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This is the 13th armor from a series of 14 armors that I've designed: the "Alpha-Omega series", that have some role in a larger story (which I used to call as CUETZPALIN Mythos but is still far away from being completed). You can follow this project's progress through my gallery, the full project description at Behance and also follow my other works through Behance | tumblr | instagram | facebook
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Background Story:

Created by SPECTRO Org in 2004
Power: Makes user able to shapeshift into anyone else it has seen
Current user: Dylan Garrett (ENG)

Currently owned by the private institution known as AXIS Military Academy, which mission is protect Tredius from demon-related threats (actually, an initiative by Ulhaden Corp & ABEL Inc, two major weapon industries that have created the Alpha-Omega series armors. The AXIS is more likely an academy for young bounty hunters who're unknowingly testing a likely inhuman technology, and doing the firty job for the UN to "cleanse" everything dangerous that escapes its hidden slave pits).

Dylan Garrett has a mysterious past, most of his life before he entered on AXIS is 2004 is unknown. His register on the institution accounts that he was born in 1989, on England. While on AXIS, he's earned the rights to use the brand new Digamma armor only two years later (the first time the armor became available), however most students aren't actually aware of the one behind the armor - while on missions of the Alpha-Omega squad, other students tend to identify each other through their own personalities, if not being honest and telling each other who's behind the armor. The Institution has no way and also no interest in hiding this from then, however leaking this information, of who has the rights to which armor, to any other student that doesn't take part of the Alpha Omega operations, is strictly forbidden - that's why the AXIS troopers who haven't the super powered Alpha Omega armors keep another relation with those who have it. At school grounds, they don't know exactly who's behind each armor, though in most cases the personality of the Alpha-Omega pretty much reveals themselves. Not Garrett, though, as he's able to personify anyone he wants during a mission. Garrett is cold and reserved, however during missions he's one who instigates conflict and violence more easily, sometimes messing the strategies of others.

Next, a little sample of CUETZPALIN Universe History: The Digamma armor hasn't been developed or even brought to ABEL Inc. & Ulhaden Corp, the developers of most Alpha-Omega series armors. Instead, it has made it to AXIS through one of Ulhaden's researchers who worked for AXIS until 2006: Dr. Howard Fang. Fang is aware this armor shares some similarities with most from Alpha-Omega, however it's created by the Spectro Org; an enterprise which has sponsored Tupaq Amaru III's Revolution of Tahuantinsuyu, establishing an "indigenist" (mostly quechua & aymara) socialist State based on Peru which has expanded and conquered lands from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia and has completely annexed Equador during the 20th Century. The Organization is also a sponsor of Palarokhiel, a State west from Russia and south from Lithuania & Nornland that has expanded towards Eastern Teutonia during the Palarokhian Socialist Revolution of 1897
(a coup led by the wealthy Valtheran family against its rivals, that were in charge of the Magocractic Palarokhian Council. Taking advantage of the council's diminishing popularity as a result to opening its economy to foreign investors, in the way abandoning some cultural aspects of the Palarokhian Empire which has been founded in the 14th Century, Karzon Valtheran has seized the power of the Council and transferred it to the heads of the Socialist party, employing the aid of imperial troops who's turned their backs on the council, persecuting and killing several supporters of the council and civilians on the way, while also expanding the country's borders with armed campaigns over Teutonia, Burgundy, the Dutch Republic, Poland and Russia. After its establishment, the State of Palarokhiel would become an ally to the USSR and many years later, around the establishment of Tahuantinsuyu in 1969, after rhoughly five years of combat against the ruling Empire of Peru, would form alongside it the UTSST - United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius. The union between Palarokhiel and Tahuantinsuyu hasn't been so popular among some sectors of the Palarokhian society, however the ruling party has ensured that this union "was based in the key values and principles of national autonomy, productivity, mastery and polytechnicialism, for Tahuantinsuyu shared its values and preserved its national industry over a sold space for foreign development on a borrowed land"). Palarokhiel has also expanded its territory after the victory of the alliance in the second world war, which it made part of, preventing the expansion of Nazist Teutonia for years. Other campaigns has expanded it further into Dutch Republic and Poland, resulting in political tension and its labeling as an "Evil Empire" by Western & Eastern churches.

