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Velma / Hot Dog Water

My wife and I have many things in common, and one of them is liking the idea of two chicks in glasses making out, particularly Velma Dinkley and Marcy "Hot Dog Water" Fleach from Scooby Doo Mystery Inc.

This art was waiting for her on her monitor when she got back from work.

She was very, very happy.

Also I had to clear this from my brain: [link]
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Whos Here After One Of The Shows Creators Confirmed These Two Were Supposed To Be A Couple

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Since they liked her, that's why still they called her Hot Dog Water (In polish version worse "water from meat" (worse-known meat))? 
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I thought that Hot Dog water and Velma former spies in museum.This is maybe true.
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Heh. Can I take it from this then that they are not, in actual fact, sisters?
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I agree. This pic is MUCH better than the one to which you linked. I ship these two now, just like Kigo (Kim Possible/Shego) and Twilestia (Twilight Sparkle/Princess Celestia). Also, you really lucked out in the spouse lottery. Two girls in glasses making out is totally my fetish, too.
well its about damn time velma found herself that special someone to share her life with and hot damn i never once thoguht they would have theguts to imply it by the shows end
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I absolutely LOVE this!!! -Kimmy
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Well, Marcie did refer to Velma as "my girl" (her line, not mine) in the episode Come Undone, so... in the stronger, loving world seen after the defeat of the Evil Entity, they might be a couple...
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LOL! Got a chuckle out of the LINK. I have actually exchanged messages with THAT artist. Odd fellow.
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this is such a cute piece of art, nice work and coupling :)
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:bulletwhite: Well,Shaggy kicked the Velma´s butt,to stay with Scooby. :confused: So,go ahead Velma!Enjoy the Marcy´s love! :w00t:
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:bulletwhite: Velma,finally coming out of the closet! :squee: Great idea,dude! :D
Believe it or not, I would like to trade places with Velma. BTW, I wear glasses as well.
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Why did you have to "clear" it from your brain?
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Because everyone loves depictions of their favorite characters tearfully betraying their strongest character convictions and autonomy for the sake of some dude's Submission Fetish.
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Uh... in English please?
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Velma doesn't believe in the supernatural. She's smart, independent, and doesn't need some fake, made-up magic dude telling her she's worth nothing without him. The idea that she'd fall on her knees crying and submitting to a supernatural being while announcing her helplessness and worthlessness without some higher power is amazingly vile to me.

Do you understand now? Or do I need smaller words?

Here: god no exist, velma no need him, velma smart enough already
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Ha. Ha. My turn. Religion was never a major topic in any version of SchoobyDoo, I'll admit that much. In fact, the only time I remember them mentioning it was when the ghost drums were played in Hawaii and the crowd was spooked by a supposed WitchDoctor.

But beyound that, Velma has only ever mention scientific terminology. But that's because SchoobyDoo is supposed to be a child's mystery show, nothing more.
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I didn't say "religion." I said "the supernatural." Scooby Doo is overwhelmingly anti-supernatural. All of its ghosts and goblins are just dudes in suits. (Except for a few dumb bad turns like 'The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo.') Everything can be explained.

God is supernatural. He is a magical being. If he existed in the Scooby Doo world he'd be just some random old crank in a mask.
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We're both forgetting one thing: "ScoobyDoo on Zombie Island." "This time the monsters are real!"

And how about "ScoobyDoo and The Goblin King"? When Velma saw that fairy, "Rational mind... shutting down.", and she passed out.

And what about ScoobyDoo 1 and 2? They both dealt with the supernatural. Okay, perhaps it'd be more precise to say Alchemy, but definitely not modern-day science.

Btw, "random old crank" is kinda harsh, don't you think? Only a few of those guys were old, most of them were between 20 and 40 years old.
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You might be forgetting that, but I sure ain't. What an annoying meme in Scooby Doo cartoons, to declare "oh, THIS time the monsters are real, for the first time ever, like never before"... for the thirtieth time.

It's not what Scooby is about. It's a dumb perversion, same as that danged art of Velma prostrating herself before The Lord.

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I will go down with this ship! And I will put my hands up and surrender!
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