their chinese allies, these authorities simply consider the defense of human rights "a blatant hipocrisy".
  • And finally ICHNEUMON (named after the genus of wasps) of CHINCHAYSUYU, that comprehends the northern Peruvian coast, western Ecuador and southwestern Colombia. One of the most mysterious of the four, his identity is never truly revealed. Other than his Beta armor's power of corruption, poison and acidification, he also commands nanotechnological drones with his mind. He's called Ichneumon because he often injects these drones in a victim's organism, and they feed off its entrails, as they become larger wasp-like drones. Nasty.
        The four Mallki Generals first congregated in the armed conflicts that rose in northern Chile, when the locals were split by the military interventions of UK and US against those of Tahuantinsuyu, in a time Chile was governed by a bloodthirsty and ruthless economically liberal dictatorship. In the eighties, rhoughly fifteen years before the foundation of the AXIS Institute, ABEL Inc's main customer was the American government itself, that planned to use the existing Alpha-Omega series armors for its own international agenda, by persecuting independent militias in Nicaragua and Panama, forcing its people to live in the shadow of poverty and misery controlled by satellite states. ABEL's role stuffed mass media with anti-communist propaganda, McCarthyist level of misinformation, neurosis and conspiracy theories that would leave lasting effects in generations to come, but in the end they failed miserably at battleground against the Mallki generals, to the point the british military were forced to retreat, and the american government became seriously indebted to ABEL, even though their plans of "liberating Peru" or "giving Peru back to its people" (what a hipocrisy, huh, as if the entire Peruvian population could be reduced to just some old men in the american parliament) failed. In this mission, all the Alpha Omega armors developed by ABEL at the time were employed: Alpha (by agent Angus Houston), Gamma (by agent Edwin Murdock) and Epsilon (Neil Ford). Edwin Murdock went berserk and killed Angus Houston during the campaign, following a retreat from a direct conflict against the Mallki. Edwin was incapacitated by Neil, and the autopsy analysis believed the reason behind Murdock's madness was that the Gamma armor's chassis was corrupted, what had ABEL placing it in a resarch station and disuse for several years to come. It didn't realize, though, the cause of such "corruption" may have been caused by Ichneumon, as they fought against each other in this series of conflicts.
        After the Tahuantinsuyuan victory in 1981 on northern Chile, the typical "Cold War hysteria" continued, and while ABEL Inc. continued it's agenda, using the debts which the american government made with it and a coalition of other corporations (a debt, of course, paid by the world's working class), while direct threats to Tahuantinsuyu stopped, as it was admitted its place in the UN, replacing the states of Peru and Ecuador (despite Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia were still affected by it, they still retained their own governments in the remaining territory). After Tupaq Amaru III returned from his travels, he returned to the public face of power in Tahuantinsuyu, remaining for years up to 2000, when he went missing. True power, however, resided in Tahuantinsuyu's Technological Development Council, which is mainly composed by the secret Saqraruna Organization, unknown to most of the world's population , as its employees are often cyborgs or aliens. When they're not, they're just personally picked by influential figures and hide their allegiance with whatever other title (like minister of industrial development of Tahuantinsuyu, a title held for years by Choque Illa). The last years of Tupaq's rule were marked by the return of diplomacy with several other UN nations previously opposed to Tahuantinsuyu, but since 1997 tension returned around some islands not so far from Mexico, as Cuba was supposedly housing Tahuantinsuyuan troops that spread to other countries, including a Mexican island sought by the US for its oil. Around the same time, Tahuantinsuyuan officials noticed the secret Hanan Ch'in base, and leaked this information, what led ABEL to launch an operation with Alpha-Omega agents to investigate. The operation failed, but some survived. People also don't know about the Mexican island of Bermeja, it disappeared and was later considered a mere cartographic mistake, as if all the millions of sentient life in this million years old piece of land never actually existed. How it disappeared? The same way Tupaq did. In the years following Tupaq, Tahuantinsuyu's management acquired the reputation of a social democracy, and "started to open itself more to foreigners", a shallow way to put it like the government has never been monolithic, and interests always conflicted to some extent, all that mattered was keeping people working like slaves, like how it's in any other country, unless it's a private estate fed by the enslavement of foreigners on the other side of the world. Tahuantinsuyu, the Saqraruna, have never been out of the game, indeed the very revolution had sponsors to begin with, sponsors who unkown to most even sponsored their enemies. With the election of several "centre-left" leaders in latin american nations starting in the next decade, Tahuantinsuyu shifted a little, as its war was directed rather against its own inhabitants (the class stuggle, like in every State in the world, where the cops and army are sent to kill the poor and protect the bourgeois). See Mallku's example, no matter he's a revolutionary and an indigenous socialist, give him an army and the powers of a general and keep him out of the battlefield, put some politicians above him telling what to do. No matter they say they only exterminate "criminals", "criminals" are more people than the politicians above them, and the banker & corporativists above them.