The Spectro Organization's origin is unknown to the UN, some believing it has been created by Palarokhiel after the Revolution, while others speculating it was created years before the Tahuantinsuyu Revolution which spawned in 1964. Even its managers are unknown to UN authorities and people, and info about their management is also kept as classified by the UTSST's ruling corpus, in a manner that has the Spectro Org. publicly regarded as a "State-held enterprise", the same way Tahuantinsuyu's Technological Development Council - that has been its de facto ruling corpus between the success of the Revolution, in 1969, until 1979, when it had already secured all of the Peruvian areas from the anti-communist uprisings, covered most of Equador and half of Bolivia. Tupaq Amaru III, head of Tahuantinsuyu's Communist Party, who was elected "Sapa Inca" - despite the title was drawn from Inca monarchy, it actually holds the Executive Power, limited by the Council - since 1969, hasn't been able to enter office until 1979, because of his involvement on other conflicts, like the war of Equador, the civil war of Colombia, the Cuban Revolution, the War of Chichihuacuauhco and also his visit to America in 1974, when he was already regarded as a terrorist by most of the UN's security organs, especially the CIA. During this ten year period after the Revolution, the Socialist State of Tahuantinsuyu has been managed by the council and as its executive officer, Umaq Granado, a fellow Guerrilla soldier alongside Ernesto Linera/Tupaq Amaru III & Álvaro Quispe (who has led Collasuyu to take over most of the Bolivian territory, with wide public support, except in the eastern areas. With Bolivian citizenship, he'd become a Bolivian politician defending for its joining with the UTSST, in what he has been so far unsuccesful, despite using it to increase economical relations between the two after some time, while he's left the role of managing Collasuyu to the Apukuna [General] known as Mallku [Condor]. The Mallku has become a popular figure among the Ayllus of Collasuyu, despite being known for his public execution of criminals and his support for Death Penalty for hediond crimes in Tahuantinsuyu, because he's the embodiment of Collasuyu's technological development, as well of its traditional civilization. His true identity, however, is unknown and he's a State-sponsored military leader, what classifies Collasuyu as some kind of military dictatorship). The Spectro Organization's secret and still unidentified nature to the UN and even to the peoples of UTSST has created a political tension since its technology has been employed in the Revolution, as it not only seems to be crucial in the technological development but also in the political corpus of Tahuantinsuyu, what has labeled it as a criminal organization by several nations, an image which has only come to be challenged after 2000, when Umaq Granado has reestablished elections and Urco Huanca, of the Socialist Party of Pachamama, based in an ayllu from Collasuyu, has been elected twice, changing superficially the economic relations of Tahuantinsuyu and the UTSST in general to the UN, stepping aside from the armed conflicts which Tupaq Amaru III had retaken in 1997, after a decade of truce with the UN, and opening itself to Bolivia, besides instigating several reforms throughout Latin America, and cooperating with social-democratic parties for more inclusive policies. Reaction to these reforms has been mixed, however the UN has greatly appreciated its decrease of radicalization, despite the Human Rights watch still criticized Tahuantinsuyu's military police, closely related to the Spectro Org. The Spectro Organization has been a little more open towards its employees since 2000, citing its origins to be related with an independent coalition of engineers specialized in development of vehicles, weapons and inspired by polytechnicialism & socialism which has been created in territories of Argentina, Chile, San Brandon, Paraguay, Bolivia & Peru around the 40s. They claim that former military veterans from these countries have also supported its creation, which has triggered the development of the tactical urban & suburban guerrillas which took down Emperor Uku Verbo's regime over Peru in 1969, replacing it with "the popular Socialist Republics of Tahuantinsuyu". Several sectors from the scientific community of the UN have tried to approach the Spectro Org, alongside a pressure from UN's military intel, and the Spectro reportedly sold a project to AXIS -the Digamma suit- even though Jorgen Zimmermann & Joseph Bridges, the de facto owners of the Alpha-Omega, have never taken part in this negotiation, which has rather been represented by AXIS' researcher Howard Fang (this raised Bridges' suspicions about Fang). This info, however, is kept as classified, and the researches led over Digamma have brought no results other than the acknowledgment of its similarities with the basic specs of most Alpha-Omega armors, what has led to the authorization of its acceptance into the program, and eventually to the rights of its use being given to Dylan Garrett.

