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Dinobot 'HONOR' poster v2.0

The 8x10 version of the Dinobot "HONOR" poster remains a consistent best seller (and crowd drawer) at conventions, so I decided to go ahead and make it a prettier product. So here it is, redrawn at a better resolution for a 11x17-inch poster. I probably won't have it in time for Wondercon, but I'll have it for conventions thereafter.

To those who have "Requested this as a print," this will be available in my website's store as soon as copies arrive. I'll put a link to there from here when that occurs.

As promised: [link]
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At Honour convention)

Dinobot: HONOUR!!

Zuko: HONOUR!!!

Dreadwing:......... honour?
ArrogantVengeance's avatar
Yes, HONOR!!! Dinobot is the best out of Beast Wars.
Dragonsblood18's avatar
He was the best of them.
Infinity-PuToTyra's avatar
All hail our lord and savior, Raptor Jesus.
Epic-wrecker's avatar
He died with honor. Rust in piece Dinobot. You are the best
AangCanSaveTheWorld's avatar
Zuko: join the club.....
Contraltissimo's avatar
This is so awesome.  :XD:
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finished watching Beast Wars last night. it was Glorious. i wanted to buy the poster but it was sold out. im just going to wait till it comes back on sale.

Also will you ever release the waspinator Poster?
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*salutes* Died honorably... twice. You have my vote, chopper-face.
Tohokari-Steel's avatar
I'd vote for him!
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"And the rest...... is silence."
MarkArandjus's avatar
Dinobot was my fav Beast Wars transformer!
I think his death was the Optimus Prime death equivalent of my generation.
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I was looking for a related poster featuring :icontf2spyplz: with "Gentlemen" underneath. But the best I could get was this: [link]
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Dinobot for president!
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Short, sweet and to the point.
I like this!
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