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Shing - Temporary Reference

By itsukoii
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Alright so I actually adopted this guy a long time ago from CrystalCircle, but never really made him a name, personality, history or anything until now as I roleplayed with one of my friends.

  • Name: Shing
  • Gender: Genderfluid, he or they pronouns.
  • Species: W.I.P (some sort of dog-like alien)
  • Personality: A quite happy character, who is quite chill and laid back. They are also very hyper and sometimes annoying, and pester others with loads of questions. They're quite the talker! Shing is also quite mysterious and always goes with the flow, and is more a quiet follower than anything else when around others.
  • History: Was born on the planet of Acrion, where his species generally live. The night after he was born, his father, Aldren (mother was unknown) took him to a large gathering where little Shing was sent on a little comet to be a test subject make sure the planet of Earth was a safer and more humane environment for his species to live on. He never did return to his home planet.
  • Appearance: Very small compared to Earth's general canines. Shing is roughly the size of an adult raccoon, and will be that size for his life.

Character (C) itsukoii

Design (C) CrystalCircle
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I'm glad you like him! I love everything you did with his personality and history! ^^
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Thank you! <3 I love him to pieces.