        In March 2009, a time when rumors of Tupaq's return became more popular than those of his death, some sectors in the UN were actually troubled, and believed their efforts in stripping Tahuantinsuyu's autonomy, or exposing its technological council (that acted in secrecy, controlling whatever leaders elected by the majority) would be worth naught, Tupaq was finally freed from his prison (the dimension of Absolute Darkness), and in April would return to a major political position in Tahuantinsuyu, not before speaking how he was betrayed, and wanted revenge. The "tension of another possible world war" became news, but Tupaq wasn't really concerned with that. He only wanted resources for something else, some plans he had before the vertebrates inhabited the planet. But the people wouldn't get quiet, and during the time of his absence, local opposition movements, backed by foreigner sponsors interested in profits, also tried to organize a more prepared opposition. What troubled more, however, were the actions happening in the countryside of Tahuantinsuyu as well as through all of the American Continent, as series of people related to dairy, milk, meat, egg, fishing, logging, fur industries, apiculture, animal breeding, testing, hunting, both licit and illicit traffic of animals, from workers, farmers, to landlords and politicians, were being assassinated by a super-fast lizardman who claimed to be Cuetzpalin Paynal, some sort of pre-hispanic Mexican deity from an ancient kind of reptiles that used to co-exist with all other species in the planet until the years following the destruction of Tenochtitlán. A survivor, this reptile vigilante also claimed to adopt an anarcho-primitivist, anti-speciesist ethical philosophy, what surely stained the reputation of some so-called progressivist movements that according to Paynal prefer titles and profit than actually saving animals. The extension of his actions deeply affected economy, and took the attention of Tupaq. Not because of his philosophy nor economy itself, but because he's a Cuetzpalin, and Tupaq, more than anyone, should know they're dead, or were supposed to, anyways, as in a distant past they were the only ones that stood up against him. So it meant that he should employ once again the resources of Saqraruna to eliminate his enemy. Paynal was an enemy to all of the United Nations, as he declared a righteous war on civilization itself.

    The Insect Syndicate only started officially in September 2009, when Moche, the capital of Chinchaysuyu, witnessed a less than peaceful naming of Tupaq for the Prime Minister of Tahuantinsuyu (a title that would, days later, rather be conceded to his daughter Kusi Amaru). A rogue cell of INTERPOL agents (the Interpol, in this case, should collaborate with the Tahuantinsuyuan military, as in this territory they're sovereign. Those that didn't agreed to keep the security of someone they regarded as vile had previously arranged a rogue faction, aware that they would lose their titles and honors, and could as well lose their lives if they failed their mission) led by ex-Belarusian KGB commander Valtheran (who accompanied Tupaq in the occupation of Bermeja on 2000, and survived the island's destruction caused by Tupaq, in an event which led him to discover Tupaq's not a human, but an ancient dragon god of darkness who saw his allies and even his family as mere puppets or hosts that if not useful for carrying out his will of destroying the universe of matter and energy - what according to him would grant him absolute power as all else would revert to darkness, not to mention it would bring peace and end the suffering of all, both those who vanquished their consciousnesses and also those whose will would keep them from dying after their physical deaths) has tried to intervene, however they were stopped and engaged in a fight by secret agents of the Saqraruna organization in Pachacamac, a city kilometers south of Moche. The one that identified them was none other than Valtheran's son Ollantay. Valtheran believed the transition of power would go smoothly in the capital, however Paynal, Omepaynal and Montezuma, leading a pack of other Cuetzpalin recently freed from centuries of torment and experimentation at the hands of the Saqraruna, have broken