Fang's research on the Digamma over the years has proved the other AXIS scientists that "the Tahuantinsuyu and Spectro Organization can be negotiated with", and that "they're not criminals" - the delivery of the Digamma by Spectro to AXIS, or rather to Fang alone, however, is something that deeply worried the ABEL & Ulhaden researchers other than Fang who were researching the property and origins of these armors for long. Despite most of them have witnessed several modifications and adjustments, their basics and their powers, granted by an unknown source, are all common. Bridges begun suspecting that the provider of such technology, known as ARCHIMEDES, the one who's approached the rising ABEL Inc. in the late sixties and has delivered him Alpha, tasking him "to use it to protect humankind",  and later who approached Jorgen Zimmermann in the seventies granting him Delta could be related somehow to the Spectro Organization. Questioning Archimedes, however, Bridges found no answers other than Archimedes telling he's committed to keep human safety and public surveillance, both in UN and on UTSST, what has worsened Bridges' paranoia and depression (that according to her adoptive daughter, Lana, has increased since his political influence has decreased since his false accusations over Howard Fang in the late eighties, and reflected on the reason why the ABEL has spent such a hiatus oon developing new armors). Another issue is that the UTSST has been the owner of Beta since the disappearance of Kenshiro Shimada, what qualifies as theft of private property, but UTSST's public relations and international affair's defensive claims are that "[Ichneumon] is an Apukuna of Chinchaysuyu and therefore a public officer - the equipment has been dealt under legal circumstances with the government of Yamato", while the government of Yamato hasn't expressed its participation on the case, stating "Kenshiro Shimada is gone, and the armor has been replaced with Iota, after another succesful negotiation with ABEL. The UTSST may be implying that a criminal organization falsely personifying the Yamato government has traded Beta" - what has had the UN claiming the UTSST was involved with Yamabishi, even though Shimada's criminal syndicate is it's more underground rival. Overall, Yamato's claim has irresponsibly ignored the fact that the Iota is in the hands of Yamabishi, not of Yamato, even though even Bridges is aware, through his employee Wu, that the Yamato Military and Yamabishi are cooperating in secret. This claim, therefore, is only a way of falsely expressing that the military institution is looking after Yamabishi, while it actually isn't. Bridges has expressed his concerns, blaming Yamato's lack of effectiveness on getting these criminals, and asking UTSST, under SPP, for an indemnization - that was put into the congress of Chinchaysuyu by Urco Huanca himself, but has been boldly denied by the Technological Council. A public representative of Spectro Org, Choque Illa, however, has handled Fang the Digamma sample as an indemnization for ABEL's loss of Gamma, a position which Fang exposed to the rest of AXIS managements as "legitimate", despite it hasn't been solved publicly and the knowledge of the Digamma armor's somewhat symbolic trade being kept as confidential, unknown even to the US Congress. After his research on Digamma, Fang would leave school, because of Bridges' increasing pressure over him, what has unwillingly exposed AXIS' administrative ties to ABEL Inc, something which has frustrated student Douglas Ryder, who saw the AXIS "more like a school of rules-following bounty hunters rather than of military agents or public officers committed to the maintenance of world peace". Douglas Ryder was tutored by Howard Fang and has kept contact with him even after he left AXIS.

Dylan Garrett is also known to be one of Fang's favorite students. His joining of the academy in 2004 and his use of Digamma after passing the exams as the first position in 2006 have been followed by Fang's disconnection to the institution |SPOILER WARNING: Garrett works for Spectro, and has just substituted Fang, who's secretly become a member of Tahuantinsuyu's Technological Development Council after he left AXIS. Fang has previously met with Spectro, a member of the Council, because of his sponsorship of Tahuantinsuyu's side on the War of Chichihuacuauhco. Because Spectro was surprised to see a human developing telekinesis-related technologies as Fang's, without a support from Spectro, he has invited Fang to meet the council and to join it, hoping to find whoever could have sponsored Fang, but Fang has declined to join the council, despite he kept his support to the UTSST, which he claimed to be due to his political position and economical disposition. Fang would later join Ulhaden as a researcher in 1993, and eventually become a founding member of AXIS, in a time he regained contact with Tahuantinsuyu, at the time under increasing influence of SPP & its sponsors. The council and Spectro were still ruling over, despite he expressed the criticism for the Bolivian sponsored SPP Executive power was common among the more traditional ruling corpus of Tahuantinsuyu, and this time they've just arranged Fang's entrance into the council, which would follow Fang's leak of AXIS info for Spectro. In other words, Ryder's leak of information for Fang, later proved by an AXIS operation which happened in Chinchaysuyu area in September 2009, charging him for treason and collaboration with the UTSST, more criminalized since Tupaq Amaru III's "coup" in April 2009 - Tupaq was away for more than eight years and has returned to life and to the executive power with an arranged extraofficial election, resulting in Urco's impeachment. Several supporters or sympathizers of Tupaq's career in the 20th Century guerrilla claim "this Tupaq isn't the same, but someone else put by a vampirizing technological council" - was useless, for the UTSST, Tahuantinsuyu's Technological Council and the Spectro Organization were all aware of what was happening inside AXIS through Garrett. Fang's allegiance, however, isn't to the UTSST, but to his own, and he's only been put into this position by an old rival of Spectro, who at the time was better known by humans as the Russian President. SPOILER END|.

Garrett is a cold blooded killer and most of the time unexpressive, however he's been known as a master of both meelee and range weapons, besides an engineer expert, whose knowledge has helped AXIS a lot of time. But he's ot easy to control as most agents, and his missions are strictly select, for his powers are severely dangerous even for AXIS, as are Gilles'.

Hope you like it, constructive feedback is always welcome
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