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Crisis on Infinite Walkyverses


Okay, this is it. All those other Anniversary Arts? They're pretenders. This is the real deal. This has everybody, whether they're from the Walkyverse, the Dumbiverse, or travelers from beyond either of those. I combed through fifteen years of archives. There's the Ball State girl Joe shows off in one early Roomies! strip. There's Phil the Janitor. There's the aging porn actress who asks Ethan why she shouldn't shop at Walmart. There are dozens of dimension-hopping SEMME offspring. There's many Presidents, including Lex Luthor. There's a floating pooping butt. If you don't think you see somebody, it's probably because they're a portion of a head behind somebody else in the foreground.

(Thanks to, of course, George Perez and Alex Ross for giving me a composition to steal.)

This 11"x17" monster will go on sale soon. Not, like, soon-soon, because I want to release it closer to September 10, the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Walkyverse, but.... let's say "later but not now." Until then you can stare at it. (And it'll be limited, numbered and signed.)
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Didn't this used to be in a slightly higher resolution?  I don't remember it being so hard to pick out faces in the supporting cast.  Any chance you'd be willing to up the size a little bit?