into the complex of Tahuantinsuyu's political administration - The Intihuaca (Huaca del Sol, or Pyramid of the Sun). Much more than a parliament, this huge pyramidal structure and the four smaller pyramids on its corners (representing each suyu) housed in its dark corridors and neon-iluminated rooms some outlandish, unspoken technological horrors, who some would dare to call the weaponization of demons, while Paynal regarded it merely as the course of civilization -- which must be stopped. Fight didn't broke only into the Intihuaca, however, its perimeter was guarded by several Saqraruna cyborgs, permitted to kill protesters. Above them, Ichneumon, the local general, and his newest ally, the Ninakuru (quechua for Firefly). Another belligerent arrived, however: three AXIS Alpha-Omega agents, Delta (Klaus Neumann), Alpha (Marvin Chad) and their leader Ypsilon (Nina Roux). Their primary objective was to fight Paynal, classified by AXIS as a "demon", but Nina had come to terms with him as she realized a greater threat were the shadow demons (a.k.a Centzonmimixcoa, Yana Phuyu or daeva) likely employed by the Tahuantinsuyuan military or whoever commanded it from behind - the Saqraruna Organization, or Tupaq alone. This would put Firefly at odds with his former teammates.

        Douglas Ryder, born in the Mohawk (Iroquois) community of Akwesasne (located in the border between the Canadian States of Ontario and Quebec, and between Canada and the US) on November 10th 1986, has lived his first 15 years there, and after that moved alongside his parents to Toronto, some 500 kilometers west. Ryder has a wide knowledge of the history, heritage and the traditions of his people, but after his childhood he's never really let that play a major role in his lifestyle. When he was a kid, while living in Akwesasne, he used to be friends with an Iroquois/Algonquian kid, Paul "Powhatan", who years later would find the Tonalcoatl of an ancient Cuetzpalin, Macoel, and gain the ability to transform himself into a Cuetzpalin, adopting the secret identity of Montezuma. In Toronto, during his teenage years, Ryder has joined some local urban gangs as a con-artist and fighter, training martial arts and believed he was getting himself into a no way out cheap, previsible tragedy of one not adapting into the big city (or rather adapting more than he should). This is when one day, as if by chance, he was invited to join the AXIS Institute. His parents at first found themselves unable to pay its fee, however other members of his family agreed to fund it. Ryder was already working at the time, while also training, practicing martial arts and boxing, but he still found like he'd never pay the debts he accumulated with his family. But not thinking twice, he decided to accept, and in 2004, when he was 17-18 years old, he entered in AXIS, which headquarters or "campus" is located in Avignon, France. In his first year at the AXIS Institute, he earned the right to use the OMICRON armor only in the missions he's been assigned to. AXIS has its own hierarchy and schemes of promoting one or another of its students into the role of an agent, and Ryder has got used to it as soon as he arrived in AXIS's "campus", on Avignon, so there was some ease in the physical and intellectual exams he had to endure to earn the responsibility of becoming the agent assigned to Omicron (such tests are only available when the previous agent dies, but the students don't know it). AXIS isn't a playground, but its authorities make it sound like a fantastical Hall of Heroes, and Ryder started to see it was nothing like that, whoever the true managers of that so-called private military institute were, what did they have in mind to trust these super-powerful armors, that some nations would be able to kill for, for some people so young, that despite deemed "skillful, psychologically stable and physically apt" weren't really politically influent - some even didn't have a wealthy background! He knew something wrong was going on, and that just got worse with the fact they never knew what happened to its previous users, so after new generations started to get these armors, before it was his time to get left behind he started to investigate, and in doing so was helped by a local scientist, Dr. Howard Fang.
