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Serious Commissions

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2011, 9:41 AM
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  • Pay by PayPal in £. The $ and € prices are for reference only. If you don't have PayPal we can discuss other options.
  • For commissions <£10 you must pay upfront. For larger commissions you can pay half upfront and half on completion.
  • Can't afford it? Try my cheap and cheerful commissions:….
  • Please note that the below prices do not include licensing. If you want to use it for anything other than personal use we will need to arrange that separately. If you are in any doubt about whether your intended use is covered, please contact me first rather than breaking the law.


£6 ($9.60/€6.64) plus postage (see below)
Wooden plaque with a cartoon or outlined scene on, or text. Perhaps a drawing of people you know? (For a full portrait, see below.)

Wood Portraits
£12 for small (like the one on the left) ($19.21/€13.20)
A wood-burned portrait of your favourite animal or family pet. Can be made available for hanging if desired.
Rat by Itti Whiskers by Itti

Drawing and Painting

Lineart with basic shading
£6-10 ($9.60-16 / €6.64-11)
There was an old lady II by Itti The Six of Us by Itti 15. Silence by Itti-project

Fully shaded/coloured outline work
£10-15 ($16-24/€11-16.50)
Kiyoko by Itti Camera Happy by Itti Happy Birthday Pete by Itti Who, me? by Itti

Charcoal portrait
£20 ($32/€22)
Sparkle by Itti Kitten by Itti Dismissal by Itti

Coloured portraits
£30 ($48/€33)
Butterfly Blues by Itti Squirrel by Itti

(Or £12 for a small one:
23. Cat by Itti-project)

Acrylic painting
£50 ($80/€55)
Ghost girl by Itti


Fancy labels
£2 per label for the first 5 labels ($3.20/€2.20) (Minimum 2 labels)
£1 per additional label thereafter
You are buying the actual label here and I will post it to you for half price postage (see below for postage prices).
Cocktail labels by Itti Jelly labels by Itti
Another example of labels here.

Short quote, simple design
£4 ($6.40/€4.40)
Our greatest battles by Itti Being deeply loved by Itti

Complex design or lengthy quote
£10 ($16/€11)
Chase butterflies by Itti Don't Tell Me Of Luck by Itti If I give you an apple by Itti Everything you can imagine by Itti

More calligraphy examples:…


Yes, that's right, you can commission chocolate.

Your own luxury box of chocolates in flavours you choose - you can even request entirely new ones!

Prices start from just £5 - full details here.

Valentine's truffles by Itti


Roughly speaking, for artisan crafts commissions, you have bought the actual piece, and I will mail it out to you. For traditional art pieces, you have (unless agreed otherwise) bought the digital version, and I will keep the original. If you want a print to put on your wall, I can arrange this at a very reasonable price. If there is any confusion about what you've actually bought or intend to buy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Postage rates
£1 UK
£2 (€2.21) Europe
£3 ($4.80) Worldwide

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Brushes by Wizard-Studios
AzeilaRose Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay, you've opened commissions! If I wasn't so poor I would defiantly commission you on the wood burning and the box of chocolates! Soon I'll be done with school though, and I'll get a full time job and then we shall talk. ;p
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July 1, 2011