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Favourite Visual Artist
Hayao Miyazaki, satoshi kon, Osamu tezuka
Favourite Movies
Sword of the stranger, Paprika, Tekkonkinreet, Return of the king (1980 cartoon), the last unicorn, summer wars, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
worlds dumbest, venture brothers, teen titans, squidbillies...etc
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blackmore's night
Favourite Books
Mangas, sherlock holmes
Favourite Writers
Edgar allen poe, Sir aurthur conan doyle
Favourite Games
Kingdom hearts, professor layton ,Harvest moon,animal crossing. Cooking mama, Ni no Kuni
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii, Pc
Tools of the Trade
Bakari(tablet), and the usual crappy traditional stuff and sometimes my Galaxy Note 10.1 named Mewtwo
Other Interests
Drawing, writing Novels, rps, Poetry and watching anime
I dont like it... the functionality sucks..its hard to navigate- its just...Bad design.. but having been here for 14 or so years..I cant really go far. (And I have wayyy too big of a gallery to just move over...) So Im gonna be here less and less- So..for those of you who want to find me? I made an account on Paperdemon- And im also still on Furaffinity- And I have a Animal crossing social network site- I still work on my Virtual pet site as well. - My discord server- I will also still be working on my comic. So if you want to find me and im not here- thats where you'll find me! Good luck all see you around! I still love you, and I'll lurk on occasion.
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Hello! Im searching for artists to help out on my petsite I would honestly draw everything myself but severe wrist issues limit me by alot so Im asking for help! heres what I currently need help with! ~Items ~Clothing/avatar items ~Pet addons/markings/pets etc.. ~More in the future im sure! (like monsters/minipets/battling stuff?) If you are interested I'll give you bases to work from and explain how to do em! (We use a somewhat different system than most places... hahha..) Im honestly looking for people who just want to do it for a side project- (Volunteers basically) But I can try to find a way to repay you for helping- We can work something out if needed! I admit to not having much money- and this is a hobby site of mine meant for fun- but like I said Im willing to try to work with you! Just get ahold of me if you wanna help out ^^ Have a great day and stay safe!
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Hey all! Im trying to get commissions to save up for moving into a new place! Please message me if interested! As for the shimeji- the reason its so expensive is because I have to draw 49 different images for it to work...and it takes a very long time! For an example of what one is- see mine that I made of myself... lol =3 RULES OF COMMISSIONS!! (OMG Rulesswtfbbq!) 1. I don't draw Porno- I' ve had so many people ask me on other sites-that I figured I'd let you all know first off- lol I'll draw naked characters- but I wont show anything. 2. I dont do Extreme fetishes... if you wanna see the kind of fetishes Im sort of okay with? Go h
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Hey, I saw that you said you weren't being active on DA, but if you see this, could I ask you some questions about iPetsite? I'm doing a deepdive into v-petsite and other virtual pet template sites as most of its content is lost to time

Here's your gift, Deviant Art accessible. Thanks again!

<3<3<3<3 you're the best!
Hi hi It’s MIBS lol. You’re so talented
Hello!! <3 and thanks! lol I just do what I love <3