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Joyce in Sixteen Years

By itswalky
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Sometimes I get better at drawing as time passes, but never very quickly.
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Oh, I love comparisons like this! I also really like the style you've got currently. Proportions and such. 
(I'm reading DoA but haven't read any of the previous comics, so I haven't followed the changes over time...) 
Hbomba's avatar
It starts unrealistic, becomes realistic in the middle, then goes back to unrealistic?
uchihabankai's avatar
This pic is a journey through a decade of Joyce
spudman98's avatar
She has come a long way since 1997, wait...this series began when I was 5 years old?
AlmostCrowned's avatar
2003  and 2004 Joyce are my favorites because they look the oldest and most mature
Syndicaidramon's avatar
I dunno, though. I think her current appearance fits way better with her naive and innocent personality.
Then again, the 2003/3004 ones do fit better with the "It's Walky" version of her, so I guess they fit too. =P
Syndicaidramon's avatar
"Joyce and Walky" version, sorry. :P
Joyce is a wonderful person. I wish I could meet someone as her
Syndicaidramon's avatar
Ditto. She's totally my type. :3
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Ikran's avatar
Joyce is one of my favorite characters of all the walky and dumbi-verse. Mostly because she's the character with the most and important chages both in development and desigh.
JoustComics's avatar
August 22 2003 is the best :D Sexy Alien Fighter! Though her hippier 2012 version is the cutest.
hrfarrington's avatar
This is so rad! :3
philippegagnon's avatar
"This isn't even my true final form!"
Thormation's avatar
I must confess, my favorite art era for Joyce and the rest of the cast was in the 2003-2005 era. Not because of any weight issues, but because the characters were closer to the realistic number of heads for height. What made you go toward the head-heavy proportions? Was it so that you would have a bigger canvas for facial expressions? (I still love where you've gone with it, I just love 2003-05 a bit more.)
FullMetalAlkhemist's avatar
The journey of Joyce!
Xailenrath's avatar
Future Joyce will have faith-based telekinesis!
rayndel2's avatar
2003 and 2007 are my favorites. >w> 
Gray-Vizard's avatar
did you realize you've had her gaining weight over the years?
noenvy's avatar
science forbid a lady gradually get portrayed with more realistic proportions and have it be seen as a HEALTHY thing
Gray-Vizard's avatar
don't go twisting what i said cause that is not what i meant at all when you've been drawing the same charicter for that long sometimes you don't realise changes that you have made

i have a character i've been drawing since i was 12 and he looks NOTHING like he did when i started
noenvy's avatar
I'm not twisting your words, they were already twisted.
Gray-Vizard's avatar
no they were not I tend to use small words to avoid confusion on the part of the stupid
noenvy's avatar
You're the idiot if you can't fathom what could POSSIBLY be wrong with what you originally said. 
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