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Koumori's Unexpected Visitor
Having just finished building her latest creation, Koumori took a few steps back with a smile.
She rubbed her forehead a bit with her left hand, her wrench in the other, despite her latest accomplishment, she knew she was missing just one thing, one thing that would for sure, truly complete what she had built in dedication to her favorite group.
Her love for building things knew no bounds, even as a bat scientist, the smile stayed on her face as she went to look for the one thing that would complete her invention, some time later, she found the needed item.
She grabbed the item from where it was at and proceeds to go over to her creation, as she inserts it into it, she saw that it managed to fit right in, now all she needs to do is add a few finishing touches before she tests out it's capabilities.
But first things first, she will have to take a small break before she would continue her work, she decided she could walk around her home for a little bit, thankfully, she made sure her rob
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To my watchers who adore my Pikmin stuff.
I'm not saying names but you know who you are. I'm putting my foot down on this. While I love the games and characters, Pikmin is not my favorite game If anything, it ranks the lowest out of some of my favorite games.
2.Off, Undertale, Bendy and the ink machine, and Cuphead
4.Five nights at freddy's
So listen, if you are here JUST FOR my Pikmin art, or Undertale art, that's not the only things I draw! I rarely draw Pikmin so you will be disappointed to not see Pikmin for basically....forever. I will not take requests involving Pikmin, I will not take Art trades involving Pikmin, I will not take collabs involving Pikmin, I will not take Commissions involving Pikmin. If I draw Pikmin, that's because it's on MY OWN terms, and not on anyone elses.
Also, constantly asking how your picture is going is very rude and annoying. Doing that is a one way ticket onto an artist's bad side, PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. If I do a request, commission or art trade with you. DO N
:iconsammy-shinyvictini:Sammy-ShinyVictini 3 0
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Mature content
My Final Days In Life (Not Vent Art) :iconelizabeth-senpai:Elizabeth-Senpai 7 5



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I got back from the place to get the glasses I needed, the ones I got are what I need, they are very helpful with my eyesight so far, they're great! >W<
I just need to be careful not to accidentally scratch them. OwO
Alright, who does Point Commissions? A friend of mine, :iconstarvagrant: is in need of Point Commissions, if there's anyone who could help and talk to him about it, please do so, he would really appreciate the help.
REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN for a time, may change the number                         But do keep in mind there could only be so many I can accept at once, so before you comment about wanting a request, be sure to read the earlier comments below, or you could read it here, there are other projects I had been working on, and I will repeat that there's much on my shoulders, so I will accept a small number of requests, after that number is filled, I will not accept any more requests as I wouldn't want to get too stressed out from working, so keep all this in mind.

Also, keep an eye on the remaining number, if the Number is 0, then I will not take anymore requests until all the requests have been worked on, finished and uploaded and while the Requests are open, but do keep in mind on the first sentence of the journal as I may from time to time close the requests if I'm feeling extra stressed or if I feel like I need a break from doing some work.

ALSO! I will NOT, and I repeat, will NOT draw in an art style that someone else possesses, for requests in the form of drawing, I will only draw in MY style, do not ask me to draw in a style that either belongs to someone else, or in a style I've never done before, which are a LOT of styles I've not done nor touched upon.
( I apologize, I feel like I should get that off my system. )

Remaining number: 0

Ongoing Requests

1 - Julia wearing her pendant. Requested by :icondawnnolight: (Finished!)

There are a number of things I can do for requests, just two types.

One - Drawing

I normally nowadays draw via Gimp, and I still try to get a better hold of the Magic Wand too, but I may eventually switch up to Paint-Tool Sai and try to improve from there, so for now, Drawn Requests as I'll call these will be done via Gimp until I get the Paint-Tool Sai.

Two - Writing

I am very fond of writing, and as of late, I had done written requests more then I had drawn, I will try to write my best depending on the requests and I may attempt to do some research involving characters, objects, etc to get a visual on how I should portray who and what in the Write Requests, I write via and I am very fond of making use of it.

But there WILL be a limit about what I write/draw and what I don't write/draw, here are the things I can draw/write about.

I'll draw...
Mario ( I don't draw Mario much but I'm willing to try )
Pokemon ( I've drawn some Pokemon before but I've yet to master every species, this could help me improve on anatomy. )
Content with gore, but not too much gore. ( I don't have the strongest stomach so don't expect me to draw too much blood. )
Humanoid Animals (Provided I am skilled enough... )

I will NOT draw
Sexual themes
Gore that involves internal organs (I write gore about internal organs but I can't really draw such as I am not that much experienced with organs, and I am squeamish enough to not draw them. )
MLP ( I can't draw ponies very well, sadly... )
Animals ( I can go for humanoid animals but animals in their true forms are difficult to draw )
Trees of any kind ( I am AWFUL at drawing trees, so don't request for Christmas Trees or anything. ^^; )
Hate art

What I can write
Readers (Depends)
Gore (Tons of gore, much unlike drawing.)
MLP (Possibly.)
Mario (Possibly)
Crossover ( It depends on my knowledge of what sort of thing (Y) is being crossed over with (X) sort of thing. )

What I will NOT write
Sexual themes
Hate write
Crossover ( It depends on my knowledge of them and whether or not I would write about them, if I think that a crossover between two certain franchises or shows or etc, wouldn't go well together, I will not accept the request. But if I reject your request that's in the crossover section, I do apologize as I do not want to come across as a mean sort of person, just a busy lady who is having a hard time with life and got tons of work to do. :3 )

I hope this list is helpful and that everyone has a good day!


IttyBitty1996's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, I am IttyBitty1996, but in real life, my name is Amber, you can call me nicknames based by my user name if you desire, or you can call me Amber.


- I like to write and draw things, despite being quiet in real life, I think a lot of things and have great imagination, if I could put it to use, I could use it to write/edit things, or draw stuff.

- There are times where I often think about many things and I also think about what to type, I also write stories and work hard on them Like "Once an Elven...Always an Elven."

- If you are ever troubled by something, you can tell me about it, I would try to help those who needed it. :) If I made an error, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

I am well aware that like everyone else, I can make mistakes, but I can also try to learn from my mistakes and make sure not to make the same ones again.

Journal History


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You don't have to donate if you don't want to, after all, one can be kind to another, and friends help eachother out. :) Even one point can help me out.

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His actions are merely encouraging me to keep him blocked and ensure to not make any form of contact with him, I sincerely hope this doesn't take a turn to the worst. :worry:

Is there anything else this guy had done? I may need to be put up to speed with the recent happenings as I had kept him blocked for a while.
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