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Axayacatl's Timeline

This is a piece of my sketchbook related to the CUETZPALIN Mythos, and part of the "Species' Traitors" Project
This is the sketch for a resumed, three-part timeline of Axayacatl, known as the traitor of the Cuetzpalin (a kind of reptilian humanoids/antropomorphic reptiles/lizardmen native to Aztlán, that have also lived among human peoples of Tredius, such as the Nahua, Teotihuacan, Toltec, Chichimec, Tepanec and Mexica civilizations, throughout several centuries before disappearing almost completely from the face of the planet after the destruction of Tenochtitlán, in 1520; mainly due to the consolidated collaboration between cartels of slavers and the human circle of the Novus Civilizatio secret organization, that has been planning to create a monopolized power over the planet and make it into a human-only civilization, which has been ironically supported by the inhuman Jötunn).

Born in 920 of the common era on the city of Tollan, capital of the Toltec civilization at the height of Tlatoani Huemac's rule, Axayacatl has been a fierce warrior who rose to the position of Tlacochcalcatl (in nahuatl, lit. "Man from the house of darts" - a position rhoughly equivalent to High General, second in power only to the Tlatoani). At the time, the Toltecs were conquering the remnants from the Tempa and Mayan Kingdoms such as Chichén Itza at the near south, but the Chichimecs from the Northwest still resisted their rule. In 972, the Toltecs have led a campaign which conquered Tlatelolco, a Chichimec city ruled by a Tzitzimitl known as Chalchiuhnenetzin, who used to collect Tonalcoatl of dead Cuetzpalin in her palace, and planned to get rid from all the kind of the Cuetzpalin in the realm. Despite she has been punished by her own people after her resolve became clear, she managed to kill Cahualtzin, Axayacatl's Tlaccatecatl (in nahuatl, lit. "Cutter of men" - a position beneath the Tlacochcalcatl) and the mentor of a young Cuetzpalin warrior, Cuauhtemoc, who was pointed to become his successor on that position. Cuauhtemoc would keep with Axayacatl, a figure he respected from the beginning, a friendship like he's kept with Cahualtzin. While fighting alongside Axayacatl, in 982 Cuauhtemoc had a vital role on defending Tollan from an attack by Chak K'ak'nal, the Ajaw (ruler) of Uxmal, who has brought the giant and demonic bird Xecotovach to destroy it. From that point on, these Cuetzpalin have increased in power and popularity across all the continent, what made Cuauhtemoc be unable to see how cruel Axayacatl really was (like some Cuetzpalin, he used his parasitic abilities as a Tonalcoatl to pose as other hunahu [humans] and take their families and properties as his. Despite Huemac was much more wiser and disliked his actions, there were no legislations able to prevent his abuse of power, and not even the Tlatoani wanted to challenge him, but rather to hide his crimes and keep his rule looking as stable as just, like any politician). On an occasion, in the year 1005, the Toltec generals have been sent on a mission to secure the port of Tulum they just had taken from an incoming naval assault by the far southerner Chimú Empire, which war with Tollan has just briefly begun, even though unofficially (due to both peoples being pretty much unaware of each others' languages an customs, and to have witnessed just a couple of occasions when they met, all ending up in armed conflict). The naval battle has ended up in disaster at the far Eastern shore of Mesoamerica, and while the Chimú Emperor Pariacaca hasn't been seen since, the Toltecs, who were alongside a band of traders and local people, have found themselves stranded on an icy realm at the other side of the ocean: They were at New Asgard, in the Northern part of the European Continent.

