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Shortpacked: Diversion

This is one that I dug out from the archives just now figgering I could use some different prints in upcoming shows. I've neglected this one so far because it recycles art so much, but we'll see if that matters to folks more than the joke.
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LOL about damn time!!
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batman could use his smoke-bombs of course that will lead to a stain on the floor. Maybe he can use batflashlight it is lame but it works. There several other way out of this,  but the monkey distraction is not working. Either that or Silver Monkey is fighting Gleek.
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someone I know just linked a modified version here: [link]

in case you wanted to know.
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i read batman's voice as kevin conroy's
What was hilarious is when Catwoman pulled the disappearing trick on Bruce in Dark Knight Rises.

"Huh. So that's what that feels like."

Unintentional foreshadowing well played, Willis. Well played.
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 Well, the one you mention actually appeared before that film in Kingdom Come.  In that comic, more logically, Superman is the one who makes a "batscape" from Bruce, in the Batcave, no less.  If I remember correctly, his words then are "So that's how it feels".
 Anyway, after that you can still say that nobody from THIS planet can escape Batman...
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Batman: =.=
Gordon: =.=
Batman: =.=
Gordon: =.=
Batman: LOOK! MONKEYS!!! 8U
Gordon: *facepalm*

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Hehehe... I think this is very impressive for a Batman abuse comic. That last panel needs to be made into a shirt.
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The goddamned door will win the goddamn Batman lol
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lol, so true. Very awesome this picture!
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LOL batman does what I do.

I like monkeys.
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Do you have any of the fabled fan-edits of this? I've heard them mentioned but I've never seen them anywhere.
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I am not sure why that horizontal line is across the image. It's not in my original!
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Since you seem to be doing a "greatest hits" here, will we be seeing the "Harry Potter and Aslan at the bus stop" one? That maybe one of my favorite panels of all time, let alone my favorite strip.

This one cracks me up every time, by the way. :)
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I guess that's a good candidate for inclusion, yes!
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It's funnier that I read it in all their voices from the cartoon.

Extra hilarity from Kevin Conroy saying "LOOK! MONKEYS!"
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I don't see any problem with recycling the art like that. It really helps the last panel to jump out at you.
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This was always one of my favorites. It's about time Gordon said something to Batman's face about his disappearing acts.

And there's just something ticklishly silly about Gordon saying "Well, guess what, Chucko?"

Recycled art works for certain situations. It's only a problem when artists rely on it as a crutch, which I'm quite guilty of.
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