        Howard Fang is a british scientist, researcher, engineer and industrialist specialized on the development of telekinetic devices, and he's known to have led a team of researchers to develop the Ni, Xi, Omicron and Pi armors for the Ulhaden corporation (one of AXIS' sponsors and original owners of a fraction of the Alpha-Omega armors) between 1993 and 1997. Before that, in the eighties he developed his own inventions, more oriented to transportation and locomotion, and earned respect among the scientific community. This was about the same time that the UK and US military, alongside private agents from ABEL Inc, had failed in Chile, and in an infamous episode Joseph Bridges, the current owner of ABEL Inc accused Fang of leaking military, technological and scientifical information for Tahuantinsuyu, claiming that some of his flying hovers and mechs were similar in function to those employed by the Tahuantinsuyuan military. Fang, as well as the international community, largely dismissed Bridges' accusations, staining his credibility, and claiming those were non-professional in nature, motivated by jealousy, failure and self-pity. Fang was eventually hired by the Ulhaden, who was searching for the finest minds to continue their own Alpha-Omega armors. Fang would naturally approach Ryder for he's the leading developer of Omicron. Ryder's questions about the armor's origins and former users, something the institute prefer to keep hidden from students, have made Fang see a greater potential in Ryder, and, through of ABEL's influence in the Institute, also believed he could shift the ownership of those armors with a set of political moves, in which Ryder could play a role. Inspired by the values of polytechnicalism, the idea of making man able not only to perform, but to exceed in the largest possible array of techniques, sciences and areas of knowledge (something that sometimes were met by another scientist and fellow developer, Morgan Schneider's transhumanist values), Fang has also influenced Ryder to question some arbitrary decisions by AXIS and its own goal within the international community - if they were a bunch of private security/bounty hunters, would they just kill someone if someone else paid for it?
        In 2006, after a series of incidents, Fang has left AXIS. He claimed he was going to work in Kaliningrad, Russia, but in fact, he was secretly invited to join the Tahuantinsuyuan Technology Council, mostly run by the secret Saqraruna, and he didn't think twice before accepting. Bridges' historical distrust for Fang continued to sound in AXIS, but Ryder trusted his mentor, and followed his steps, as he became an informant, within AXIS, to Fang, who in turn reported it back to the Saqraruna. Ryder didn't know, at first, that the Saqraruna had another informant within AXIS: the simulacrum Dylan Garrett and the sentient armor Digamma, which development Fang has claimed to have partially led, among an unknown team unassociated with Ulhaden or ABEL. In time, however, he'd find out not only who Digamma is and who he works for, but that AXIS' lot of "captured demons" (reputedly captured by previous armor users, or even pre-AXIS "knights"), used for students' training and teachers' testing, actually come from distinct clients such as slave pits spread throughout the world, and that the AXIS is nothing but a money wasting business of some aging madmen who rely on the efforts of some young people to waste their lives while the old prolong their own. Through Digamma, Ryder would realize Fang may actually have worked alongside "the Tahuantinsuyuan technology council" (or rather the Saqraruna) even before he joined Ulhaden, and now he was in a no way out path of breaking AXIS' laws.
What Ryder was unaware of, however, is that Fang reached technologies similar to those of the Saqraruna not through his own research neither through their own "interest" on him. Spectro has better things to do rather than to searching for talents. One of his alien rivals, however, cares a lot more about public image - he does so that he became an influential politician in Russia, and Fang's secret sponsor. Through Fang, he got into both Ulhaden and the Saqraruna, both AXIS and Tahuantinsuuyu. This rival, named Blar'Hazix, wants nothing else than reclaiming K Pacha for the Yakuruna that didn't side with Tupaq and the darkness, what means Spectro. And with the likes of people like Fang, Blar'Hazix can become a real threat to Tupaq. Spectro surely keeps his secrets even from Tupaq when he needs, however Blar'Hazix's influence has surely passed underestimated by his rival.