The approach between the Neo Asgardians (New because the ancient Asgardians, led by Woden and Thor almost seven centuries ago, have failed to end the despotic rule of the Jötunn over humankind. The current Jötunn, however, had sophisticated politics of 'harvesting' and eating select humans, like those they labeled as criminals only inside their fortresses, and not publicly like in Woden's time), led by King Týr, and the Toltec survivors has just been more peaceful than it could because Cuauhtemoc -and not Axayacatl- has tried to learn the language and customs of the locals, as well as trading with them a way to get back home. Because they were experient sea-farers, the Neo Asgardians have promised to give them their best boats if they helped resisting against the Jötunn, that were much stronger than the humans, but perhaps could be bested by the Cuetzpalin -despite the local coldness has always been bad to the cold-blooded Cuetzpalin, their wish to get back home has had them defeating many Jötunn, attaining the attention of Ymir himself. Months and years have passed, and much less Jötunn came to assault the humans, while the Toltecs, especially the Cuetzpalin, were already getting used to the cold weather and to the locals -Axayacatl still playing with the lives of others- but with that time going, neither were the Neo-Asgardians satisfied with the existence of even small packs of Jötunn still roaming the mountains nor the Toltec with the Asgardian ships still parked in their docks. Axayacatl planned to kill the Asgardian guards and take the boats for themselves, but Cuauhtemoc has been more patient, and at last began seeing Axayacatl's personality clearer. The Toltecs have ended up delivering a final blow into the Jötunn, surrounding them at their lair, Nifelheimr, a city built inside the mountains' caves, where the headquarters of their ancient Scientific Organization was founded. With the ensuing battle against Ymir, the cave's entrance has been sealed, and would remain as so for centuries. But while the Toltecs have saved the New Asgardians, they have found themselves deeper into the strange continent, stranded at the other side of the mountains, facing the Midgard Lake. Meanwhile, Týr and his followers would take the castle left abandoned by the Jötunn, where they found left experiments and prisoners such as the Vovin Fenrisulfr, who took a hand from Týr. The Neo-Asgardians finally found some Vovin whose captivity could only be mantained by the Jötunn they just expelled, and because of their lack of ability, they have made a contract with the Jötunn in which some of the Neo Asgardians of the king's own choice should be sacrificed for the Jötunn on their mountains. That pact has been kept for years after that, even after the old kings and old gods have been forcibly replaced into the land by the foreigner monotheist institutions, and through it the Jötunn would take advantage of a much broader population of humans by dealing with the Novus Civilizatio.

For Axayacatl, he left alongside the Toltecs and Cuauhtemoc into the dark woods surrounded by the Midgard Lake, inhabited by the Banteran people, descendants from migrating Gallicians whose ancestors claimed to have lived alongside the Elves and Jentilak (protectors of the Forests) before the Jötunn, locked them into the underground prisons of Hel. Hel was half Jötunn half human, and was a deceitful member of their Scientific Organization always concerning on increasing her own ranks by whatever means necessary, so that she could surpass the position imposed by her father over her -to look after the slaves captured by the Jötunn. Because of the elves' absence, the locals believed, the forests ahead, that perhaps could bring the Toltecs to an alternate route towards the shores, were covered in darkness, so they made a deal with Cuauhtemoc to free the elves and defeat Hel. In a matter of three decades, Banterans and Toltecs have convived in harmony, as Cuauhtemoc released the elves and defeated Hel, but during this time Axayacatl realized the status he held in Tollan and on the American continent meant nothing in this continent, for these people, he lived enough to see his second-in-command surpass him through his acknowledgment as a champion to the Banteran. But leaving the Toltecs and Banterans behind would still mean nothing for one who had nowhere to go, until Axayacatl has been approached by the Palarokhian Council - a group of magicians from several western and eastern european kingdoms that have managed to contact the missing Elemental God of Darkness, Tupaq, and planned to free him and "earn his power" to take over the kingdoms for their own. Because Tupaq instructed them about several things related to Topakar Magic and the Topakhon Wars, they acknowledged Axayacatl as a Cuetzpalin, and by promising him lands, gold and power they wanted him to lead them to the others, who would be sacrificed for Tupaq (Tupaq knew mere blood sacrifices couldn't free him from his millennial prison, but because some Cuetzpalin have destroyed Topakhon and put him into his current state of misery, any small sign of revenge was a bit pleasing). Axayacatl has earned the aid of some Palarokhian Vovin such as Snogard, Nozrak and Tuskadon, and has assaulted Yggdrasil, the giant tree surrounded by the Banteran villages, as he sought to capture the Cuetzpalin. Amidst this assault, they found out that Hel was also dealing with the Palarokhians -at the time led by Goldewyng- in her dragon disguise -Nidhögg- to capture the Banterans, Toltecs and Elves back at her domain. The only thing that prevented it, besides Cuauhtemoc's resolve and final duel against the false friend who betrayed him, was the release of Jentilak such as Basajaun, who making no difference between Palarokhian, Jötunn or Banteran, destroyed any signs of 'civilized' creatures. With that measure, Cuauhtemoc has given the Banterans a last command to the Banterans as their champion: They should leave the Yggdrasil, the company of the elves, the woods of Alfheimr, the island between Midgard and the East, they should march and settle Southeast, at the lands of their ancestors, in Gallicia. For Axayacatl, his failure against Cuauhtemoc would cost him yet more service to the Palarokhians. Little did any of them knew that in the next 120 years Cuauhtemoc would take the body and play the role of Augustor, the Palarokhian Prince, later exchanging him for other hosts to infiltrate the Palarokhian Council and try to sabotage Tupaq's release.

