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-Atrocity Alignments 2 Bravery/wisdom

By Ittermat
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I made two alignments for atrocity... XD they will be used in the future. For now they're being used on the Forums

Brave collector

Never willing to cause confrontation, your main goal is to save, collect, gather, and find what you can to keep what you a sort of packrat you look for what you feel you must of everything, and more of everything else.... you will go through any lengths to retrieve these things, face any danger necessary, and travel any distance to make sure your collection is complete. You are the king of your own created kingdom.

Knowledge seeker

You seek the ultimate truths, the ultimate knowledge and ultimate wisdom, you will go as far as needed to collect intelligence, stories...folk tales, words. Puzzles are easy for you, and you do not back down from a fact its not a challenge- its a learning experience.. you will never falter in your goal to learn the knowledge of the world...Or better yet? the universe..


Descriptions are subject to change in the future XD
All of this? © stealing no using...they ARE MINE.
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MalchitosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hoarder unite!
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IttermatHobbyist General Artist
Haha yes ^_^
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Syn-CypherProfessional General Artist
Great idea! And it's also nice to see rats being used as more than just the "Sly swindler" and more towards a collector frame of mind. Rats are awesome. :)
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IttermatHobbyist General Artist
I like rats... XD