After talking with Fang, his mentor granted him he could join a new life in Tahuantinsuyu and fight for something really worth, as the Technology Council agreed to pay the taxes for his insertion in their public security, as well as his Tahuantinsuyuan citizenship. This could definitely sound like just an alternate AXIS all over again, but Ryder feared for his own life if he remained on AXIS, and decided to take his steps into Tahuantinsuyu. Before his "baptism" as a member of the soon to be created Insect Syndicate, however, Ryder was still acting as a spy, his last mission happened around June 2009, in Japan, when he was assigned, alongside Agent Kappa (Melissa Walker) and led by Agent Theta (Dr. Yao), to retrieve the Iota armor "that has resurfaced, and was being used by some Yakuza goon". The matter is, the Iota armor, developed by ABEL, has never been available for the AXIS, and its location was well known by some members of ABEL's and AXIS' staff - it belonged to an actual "Yakuza goon", Oliver Funabashi, the personal guardian of Yakuza's main head, the kimicho Tsubasa Shinobu, and worse, all of that with ABEL's knowledge and consent, because Dr. Yao, originally an ABEL employee, is himself associated to Yakuza! The operation didn't work out well, Iota's current owner, Kosai, an influential criminal from a rival house of Yakuza, was accompanied by an unlikely ally, Paynal, who started targeting some Yakuza members and japanese officers related to human trafficking in East Asia. It was convenient for Yao and AXIS to consider Paynal a criminal demon associated with the Yakuza and slavers, however Paynal was mutually "liberating slaves" (by killing his masters, even though liberty can mean dying of hunger, poverty or fatality) and instigating war between different houses of Yakuza, in the proccess shaking the political structure of southern Japan, leaving the way open for a proccess of chinese intervention that has been strengthening in the last two decades. In the end, Yao was killed by one of Kosai's allies, Mangai "Tsuchikumo", who has taken the Theta armor for his own, what Ryder saw as the perfect opportunity to leave. In the end, Melissa returned to AXIS with empty hands, frustrated and confused, and both Ryder and the Omicron armor weren't located by AXIS' intelligence. From that moment on, Ryder would be considered a traitor, they just didn't know yet he has been acting as a double agent or spy for three years, and that Dylan/Digamma for even more time.

    Leaving the reach of the AXIS, before he became a new weapon of Tahuantinsuyu's military, he returned his home, in Toronto, to bid farewell to his family and tell them to not intervene. Staying in Canada more than he'd like to while arguing, however, he has been found and followed in Akwesasne by AXIS agents Epsilon (Drake Sonck), Tau (Dalal Saab) and Ni (Lana Bridges), who found out by his conversation with Ichneumon (his new "boss") about his role as Fang's spy, leading to the involvement of Fang and Digamma in their schemes of leaking information from AXIS to a secret organization based in Chinchaysuyu (which name they didn't manage to get). Ryder managed to leave their trail, and was annointed as the Firefly. He started living in an apartment at Moche, Chinchaysuyu, following the military career he's put himself into since he was 18, but this time fighting for an actual purpose, which is making the human enhacement collective rather than just individual. According to him, the Saqraruna Organization has what it takes to make the Human Enhacement (or rather Automation) possible, and unlike the corporations behind AXIS, isn't bound to the mere luxury of its leaders. Eventually, after the riots in Moche in September 2009, the Firefly would be employed by the Saqraruna to capture other Alpha-Omega series armors for its inclusion in the Insect Syndicate Project. In several occasions, he's also been assigned to work alongside bounty hunters from a centuries old association, that have helped some of Tahuantinsuyu's allies even before the Revolution.

    As the Insect Syndicate grew, the identities of its members remained a secret. Spectro, the head of the Saqraruna Organization and therefore the de facto leader behind Ichneumon's more or less public figure, has described it as Icheumon's supporting squad, whose function isn't only to keep public security in Chinchaysuyu (Ichneumon's assigned province), but to perform services related to national intelligence, what also grants it the role of an agency, that functions internationally. Their actions outside Tahuantinsuyu are secret, and following the Tahuantinsuyuan crisis that started in 2013 (with the rising demand for division of regions in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and also for more "transparency"), they've been mostly activated to locate and terminate terrorists, agitators and even fundraisers of anti-Tahuantinsuyu propaganda, usually foreigner liberal think-tanks. In the end, it's self-proclaimed socialism didn't make a difference, and Tahuantinsuyu remained as a large imperialistic nation-State declaring war on its own citizens as any other country would do. And the class struggle continues.

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