Many years later, in 1200, Cuauhtemoc's infiltration was being investigated by a Palarokhian Necromancer, Shaldor, who was himself rediscovering the ancient Topakar Magic's art of transferring one's consciousness into a sophisticated body completely made out of Duskoplasm (materialized shadows), but not any sort of Duskoplasm sample, instead, a completely sentient body that was unable to be controlled by Darr from other necromancers. With that resource, Shaldor tried to take over the bodies of many other Palarokhian magicians, discovering, while attempting to take over Durian, that he was already put on hold by Cuauhtemoc's Tonalcoatl. After Cuauhtemoc's escape, Axayacatl's been sent to pursue him, and on their fateful re-encounter, he expressed he also didn't like the Palarokhians and wanted to be more independent, so he had to recover his Teyoliatl-isolated scythe (a weapon able to cut through Duskoplasm) left with Cuauhtemoc (which he kept on Yggdrasil, unknown to Axayacatl). He failed to locate or achieve it, but about 200 years later after keeping a low profile he discovered the Schwarze Ritter through all the damage they did over the Palarokhian Empire and how they saved Europe from Black Death, but more than that he discovered Cuauhtemoc's current friends and family, and decided to take over the consciousness of a friend of his, Nerakk, whom he used to take if not his weapon back then another Teyoliatl-isolated one, Cuauhtemoc's macahuitl (but at the time Cuauhtemoc already possessed another). Either way, Cuauhtemoc was already unaware of Axayacatl, much more worried with his family (using a former Palarokhian mage, Veneficus, as host), friends and Tupaq who had just been freed decades ago. With a Teyoliatl-isolated weapon in hands Axayacatl has freed him from the debths of several Palarokhians, but couldn't simply escape Tupaq if his service has been requested, so he set out to stay away from the Primordial Vovin's sight. But taking advantage of Nerakk and Sunna's death, Axayacatl chose to take over their children when time was right, to keep a watch on Cuauhtemoc -although he succeded, his plan backfired when Cuauhtemoc, realizing he just put others close to him in danger, has left any contact with the Schwarze Ritter for centuries. Living as a bounty hunter for the next centuries, in a much less honorable life than Cuauhtemoc's pursuit for freeing the peoples from tyrants and cryptocrats, Axayacatl would eventually take over the form of a Jötunn, Vitharr, around the late 19th Century, when he met Cuauhtemoc again, this time as Bragi, seeking to free the last of the major Cuetzpalin populations on the planet, that were locked in the frozen ruins of Hel by the Jötunn. Ymir, the head of the Jötunn, hasn't realized Vitharr had just been possessed by a Cuetzpalin, for around the time he had just been promoted to become a super-powerful Einherjer able to regenerate from most damage. What happened is that after obliterating most of the remnants of his kind and frustrating Cuauhtemoc's plans again, Axayacatl has witnessed he had new powers, what had had him taking advantage of his position -Vitharr's- inside the Jötunn Scientific Organization to include that modified DNA into his next heirs, spawning a lineage of humans he would pick as his next hosts (because all of them would have some regenerative powers, always useful to his tasks as a bounty hunter), that being his legacy. Cuauhtemoc and Axayacatl would meet again, in the early 20th Century, when both of them have played some role on the left-wing oriented armed resistance against the fascism in Aragonese and Banteran territory, but once again Cuauhtemoc found himself and his pack of anarchist workers betrayed by Axayacatl, in the form of an "Anarcho-Communist" who had just sold his fellows for some influence and gold promised by the State of Palarokhiel, future part of the UTSST (United Topakar Socialist States of Tredius). After that, he continued taking hosts from his previous lineage and acting as a bounty hunters, in some cases working for the Catholic Church to capture Ephraim Frére, a vampire who used to be a priest from Palarokhiel before suffering greatly from the Palarokhian occupation, and was just about to be pardoned from an anathema by his fellow Palarokhian refugee, Viseu, who had just become a Bishop. Witnessing Axayacatl's powerful resolve, Ephraim didn't believe he could be human, and became obsessed in finding clues about Axayacatl's power, what has led him to his latest descendant (and eventually placing her into the Crucible Academy, a military preparation program, when he was made an associate of Unleaden, one out of two enterprises responsible for the distribution of Alpha-Omega series hi-tech adaptive suits. But that's a story for another day).

