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Another digital illustration, this time a bit more different from usual, keeping the lineart very solid, basic color gradation and a more intuitive treatment on shading. It's based after this sketch of Cuauhtemoc, one of the major characters from the CUETZPALIN Mythos.

Born in May 947 on Tollan, capital of the Toltec Kingdom at the height of King Huemac's rule, Cuauhtemoc is a reptilian Cuetzpalin who has been trained by skilled warriors such as Cahualtzin and Axayacatl, growing on the ranks to become the Tlaccatecatl (a military position just behind the high general). On a fateful and tragic naval battle with the southern Chimú Empire, in the year of 1005, Cuauhtemoc and several Toltecs, humans and Cuetzpalin alike, including Axayacatl, have been stranded on the Northern European continent, where they had some relatively peaceful approach into the local New Asgardians, just because they needed their help on getting rid of the man-eating Jötunn. Although the groups of Toltecs had divided opinions about supporting the Asgardians, Cuauhtemoc has saved them from the Jötunn at the cost of being stranded even deeper into the continent, on the region of Alfheimr's Woods, surrounded by the Midgard Lake, inhabited by the Banterans, a group of descendants from the Galicians that split up and migrated far north. Once again, the Toltecs have been vital in releasing the elves from the grasp of Hel and returning life into the woods, but this time they were also betrayed by Axayacatl and aimed by a group of sorcerers (Palarokhian Council) and dragons (Vovin Brotherhood) who followed Tupaq, the elemental god of Darkness. Despite Cuauhtemoc could prevent their demise by killing Hel and banishing Axayacatl, he had to release the Jentilak, Natural Entities that were the original inhabitants of Yggdrasil, at the center of Alfheimr, before the arrival of Jötunn, what forced him to lead the Banterans into a massive migration, as his last command as their chosen champion. Among the Jentilak, this immortal lizard-man had already realized his life would follow in a tireless pursuit against those who destroyed his people - Ymir, Axayacatl and Tupaq, all who despite not neccessarily being allies, in most cases being even enemies, supported each others' plans somehow, especially Tupaq's. Cuauhtemoc has also infiltrated the Palarokhian Council, saved a young Draconis from death, witnessed Baphomet's awakening, hid Alfheimr's woods and Yggdrasil from mercenaries and would-be settlers (besides separating the violent Jentilak from other civilizations) with a black fog, escaped imprisonment by the Jötunn, supported the descendants of Odin (who carried the Moon Scythe given by Abaris generations long ago) on resisting the imposition of the christian kingdoms over their realm, sailed as a Viking, while slaughtering rival vikings, trained Sorginak, a Banteran witch, and gathered other folks who would form the Schwarze Ritter (Black Knights) and end the Black Death spreading on Europe, travelled across Iriy, meeting Slavic gods on the way, fought Tupaq, escaped Absolute Darkness, escaped the Seidrr sisters, persecuted agents from the Novus Civilizatio during the Norse/Gothic Renaissance, became a Pirate, and when he finally returned to American Continent, at the demise of the Mexica Confederation, took place as its last Tlatoani (ruler), trying to reclaim Tenochtitlán, the capital that had just been taken by the Spanish. Even after failing, he has infiltrated in the colonial management, instigating inner conflicts between landlords, sabotaging the crown's efforts on the colony (and using the aid of pirates to do it), training his own militia of unbaptized indigenous peoples, leading a rebellion at Nochistlán, and after being discovered to be one of the last Cuetzpalin to walk over the earth (the downfall of the Mexica didn't mean just the beginning of a new monopolized religious power, but also a new eugenist order), returning to Europe to hunt down Spanish authorities and their supporters, what brought him once again to the Jötunn (who were likely using the humans to destroy the Cuetzpalin). Using the help of an old friend of his, they've built a libertarian realm on an island inhabited by pirates that showed some armed resistance against most of the european kingdoms at the time, and from then he has returned to America, witnessing the American Revolution, leading groups of armed indigenous against both UK and US powers, and later, moving to Spain once again, he was present in the Napoleonic Wars, instigated by some Neo Civilis. Back on American Continent, he tried to take hold of the Mexican independence and form a Toltec/Mexica oriented nation, he also participated in the American Civil War, fighting against the Confederation, that was backed by the Jötunn, when he discovered there were Cuetzpalin other than him who lived, deep in Nifelheimr, and tried to liberate them (infiltrating the Jötunn Scientific Organization and its slave pits as Bragi), being prevented only by his old rival, Axayacatl (as Vitharr). Aware that the trinity of the Novus Civilizatio, Jötunn Scientific Organization and the Palarokhian Empire controlled most of the world through puppets such as the Church and the Nation-States, he tried to raise awareness and resistance among people, participating in anarchist revolts on Aragon, which have been either way sabotaged by the UTSST's (United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius) close relations with some communists supposedly allied to them. He also resisted Franco's government and was present in the Spanish Civil War, but after the second world war he began using fallen lapdogs of the State (military/police/interpol) as his hosts, once again trying to infiltrate on their power and break it from inside. At the beginning of the CUETZPALIN Mythos' main installments, he is infiltrated in the Interpol and he delivers some equipment to a group of Banteran Separatists (who want to secede Banteran nation from Aragon and turn it into a communal realm), when he meets Wilhelm Mattoni as Cuetzpalin Paynal, and make sure he's not the host of Axayacatl. They grow up to be allies, even though conflicting about strategies, and after a hiatus, one which coincides with the revelation that Axayacatl has been Omepaynal all this long, he returns from darkness as the Guardian of Yggdrasil and the Prodigal Knight, fighting Tupaq with his own magic.

The Toltec Tlaccatecatl, the Banteran Champion, the Guardian of Yggdrasil, the Reptilian Necromancer, the Prodigal Knight, the Masked Lizard, the Feathered Serpent, the Falling Eagle, the Liberator of Cuetzpalin, Cuauhtemoc has also been a controversial figure, often painted by his manipulative foes as an obsessed figure who has been tainted by the dark side, but those close to him, to any of his many lives since 947, knows this honorable figure won't tire from fighting for justice, by whatever means neccessary.

As I'm still figuring out which style to follow on digital painting, all constructive feedback is welcome!
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