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Dumbing of Age: Peek

By itswalky
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Have a Walky weenus. An uncensored look at this strip: [link]
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O_O... humina humina?

helb10's avatar
spudman98's avatar
I keep thinking he should be compensating for that
somercet's avatar
"Yep, that's a penis."
Partazinian-Wolf's avatar
all of my questions have been answered 
shadweagle's avatar
i'm surprised they havent picked up from this point yet. since she knows what she's getting and it's poked her in the back while she's been asleep... poor walky....
ArcanePhotographer's avatar
She's pleasedm, I think :-/ I don't know
JoustComics's avatar
And that's Walky's penis... thanks for that...
Aesir-Cookies's avatar
I always imagined Walky to have the "Ken" treatment...
kingandy's avatar
Well, then, you haven't been paying attention.

Aesir-Cookies's avatar
nah, that's just a tiny gun
Sefriu's avatar
OMG A PENIS! Also, Walky is remarkably fit.
Cosaco's avatar
Oh my god, there's a penis in Walky's body!
GaiaX2's avatar
Now if the girl on the left can do the same..
LPHogan's avatar
By her appraising look I can almost see the gears in her skull churning through interesting ideas for future inspections :D
Scumdog47's avatar
Penis-inspection day?
katban's avatar
i think she should tell him to wear a speedo all the time so she can see his junkXD

(my god i am gay and i said thatXD)
Xailenrath-Comics's avatar
My, but those eyebrows are hiiiiiiigh!!
vidgamer123's avatar
They are approaching Tom Preston levels of altitude.
Minyassa's avatar
::giggles:: Thank you.
hippie-monkey's avatar
Why can't I stop laughing?!
KnotInTheCoffin's avatar
She's so happy. And he's too confused to even be aroused. But at least he gets to keep the pajama jeans (even if his girlfriend wants him to not wear them to class anymore).
StalkerIVU's avatar
I don't think Dorothy wants him to wear pants in general any more with that look. XD
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