Around 2009, when Cuetzpalin Paynal's actions have just surfaced in San Brandonian territory, before spreading throughout the entire American Continent, Axayacatl has been approached by an UTSST spy within the leading left-wing San Brandonian party, and forced to collaborate with their plans, that was taking as a host Ian, one of the most influential objectors to that often liberal left-wing party, a radical left-wing militant who often demanded for agrarian reform to leave the status of a mere delayed agenda and become a reality, besides often criticizing the cooptation realized by the party over the Landless Workers' Movement leadership (while Wilhelm Mattoni, the adolescent behind the identity of Cuetzpalin Paynal, always regarded all of the movement, not just its leadership, as corrupt. It's because most of them were christians and meat-eaters). Before taking Ian's consciousness off, what no Cuetzpalin can do to a host instantly, he spent three years pretending to be the Tonalcoatl of a fallen Mexica warrior from the times of Moctezuma (who was Wilhelm's Tonalcoatl), a period when Ian and Wilhelm, after several conflicts, have made some amends after they acknowledged the economical system was a common enemy (but to Wilhelm, the economical system was as corrupted as civilization and society itself, while to Ian just the economical system and its own values on society were the root of the problem). Supporting several landless workers and also liberated slaves while using his Cuetzpalin powers, Ian became known as Omepaynal. He would fall to Axayacatl's consciousness around June 2011, when he finished the payment of his debts to the Topakars by delivering the UTSST control over a large amount of land based on the northwestern jungle of Anchicocha and surrounding areas formerly property of San Brandon, then occuppied by "free workers". After this, he set out to collect the powers from other Tlatoani Cuetzpalin, as he realized the source of Vitharr's power. In the matter of six years, not only Axayacatl would grow to become a powerful necromancer on his own right, free from his service to the Elemental God of Darkness and also powerful enough to have collected the powers of four ancient Tlatoani Cuetzpalin (Tonatiuh's Sun, Popocatepetl's Fire, Ahuitzotl's Endurance and Ehecatl's Strength). All he sought, by the time, was collecting either Moctezuma's or Papantzin's power, but to do that he should get past Quetzalcoatl, and this time, when he just thought to have the upper hand, Cuauhtemoc would return to destroy him once and for all.

Cuauhtemoc sees Axayacatl as complete scum, one who believes freedom is his own ability to exploit others, and in this proccess becoming addicted to his own vices so that he end up with no freedom at all, but just a pathetic servitude to someone like Tupaq, who gives him nothing but promises.
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