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New iPod Nano

New iPod nano icon pack. Comes in two modes, "Do not Disconnect" screen logo and "Now Playing" with CD cover.

The pack includes ICNS, Macintosh folder icon and ICO formats.
Leopard ready (512px.)
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I think this has been the best iPod generation ever :P
I lost my silver one :'(
Painted-Dragon's avatar
I named my iPod nano Stephen. =)
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i gots the blue one!!
Vyrus956's avatar
VERY NICE and clean icons! by the way were did u get that nice Aero Glass Pill Button? could u share it? thnx
iTweek's avatar
I made it ;)

C'mon, it's not super hardcore to create in PS, there's a lot of tutorials on the net about making a glassy pill button.. :p
Vyrus956's avatar
haha yea. your right its not hard to make them. i made a small button sized one for my school webpages.. but not as good quality as your's.. The one you made is just so damn clear and smooth!!!..
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Thank for sharing
NickDC's avatar
Cool work, + fav! :D
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Plexform's avatar
Hehe iPod Fatso :)
Kip0130's avatar
the new nanos look odd the "classic"(booshe name) look better so does the itouch
cruocitae's avatar
I think it's another ugly-until-you-don't-see-it-live thing. I can't even imagine how small it actually is.
Kip0130's avatar
well it has a 2inch screen for videos
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