Im not leaving..but I dont like eclipse.
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I dont like it... the functionality sucks..its hard to navigate- its just...Bad design.. but having been here for 14 or so years..I cant really go far. (And I have wayyy too big of a gallery to just move over...) So Im gonna be here less and less- So..for those of you who want to find me? I made an account on Paperdemon-

And im also still on Furaffinity- And I have a Animal crossing social network site- I still work on my Virtual pet site as well. -

My discord server- I will also still be working on my comic. So if you want to find me and im not here- thats where you'll find me! Good luck all see you around! I still love you, and I'll lurk on occasion.

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I don;t like Eclipse wither but I'm not leaving too