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Anu is the regnant figure of the Anunnaki in Nibiru, and also regarded as a god among the peoples of Unug-Kulaba and Aratta. All those who dealt with the administration of the realms explored by those of the Anunnaki kind have some reverence for Anu, known as a sky god of a generation which comes later than that of Anshar, the original sky god.

Anu is father of, among others, the Anunnaki Enki and Enlil, and have divided among them subjects of great power, like the tablets of fate and the gifts of civilization, both of those, however, have been either lost or taken from his sons, Marduk, who is half a Vovin and half a Djinn, has the tablets of fate, while Inanna has the gifts of civilization.

Anu has played a major role during the mid of the Topakhon Wars (around the 24th to 22nd centuries before Iesu), as a regnant of the Anunnaki Association in Nibiru and over other colonies (like Irkalla, managed by Ereshkigal; Nippur by Enlil and Eridu by Enki's fellows, the 'Apkallu') and as an ally to the Frashokeretian Alliance, has been responsible for direct attacks on the Topakar Socialist State of Spektruz. His proudest Anunnaki squads have been led by Enlil to investigate the structure of Mobile Topakhon, the main weapon of the Ors Ohorela, as well to investigate inner conflicts within the Frashokeretian Alliance. Anu constantly participated and recorded the gatherings of the Macabraics of the Frashokeretian Alliance, for walking too much with the gods, he perceived what differed mortals from gods and has himself sought to conquer those differences.

Anu has approached the king of Uruk, in Sumer, who was Gilgamesh, and influenced him to go on a journey for immortality, as a mean for his own understanding of the Macabraics. It's been Anu, with knowledge gathered by Gilgamesh in his journey, and with the crafts of the dark elves from Svartalfheimr, who developed the 'Me', or Gifts of Civilization, seven pieces which contain accessible knowledge about the Macabraics, the Hidden Elements, the composing elements of the universe, the Huehuenahual, Huaca, Pururauca, the fruits of immortality, and as well some of his own memories on the Topakhon Wars.

This thirst for knowledge has led King Anu to his own downfall and that of his kind, except for a few Anunnaki who were exploring minerals outside Nibiru. After Gilgamesh defeated Humbaba, a biomechanical Dzolob who guarded the Cedar Forest, he brought for Anu some parts of it, and upon its study, Anu realized it was one of the bodies of Tempo, Macabraic of Vacuum and space. Anu managed to remove a 'Core' of it which detained its power, and through this developed a theory about the Macabraics' Cores.

The Macabraics, nine elemental entities which have altered the shape of the university when they were born, are 'pluri-present' and can manifest themselves in many bodies. But those bodies, although they share consciousness and sentience of the macabraic, rely on 'Cores' which determine the central presence of a Macabraic, each 'core' is its original manifestation. If a Macabraic is manifested with its core on any kind of body, then this body is the center of it, and the other bodies spread out there are just responding to this. This core can be retired from the main body and replaced with Serapel, one of the Five Hidden Elements (which some Macabraics even know of, but can't control) known for its isolant properties, neutralizing the powers of a Macabraic. Anu succeeded in retaining Tempo's power over space and vacuum, eventually becoming an actual sky god and travelling through the vastness of the universe in search for knowledge.

But what Anu failed in his theory is that some Macabraics can detain more than just one core on a body or have more cores in more bodies at once, or even not having cores at all, like Hadad, whose original form is the pure light. By possessing the power of a macabraic which wasn't supposed even for an Anunnaki to own, Anu was being observed by Tempo, who still had its powers, unknown to Anu, and have destroyed the lives of Anu and Gilgamesh. Anu's, in particular, has been later destroyed by the Topakhon Mobile, a weapon controlled by Tupaq, the Macabraic of Shadows and lord of the Ors Ohorela, nemesis to the Frashokeretian Alliance.

In this illustration we see Anu, the green colored Anunnaki, and just behind him Tempo, the Macabraic of Vacuum and Space, in one of his main forms, a purple colored robotic giant.

As the name tells by its own, this character of the Cuetzpalin Mythos, among others, is inspired in the original Sumerian mythology/cosmology
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