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It's Walky: Ratty Old Clothes

This was a commission! How do you make Joyce sexy but in character? I mean, she's not gonna throw on a bikini and grind on anyone. She's pretty conservative. But apparently we settled on "painting" as something that was kind of hot. Look, I don't know.

Anyway, this limited print didn't sell out nearly as fast as I expected it to. It actually took a while! I was surprised. I mean, c'mon. It's the most popular character in fewer clothes than she's usually in.
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Interesting, though it's good to wear old clothes, for painting.
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It's actually a nice idea. Most people look more attractive when they're not consciously trying to do so, so it makes sense that Joyce just doing something everyday in revealing clothing would make her look at her best.
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I was one of the ones that bought this, so it's all good by me.
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Nice work & I really like how you kept her in her character :)
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I think I'd like it more if she was smiling or something . . . but I do like it a lot still. :)
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When I added this as a favorite, your little avatar said, "don't forget to add a comment!"

Uh... Yeah. I like it, and I like your comics. The fact that she's totally hot, skimpily-dressed, covered in paint, and stretched out is... Uh... It's inconsequential. Yeah...
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Heh. Painting the fourth a very literal manner!
I would have loved either of those prints, but i tend to either forget or just get too damn lazy to click the button. Suffice to say, had i been more motivated, you'd have a lot more of my money than you already do.
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Joyce is the most popular character? Don't get me wrong, she is probably my favorite. I just always assumed Mike was your most popular character (who I can't stand, but I recognize that's the minority opinion).

Anyway, great drawing of Joyce. She looks very nice, and completely unaware that her ratty old clothes to paint make her look quite sexy. I also like the perspective from the wall being painted. That's clever.
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